Pink Serenades Her Sick Son In The Tub With Stunning Gospel Tune

by Valerie Williams
Pink Serenades Her Sick Son In The Tub With Stunning Gospel Tune

Pink and her gorgeous voice will help us get through this quarantine in one piece

If you’ve gotten through the first weeks of the coronavirus pandemic without stalking Pink’s Instagram account, please explain how. For those of us who grew up alongside the pop star, her voice has become one of reason and reassurance. No more so than during these beyond trying times as we all navigate quarantine life, not really knowing what lies ahead and when things can go back to anything resembling normal. That’s why hearing Pink casually belting out a gospel tune while giving her sick little guy a bath is soothing to our souls.

“I used to sing gospel in philly and it always put my heart at ease,” she writes. “Faith is always a comfort and so is song, just like a sick baby in a bathtub. I love you all. Enjoy this very casual hug from my heart to y’all’s.”

And boy did we feel that hug. She’s singing Beethoven’s “Joyful, Joyful” and it’s nothing short of stunning hearing her hit those notes in the bathroom, where the acoustics are perfection. She doesn’t say what her little man Jameson is sick with, but it doesn’t really matter — we all know what it’s like to want to make our sick babies feel safe and loved. It’s clear from his delighted squeals that he’s picking up what she’s putting down.

As we’ve all been staying home in these last weeks, Pink has been something of a constant comfort. From explaining her penchant for rage-cooking to ward off pandemic-related anxiety to sharing her family’s color-coded quarantine schedule, she’s shown that even the rich and famous are dealing with the same things we are during this weird time.

Oh, and she’s also trying to fit in quick workouts with a toddler on her back. Been there.

Hopefully, as the weeks of being stuck in our homes drag on, Pink continues to make our hearts feel better. Her particular brand of down-to-earth wisdom and her beautiful voice are exactly what we need to weather this storm.