4 Truths About Our Post-Baby Bodies

It’s 7:47 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I’m hustling to get a spot in my very popular 8 a.m. step class. The usual crowd is made up of mostly women in their mid- to late-30s through their early 50s. However, this morning I find myself striding through the doors of my upscale suburban gym behind two young, first-time moms. Here’s what I overhear:

“You look amazing. You’re so thin,” says Mom #1 to Mom #2. Both are carrying very adorable children under a year old.

Mom #2 grimaces. “Oh, no. I’m still a few pounds heavier than I was before Charlie.”

I look at this woman. She is, without question, thin. As a body conscious mom of three, life-long exerciser and current Jawbone UP addict, I think I’m a decent judge on this score.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” says Mom #1. “I still can’t run as many miles as I used to before Chloe and it’s so hard to keep the weight off. I just don’t want to give up my wine.”

You go girl. Do not give up the wine. Meanwhile, this woman is even skinnier than her friend.

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I get it. After the initial shock of bringing home baby fades and you’ve settled into the whole motherhood thing, you turn your laser beam focus on “getting your body back.” Somehow, even though we know that life will never be the same, we expect our bodies to be.

I watch the women head towards childcare, knowing exactly how they feel. Here’s what I want to tell them:

1. You will never look the same again. Your body has changed. Forever. Even if you get back to your pre-baby weight, those pounds will be in all kinds of different places. The terrain has shifted and stretched, drooped in the most inconvenient spots and plumped up in others. For me, some bits feel worse than others: the way the bottom of my bum hangs out of my bathing suit; the new fold of skin at my knees from carrying all that extra weight for nine months (times three); my sagging belly button. Other parts emerge more beautiful than they were before: the curve of a hip; more pronounced cheekbones; lush, hormone-infused hair.

2. Your body will not function like it once did. Not only is the way your body looks irrevocably changed, but the way it works is too. I probably won’t ever be able to run five miles again without feeling that painful tweak in my right hip. A totally flat belly may be a thing of the past, no matter how many reverse curls I do in a day. I can’t do jumping jacks without squirting pee. Holding plank without pooching out my belly or hunching up my shoulders is forever a goal. Two and a half years after my third daughter arrived, I’m still figuring out what works and trying to let go of what doesn’t.

3. Instead, your body will do amazing things you never dreamed it could do. Your body will not fail you as you get up for the fourth time in the middle of the night to feed a hungry baby. You will be able to hold an infant or a 1-year-old or a toddler for ridiculously long periods of time — cuddling, soothing, shushing — and your biceps will grow strong and defined from it. Your core will tighten and hold you firmly in place as you lift your child from the crib or catch her as she jumps from the bed into your arms. I didn’t know how fast I could sprint until my toddler slipped from my grip and darted towards the parking lot. You will surprise yourself. Marvel over what you are capable of with this new mama body.

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4. Beauty is where you find it. The talk about post-pregnancy beauty is relentless. We get it: yes, our bodies have sagged and crinkled and jellied and no, that doesn’t mean we’re suddenly ugly, but we each catalogue those changes with varying degrees of self-acceptance. Our body-obsessed culture doesn’t help prepare us for our newly hewn post-baby bodies or feel good about them. The challenge is to blow all of that off and realize it’s not just our bodies that have changed. The way we view the world is different too. Beauty abounds in the most unexpected places, making the minor and mundane suddenly magnificent. I remember looking at my daughter’s impossibly long eyelashes as she slept thinking they were the most gorgeous things I’d ever seen. And who hasn’t called their new baby’s poop beautiful? The trick is to include yourself in this expanded version of beauty: the soft lines around your eyes, whether from smiling or lack of sleep, make you more interesting. Your rarely used singing voice now sounds sublime as you soothe your child to sleep. And that rounder booty? It’s hot. Period.

These are the truths about my post-baby body. Realistically, I still struggle over accepting the body I’m in and what it can and cannot do. I won’t deny being jealous of celebrity moms with their trainers and ready-made, low-calorie meals. I’m not psyched about my incredible shrinking bladder, my forever-sore lower back and the fact that I own a pair of Spanx.

Still, there’s no going back, so why waste time feeling bad about it? The choice that makes the most sense sanity-wise is to champion the mama body I’ve got and never, ever give up the wine.

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Lisa Sadikman is a writer living in Northern California with her husband and three daughters, the third one arriving somewhat late in the game, just as she began dreaming of a life beyond motherhood. Instead, it’s déjà vu all over again except this time she’s wearing heels. You can read about her adventures parenting tweens and a toddler, managing marriage and living a grown up life on her blog, Flingo, at the Huffington Post and by following her on Twitter @LisaSadikman.

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K 1 week ago

I am so tired of comments like “Yeah maybe my body is destroyed, but I am a mother now!” Like that magically makes this horrible sacrifice worth it. I didn’t get pregnant and suddenly become only a mother. I was a person before, with wants and desires and self-worth, I should be able to keep at least one of those things.

Marianne Ryan PT 3 months ago

I really enjoyed reading this post, it is so realistic! If you are interested I would love to send you a copy of my book which was just published last month, Baby Bod – Turn Flab to Fab in 12 weeks Flat. I think you would learn why there are so many lingering changes after childbirth and some tips on how to combat them.
Please email me if you would like a copy of the book, I would love to hear what you think of it:)
Thank you for helping woman in such a fun way!

Priya 3 months ago

Beautiful!! :)

Cayenne 3 months ago


Amber 3 months ago

This just makes me so sad… (first time mother; Age 30)

I have always struggled with my weight, and I was making real progress before I got pregnant. (I had lost almost 200 pounds, and I was finally getting toned.)

what’s the point of even trying now??? :(

Alyse 3 months ago

Time. Time is the secret. Also genetics, but time really does help. They will fade. They wont go away but they will look better over time. You grew new skin basically. And it will be there and look angry until time has smoothed it out and your body has reduced the need for it and shrank it back.

Melissa 3 months ago

Ahhh….thank uoi.

claire 3 months ago

Encouraging!!! :)

Roma 3 months ago

So last night I decided to torture myself and I looked at my body for the first time after having both my kids, you would think I would have been mortified, discusted or repulsed. I WAS NOT!!! I was empowered, this is the first time in my life where I have felt good in my own skin. To know I have created two beautiful children, and in return as I carried them In my womb my stomach area has strech marks and each strech mark tells a story, my incision from my repeat cesarean shows the strength, love and determination I had to endure to meet my boys (I was scared to no end when having my c-sections) becasue of my boys I know what it feels like to love myself for the first ime and to them I am greatful. I love you Hunter and Mason.

This was a post I put up on may 18th, and it still holds true

bebek ürünleri 5 months ago

lovely photo..

Candidkay 5 months ago

Oh, I hear you. And these are wise words. The toughest part is when you divorce. Then, the body you loved and your ex loved–the one that brought you both those beautiful children–is now under scrutiny by guys that it did not bring beautiful children to–guys that never saw you as a size 4. I’d love to say I’m more enlightened than to worry–always thought I was–but guess what? It’s hard. Thanks for the reminder of sanity.

Chrisi 5 months ago

The only thing I don’t like about my body are my “saddle bags”, which I had before my son. As for my tummy, I love it! My stretch marks and “flobs” (as my DH affectionately calls them) show that I was blessed to carry a baby for 9 months. I had a C-Section and ended up with that little somethin’ on my belly, but I’d do it again! I want to have 3 kiddos! We’ll see :) Genetics do play a big role. I ended up with spider veins. One of my sisters had 6 kids and looks pretty thin, but she also works at it. She also has spider veins and varicose veins. Getting back to the point, be happy with your body! It’s beautiful and remember, there are women out there who wouldn’t mind these things at all if it meant having a baby of their own.

Karen Whitley 7 months ago

Do we worry NO!

Jennifer Shanteau 7 months ago

So true

Linda Carp 7 months ago

Yes our bodies change in ways we don’t like,but I’m a mom and it was worth every pound and stretch mark! I wear it proudly!!!

Faith Savage 7 months ago

Here’s the scoop four kids all breast fed
Youngest now 17
I am strong
I need to remain strong to raise four kids
My body deserves respect
It did such a good job breast fed four x 3 months
All kids allergy free
I am strong cause I eat well and. Work out
I want to be able to run ski walk water ski with my kids
I can
All the rest doesn’t matter
I want to be able to stay up late at night and be sure all four get in safe and sound kiss me good night I wanna wake early and make a huge breakfast
I wanna love them
Know them
The rest doesn’t matter

Dani Graff 7 months ago

Hmmm. 33 weeks pregnant and all I’m getting from this is “depressing”.

Natashia 7 months ago

That’s rather uplifting. :/

Natashia 7 months ago


Lauren Henry 7 months ago

Great little article. We all need to get reminded about how beautiful and strong us Mom’s are. Sure we may not have the perfect bodies but damn we can make some perfect babies :)

Lindsay Templeton 7 months ago

I never had digestive issues until I had my son. He is 3 and some days I look like I am 5 months pregnant from a diastasis. I gained 80 lbs with my son. I’m not expecting things to be the same just wondering why my digestion is so bad and the mommy pooch is painful at times.

Alyssa Ferrucci Lanoue 7 months ago

Post baby right here. No stretch marks and guess what else….I had my right hip replaced at 5 mo the post partum and my left hip replaced the mo the before my daughter turned 3. I am now 5 months post op. It’s all what you do with yourself and how you treat your body. I also enjoy looking fit and hot for my husband. Plus if I feel good about myself it makes me happier. And a happy me is a happy wife and Mommy!

Pat Shaughnessy 7 months ago

Now we need a book called post menopausal bodies are not the same. LOL

Alice Thomas 7 months ago

And don’t even let me get started on the deflated goat utters… 3 kids all breastfeed! Someone got an air pump cause these balloons need some inflating

Sherri Norris 7 months ago

Cindy Crawford’s completely un-retouched shoot for Marie Claire, a Mom’s body!

You’ve got to read the men’s comments!

Alice Thomas 7 months ago

My mom gave me following advice… “After you give birth do NOT look at your huha immediately after!!”… Unfortutely I did not follow that advice….. but I will be giving that advice to both my daughters

Bonnie Wilson 7 months ago

I see all these young women today having babies and saying they can’t loose the baby weight! Bull shit! I had 3 children and when I went back to work in 6 weeks, I was right back at my normal weight of 115 pounds! it’s not easy now days with all the fast and frozen foods! I know it’s hard but until you loose the weight you have to use a little self control!

Marian Engler 7 months ago

I always told my self when I was pregnant was that my body is supposed to look this way. My body will not be the same as when I was 20 and I’m OK with it.

ML 7 months ago

Maybe I’m living in denial. I’m totally convinced that if I workout hard and eat really clean, I can get my old body back. I’m not willing to accept a overweight version of me yet.

Jessica Ann 7 months ago

Bodies after babies vary as much as bodies before babies! Everyone is different

Angela Smith Slocum 7 months ago

Yep! Stuff isn’t quite where it used to be. Lol.

Kristy Beltram 7 months ago

Yup jumping Jacks and jump rope are a never at the gym. Isntantly pee.

Joyce Kuczma 7 months ago

Whatever happens… it is soooooo worth it!

Cierra Custer 7 months ago

A lot of factors go into post-baby bodies. Age, whether you had twins, how you treated your body before and after your baby (s). Some people don’t bother with the gym, others make it a priority. I was an exerciser by habit and exercised leading up to my due date. Naturally I went right back into it because it was part of my lifestyle and the gym gave me the “me time” I never got at home with the baby. It helped me get back to my old body aesthetically (minus my stretch marks and I’m a little more “soft” than I’d like to be). For the first year of getting back into running, I would pee a little when I ran and had to get my digestive system back on track. Eventually things were ALMOST like they were before, but I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. Most importantly I always feel like superwoman, and so should all mommys. We made little humans with our bodies and that right there is amazing and beautiful :)

Erica Lee 7 months ago

I’m happy with myself and completely healthy as are my babies.

Jenie Smith 7 months ago

If you work hard, yes you can look good or even better than before.

Katie Cuccia Weeks 7 months ago

Totally agree! I would love to even have my first time mom body back. The more children you have, the older you get, the more your muscles change. Plus the logistics of working out with three kids is a nightmare if you can’t afford to buy a gym or have a young baby. I have a severe diastisis recti and feel judged by myself and others at times. But they likely have never given birth to three very healthy children. I need to give myself some grace. I pretty much want to slap my first time mom self (and anyone else) for being hard on me.

Dana Crossley Gross 7 months ago

I could careless if I dont have my prebaby body! I have a healthy baby girl who I adore. She is worth the extra skin in my abd area! PERIOD!

Brandie Doss 7 months ago

I read this as I work my ass off in the gym…preparing to be in a beach wedding where all the other women are at least 3 years younger than me with prebaby bodies (talk about pressure to look amazing) and I know things will never be the same with my body yet I’m trying so hard to make it look the way these other girls do…this made me stop and think, while I may not have the bodies they have I have a human…a little soul who is way more precious than any flat belly or time thigh…they’re the ones missing out!

Katie De Oliveira Anderson 7 months ago

I look way better now than before had my baby, maybe because I work out harder now and take serious, I’m much more happy now with my abbs which I didn’t have before. I took care of myself while pregnant. A lot of ppl blame the kids for having the body they have, please!

Sydney Pauley 7 months ago

You actual can get your body back. Never say never. What a negative article!

Ana Galvano 7 months ago

I needed this

Katina Mckain-Kerkhof 7 months ago

I just had the hernia fixed from having my daughter 7 years ago . I wish the dr had felt it needed fixed then . My abs and pelvic floor feel totally different and I no longer feel the urge to pee all the time . No more pain either . Btw I left hospital both times weighing less than I did when I got pregnant but the weight has never been in the same place .

Hillary Kelln 7 months ago

Haha, this is why I always like to say I’ll have arms of steel by the time little man is big enough to run around on his own.

Laura Sharp 7 months ago

Iv had two babies and I don’t pee when I laugh cough sneeze hardly got any stretch marks this time and my stomach has shrank really fast yea i have some weight to lose but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t x

Sarah Paterson 7 months ago

This discussion thread is depressing me a little I have to say, the green eyed monster is rearing her head a little lol. I carried twins to 38 weeks and my body is completely unrecognisable from what it once was, I could lose all the weight but the stretched loose skin from my tummy being so humongous, or the hard “bump” from my tummy muscles completely splitting apart, is never going away! It bothers me sometimes, but at the end of the day they’re my battle scars, they’re signs of my body safely carrying my twins to full term and I accept that, I only have to look at my twins and it’s OK, we went through a 5 year battle with baby loss, (miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies, losing both my tubes), infertility & 4 rounds of IVF to have them and we are so blessed, this is a small price to pay. I do still have weight to lose and I’m working on it but I know I’ll never be the same again but it’s OK.

Sarah Paterson 7 months ago

I said this every night during night feeds with my twins when they were wee babies, every day after a sleepless night, I’ll never forget the feeling – I am so tired, I could honestly just die, I can’t do this…. Now they’re almost 4 and I wonder how I got through it, but I did lol! Minus some sanity and still not good on not a lot of sleep, but still in one piece

Mailee Manjarrez Morales 7 months ago

So totally agree with you!! I love LOVE my body & my stretch marks!!

Itzel Alvarado 7 months ago

Lmao, I Google the texture and color once in a while… but I have never called it beautiful! !

Joanna Lo Lutz 7 months ago

Me too

Gina L Tin 7 months ago

When I was pregnant with my third baby, I felt my belt fat change positions. All the fat seemed to drop, and street she was born, I now have a flap. It makes me so mad!

Delaney Rosales 7 months ago

I snapped back like 3 months after birth. Super lucky but I’m unable to keep my blood sugar up, my spine needs corrective surgery and I can’t tolerate eating red meat anymore weirdly . But I’m OK as long as my son is happy. I’ll gladly take my wrecked insides if that means my kid can have a healthy life :3

Amanda Mcgowan 7 months ago

Never, ever give up the wine!

Audrey O’Donnell Nunez 7 months ago

I’m currently in the best shape of my life, 80lbs lighter than I was when my youngest turned 2 and 40lbs lighter than I was before I had kids. However there are things that having kids changed that cannot be undone.

Sandi DeVitis 7 months ago

If I sneeze, I pee. If I laugh too hard, I pee. If, unfortunately, I have to barf, I pee. My son is worth it.

Rona Loewen 7 months ago

She nails it!

Jillian Wade 7 months ago

Great little read, I have only one problem with this article.

And I quote: “And who hasn’t called their new baby’s poop beautiful?”

Um…me…right here, I haven’t, EVER.

Rachel Emerson Yocum 7 months ago

Me too, mostly. I generally eat really healthy, which helps a lot, but sometimes I get a little lax with that (ice cream!).. not a lot, but just enough for me to notice my waistbands. They keep me in check 😉

Caroline Cleary 7 months ago

It’s all about prioritising your time, you can do a really good work out in 30mins and toddlers do nap a lot. Don’t knock people for their choices by implying they are ignoring their child and using stupid terms like ‘gym rats’

Kitty Balagulov 7 months ago

If you work hard you can get your body back this is me after 6 months and I proud

Marilyn Rauch Cavicchia 7 months ago

Bleah. I never once said my babies’ poop was beautiful.

Caroline Cleary 7 months ago

I am happy for you Stephanie and I think it’s great you have something positive to say but looks like other people are jealous and resentful.

Melanie R Mygatt Young 7 months ago

Getting over bronchitis here, first time being ill post baby. I can’t even keep up with how many times I’ve peed! Ugh! No amount of kegals has worked!

Caroline Cleary 7 months ago

Pelvic floor issues are not always present either. I can assure you that I know loads of women whose bodies are the same as beforehand.. Might take a few months but it happens. Just a very negative article reflecting the experience of some women only

Caroline Cleary 7 months ago

Made me angry too.. Might be luck but often people are unfit before they get pregnant so you’re hardly going to have a six pack after!

Melanie 7 months ago

After my first I started working out diligently and eating healthy. Got in the best shape of my life. Baby number two is 8 weeks old and I’m determined to get back the body I had before he was conceived. It is possible!!

Linda Kidd 7 months ago

Such along time ago … But so true!

Heather Louise 7 months ago

Holy hell I needed this today.

Fabiola Mohr 7 months ago

this article serves one purpose and it serves it well. Acceptance…
While I feel like it’s important, as mothers, to love the beauty of our body and its capacity to form, deliver and then feed and nurture a creature, I am a firm believer that one should take care of it!
I’m lucky in the sense that after having a 10 pound baby and gaining close to 55 pounds at 5’3″ tall, I have zero stretch marks… The only cellulite I ever saw was in my stomach and after one year is all gone. But I work and I work hard for this. This makes me happy! It keeps me excited and I gives me the energy to show my son a good and healthy lifestyle. I nursed my son for 14 months, but I’m now working really hard to get my modest c cups back into place because it is possible. One should never just give up or fail into accepting that becoming a mother will leave your physical appearance scared forever. There is nothing I hate more than woman complaining about being out of shape to subsequently blaming it on having had a baby, or two or three. I’ve been there and I’ve done that…. It really is just plain and simple to me, if you want something, you can do it! If you were in shape before your pregnancy and are focused and grounded, there is no reason you can not get your body back, if not bettered. And show your gorgeous kid as a trophy, like I do mine!

Brenda Peek 7 months ago

Love this! I was just looking for this to show someone the other day+here it is, thanks!

Heather Fulginiti 7 months ago

After 2 boys… gained 17lbs with the first, and 14lbs with the 2nd. Worked out and ate healthy throughout both of my pregnancies and I’m not some 20 year old. Was lucky enough to have both children before I turned 30 (my own personal goal) and I love my body!
Articles like this make women scared to have babies! “You’ll never get your body back, you’ll pee when you jump” lies lies lies….. take care of yourself and you’ll be just fine!

Katie Loete 7 months ago

This cracks me up! I’m 21 weeks and already leaking when I sneeze or puke. I was also already overweight when I became pregnant, so I’m curious and dreading to see where things end up once I have the baby!

Alexandra Sliwinski Kavana 7 months ago

Fantastic post!!

Anna Spinato 7 months ago

It’s ironic that America is such a super obese nation yet no other crude obsesses about losing baby weight and getting your “pre-baby” body back (doesn’t exist) as soon as possible post birth. How does that work out?

Jodi Halweg 7 months ago

Well of course things are going to change: Add in hormones and age to the equation. The difference is what you make of it. Don’t whine about it and take care of yourself. Excuses get people nowhere.

Sydney Schultz 7 months ago

I was fine after my son but everything got wrecked after my daughter my weight is falling off but my skin is dry and I have acne now and I had to switch deodorants because all the sudden it didn’t work damn you hormones

Kaleigh Watson 7 months ago

This isn’t true for me at alllll, my body looks better now than it ever did before. I don’t ever pee while I do jumping jacks either.. Why does that happen to some? I don’t understand.

Fabiola Arauz 7 months ago

No matter how much exercise, my tummy does not look the same.

Lauren 7 months ago

I want to give you a hug and high five!! I’m loving my mom body. It birthed a beautiful son, nourished that son and is now growing another beautiful son. What’s not to love!? My husband had no complaints after baby #1…obviously 😉

Lauren 7 months ago

I have nothing to brag about. I am 5’5″ and started my first pregnancy at 165, I got pregnant (on purpose!) when my fist was 10 months old. I was 170.
I’ve never been active. My stomach was still soft. I have some faded marks on my stomach.

I love my body more than ever. Such small, subtle changes. Just a few extra pounds, but I grow babies! I drank a lot of water and ate a lot of fruit and breasted halfway through this pregnancy until my son self weaned at 14 months.

What I gained from this article is be mindful of your choices. Do what you can to feel good but accept your new form. Don’t beat yourself up.

Keep rocking, mamas!n

Kara Dibrell Haschke 7 months ago

Great post.

Polina D Makasini Davies 7 months ago

Loved this!!!! Made me feel better

Ashley Bormet 7 months ago

Love it!!

Christie Marshall 7 months ago

Thanks, I needed this today.

Cheryl Alter 7 months ago

i had 3 babies and my body is BETTER than before!! Yes I exercise a lot, but I am definitely more fit than before. I also have not given up my wine!!

Lisa Nolasco 7 months ago

Something positive for a change.

Lacey Wildman 7 months ago

I do have a few stretch marks on my hip but I kinda like em :)

Lacey Wildman 7 months ago

I love my post baby body.. Took me 6 mo to fit back into my ‘normal’ jeans and a year to really feel like myself again I’m the same weight but by body is different I feel more womanly and sexy than before :)

Kristin Winter 7 months ago

I wish husbands could understand that!!!

JuAune C Thompson 7 months ago

Yep. If I sneeze I pee. Thank you childbirth.

Shawnda Bodrogkozi 7 months ago

Whenever I would get discouraged because I hadn’t lost the weight, I just reminded myself that my body was perfect for carrying around my very big little boy on my hip. He fit just perfectly that the extra “padding” made it comfortable to carry him

Camira Colquhoun 7 months ago

Alot of how your body recovers has to do with genetics.It also depends how fit you were before pregnancy.

Jessica Sato 7 months ago

I love all of my post baby body. Minus the arthritis in my hips.

Donna DePinto 7 months ago

Oh do I miss my abs, but it was all worth it..

Rachel Emerson Yocum 7 months ago

The prebaby body can come back, but it definitely takes long term commitment to hang onto it once you got it. It’s way easier to get out of shape postbaby.. it just seems to happen so quickly once you have a baby.

Courtney Lynn Richie 7 months ago

This is a nice article but I know plenty of women that their bodies bounced back to what they were before children. I think it has more to do with genetics….my body looked the same, a wreck

Kristen Klunk 7 months ago

I love my post baby body, I earned every pound, yes it is a struggle everyday to lose the post baby and gain back weight of a baby to longer nursing. Yes my belly looked like a deflated party balloon for a while, but it is evening out, I will never loose those stretch marks, but in all honesty dont want to, I earned everyone of them. I guess Im one of those people that doesn’t care about “I have to have my pre baby body back” just my let me be happy and comfy in my own skin.

Lisa Wise 7 months ago

Ugh articles like this make me cringe . . . A little. Yes, my body is different now than it was 2 years ago before I got pregnant with my son. Some things may never go back. My feet are ever-so-slightly wider, and my back and shoulders seem slightly broader (though that might just be my weight). My bladder is smaller and my boobs forever stretched and softened from breastfeeding. But please, for the love of all that is holy, refrain from telling me that all hope is lost of ever not being chubby. I don’t want my prebaby body back; I want to look a whole lot better than I did prebaby. That has to still be possible.

McKenzie Reeds 7 months ago

Loved this!

McKenzie 7 months ago

This was one of the funniest, and most touching articles I’ve read in awhile. The third section was my favorite. It’s true, my body hasn’t failed me yet. Being a single mom is hard and trying to feel good enough about myself to date again is a challenge. But I really appreciate the advice to grow with your child and realize you change as much as them and to just embrace it! Thanks to the author for this piece!!

Laura Lindsay Crabtree 7 months ago

#3 yes!

Tiara Poe Hernandez 7 months ago

2 weeks after my baby was born, my body looked exactly the same as before pregnancy except my boobs were bigger from breastfeeding

Stephanie Whelan 7 months ago

You can definetly have the body you did before. I have two under two and and haven’t tried at all to diet or exercise ( who has time for that with two kids!). I’m at my pre-baby weight. I might be slightly less tone but again I haven’t really tried yet. A little gym and diet and I’ll probably be in better shape then prebaby. I do agree that your body is much stronger after kids though! Seriously kids test you in the sleep department and its amazing how you can just keep chugging along.

Danielle Curzi 7 months ago

LOVE #3!

Jennifer Hoffman 7 months ago

Love! It’s so very true! Then we face the post 40 body and then the menopause body

Melissa Price Williams 7 months ago

#3 love love love

Jennifer Sironen Brown 7 months ago

Thank goodness our babies love us and don’t care what we look like :)

Rose 7 months ago

I love the self love and acceptance in this post. I do. But why would we insist to other women they will look like crap and they should accept it? “Drooped” “Plumped”? You don’t have to get out of shape or gain weight when you have kids. If you were in shape and healthy before then, you can get back to that.

Brandy 7 months ago

Haha, YES! ^

Tristan Skinger 7 months ago

I laughed so hard when i read the ” can’t do jumping jack without peeing” comment I think I pee’d!

Brittany 7 months ago

Love this! It took me a couple of years after my 2nd & last to finally appreciate, love, & find my body beautiful again. So I have a few stretch marks & yeah my belly will never look like it once did. But its amazing dammit! And my husband doesn’t have a problem with it. I’ll rock a bikini this summer & if you don’t like it, don’t look.
May all of you beautiful mother’s find peace in your new bodies.
-Good Vibes & God Bless.

Laura Westmoreland 7 months ago

#3 made me cry…probably because I’m so darn tired. I always say things to my husband like, “I just can’t keep holding them” or “I will die if I have another sleepless night”, but in the end you just find strength and do it!

Stassi Leigh 7 months ago

I heard this is not true. If you work hard, you can get it back.

Holli Wilbur 7 months ago

My pelvic bones ache still doen therr and its been 3 years. I never knew that was possible

Cobalt 7 months ago

I wish I still had the arm definition that I had when I had a toddler and a newborn. I’ve been slacking a bit I guess.

Briana Hayes 7 months ago

This is basically saying, “give up on your goals. It’s not gonna work anyways.”

Jennifer Morgan 7 months ago

Not true at all. I had my second at 36, weight train and became a competitor in bodybuilding. Natural, no supplements, just hard work. Your body is what you make it and want it to be. Incidentally, I gained 50 and 60 pounds respectively with both of my children. Lost it the right way with hard work and I look better than I ever have at 40 with a body better than most 20-somethings.

Michele Stephan 7 months ago

After baby 2 at 36 and hard work i looked better than ever in my life. Ran several 5k, 10k, 15k, and even half marathons. However expecting baby 3 in a couple weeks and i’m 41…i wonder if I’ll ever be the same.

Alyce Applebee 7 months ago


Melissa 7 months ago

I gave birth a week ago and this is exactly what I needed to read today. I look at my little girl and forget all about the extra few pounds and stretch marks.

Amy Martinez 7 months ago

Love this :)

Kate White 7 months ago

Everyone’s body is different and it’s all in what you make of it. <3

Alyssa Ferrucci Lanoue 7 months ago

Hmmmm…..1 and 2 are not always true.

Jennifer McClure 7 months ago

Love this!!!

Pascha 9 months ago

Although I appreciate your acceptance for how a body changes after pregnancy, I can not agree with everything in this blog. As a fitness instructor, I can honestly say that I have met numerous women who did not know how to properly work out in order to lose fat and gain lean muscle.I have taught women twice my age how to slim down and have the body that they want. As a new mo of a 4 month old baby (and 36 years young), I can honestly say that I just started doing what I can to transform my body to the pre-pregnancy stage. After just one week of some simple changes, my husband noticed a difference, and said I was “slimming down.” It IS possible to get your body back to a certain pre-pregnancy state. It may not be exactly the same, but the idea of accepting that it’s not even possible, even advocating for it, gives women an excuse, even permission, not give their full to look and feel like they want to. This c-section mommy is going to get her figure back- big booty and all!

Rosalyn 10 months ago

I don’t get the hate of stretch marks. Maybe because I didn’t get any myself (curtesy of my Mum’s genetics) but my sister did. I know they’re probably a bit hard to take when they’re all red and angry when they’re new, but I think they look kinda cool when they calm down to those silvery stripes.

Dominique 10 months ago

I agree with Krista.
Have tried and tried and ended up gaining more weight after my first daughter.
I love my daughter (currently pregnant with number 2) but i will never get back to my ideal again… also, am glad you have time to do every single thing right… I work and study but am trying my best.

Jeffy 11 months ago

I was super muscular/skinny before having my first child. No sagging skin(except for the large tubular breast thing) and I’m actually healthier now than I was back then… But, I have a skin apron and it literally takes me hours of cardio a day to lose 5 lbs in half a year. So pfft!! to all you ladies saying prevention is key.
I’m 60 lbs heavier than I was pre-baby, too. Thyroid is fine and all that jazz…
Not everyone is going to have the same body. Genetics is a huge factor…

Hillary Clark 11 months ago

I think I’ll write a related article called “What Happened to My Knees? The Difference Between Pregnancy at 25, and 35”

Laurita 11 months ago

<3 Love it, its real and bodyloving. I needed this!!

evie 11 months ago

It takes a long time for stretch marks to disappear, and even when they do fade, they’re still there, you just can’t see them anymore. Best of luck with everything!! I’m expecting my first in Feb, and I already had some stretch marks, but it seems like instead of getting worse they’re fading!

Cort.as 11 months ago

I enjoy what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and
reporting! Keep up the very good works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.

Brandi 11 months ago

Stretch marks are not entirely genetic. People told me if my mom got them, I would get them. My mom gained about 60 lbs during her pregnancy with me, and has severe stretch marks. I only gained 30 lbs and have not a single stretch mark. I think the point is that everyone is different! The only thing this article should say is that there is but one truth about the post pregnancy body: Every single one is different, beautiful, and not to be compared.

Ashley 11 months ago

Well aren’t you just LUCKY that you have the genes that YOU have. I see a lot of women after babies looking hot…. guess what, a lot of them eat like shit and do not exercise…..it is all about you GENES. Some people never gain weight. Also….stretch marks are not a decision! They are not because you ate like crap or didn’t exercise enough, again, it is genetic. Good for you for working so hard to look so good after babies, not everyone is so lucky.

Grace 11 months ago

Mom of 2 preschoolers here, this is so refreshing, thanks for the pep talk! And when I got to the end I realized I completely forgot to drink the glass of wine I poured with my dinner!

Carlie Aultman 11 months ago

Love this!! And my wine too 😉

Kelsee Brown 11 months ago

I could care less about my post partum stretch marks. I care more about the fat that won’t go away no matter what I do

ulee 11 months ago

Yep. It’s just genetics. If you have stretch marks, they’re there for life. They turn silver after a while and look sort of like a pretty war tattoo.

Karen Hood Grass Williams 11 months ago

Well stated……in a land where preteens, teens, and even post-baby moms continually feel everyone else expects perfection as in model-bodies, this is refreshing. When will we embrace healthiness in natural ways over unrealistic expectations? Probably when we no longer own TV’s or watch what is fed to society …..

Kat 11 months ago

I am 5’1. I graduated high school at 190lbs. in a size 16. I was very depressed and picked on by everyone. Now, 14 years later after two kids, I’m 128lbs. in a size 5. I eat healthy but I’m not obsessed with it, and I stretch out and do yoga in the morning for about 10 to 20 minutes.
So how did I make this transformation? I really don’t know. But I am happy and healthy.
One big thing that I realized, is everyone is different. I will never look like those teeny tiny models on tv, and I’m ok with that. If I’m hungry, I eat. I love food to much to starve myself…lol. I work to much to have time to go to the gym. I’m a plumber, plus I have my own business making all natural body products, (every weekend is a craft show), plus I’m a married mother of two beautiful girls (that in itself is a full time job..lol).
When I first found out I was pregnant with my first, my mother and aunts (who are all built the same) told me horror stories of my post baby body was going to look like and I would be bigger than ever. I was scared. I thought my knees were going to blow out!! I gave up on exercise and didn’t care what I ate, even if it was donuts for every meal. I was 215lbs. when I had her. Within 18 months I was down to 140lbs. I proved them all wrong!! Same thing after my second, except I’m even more muscular.
I still don’t know how or why but I have never been happier, or felt so good about me or better looking, according to my husband…lol.
PS…there is no secret, it depends on your body.

Houakia Moua 11 months ago

I miss my perky boobs the most!

Danielle Thomson 11 months ago

Loved reading this. Thank you.

Stephen Wong 11 months ago

A good read for dads and soon to be dads too

Sarah Lynn 11 months ago

umm why is that baby so incredibly huge? lol

Gina Hamilton 11 months ago

Number 3!!!

Rennie Clausen-Soir 11 months ago

Never give up the wine!! (She said as she entered her post-baby Weight Watchers meeting)

Natalie Duncan 11 months ago


Shanna Boudreau 11 months ago

Having been extremely fit when I got pregnant, this is one I truly struggle with. It’s been 13 months and I cry when I see my reflection. I think mourning my old body. My beautiful boy’s sweet smile helps

Brooke-melinda Parker 11 months ago

I love my body yes I’m fat with loads of marks nut i have a bigger smile and i have three that’s three and under.

Kristy Cockman 11 months ago

Such a good article!

Jenn Barrett 11 months ago

I’ll be the first to admit it’s totally disgusting. But somehow it still finds its way into conversations…

Brandi 11 months ago

There’s only one truth and that’s that every body is different. My body looks better than it did pre pregnancy. I didn’t get stretch marks or saggy skin on my belly. I’m in better shape now than I was before. And everything functions just as well. It’s partly genetics, partly how you take care of yourself. There’s just as much judgement on mommies who don’t have the post pregnancy body that has been deemed “normal.”

Bret 11 months ago

Increase your calories from 1300, your starving yourself and that’s way your body keeps losing muscle and gaining fat, it’s a survival mechanism. Stop the cardio and go to a high impact full body workout. “Search YouTube” Eat a very high protein fiber diet and stay away from anything sweet including fruit. Any kind of sugar tells your body it’s ok to start storing fat. You can do it, I never gave birth but I was mangled by a 500 lbs road side bomb during a deployment to Iraq which left me with burns and amputations and I’ve built myself up to look quit good if I say so myself. Well at least my fiance thinks so. Look stop telling yourself it can’t be done, and start on a journey that will lead you to a place where you won’t find offense to a lady telling her success story but gain inspiration from it. First step is to believe you can. Best of luck to you but always remember it’s not how you look it’s how you feel.

Liana Sylvester 11 months ago

Fantastically written

Sandra Kreiner 11 months ago

Some of us can’t breastfeed tho…..

Sandra Kreiner 11 months ago

With my first, I lost the baby weight plus more, my second one, 5 years later, I’m struggling to get the weight off. Then again, being pregnant in culinary school didn’t help……

Sandra Kreiner 11 months ago

My son is a big boy so I’m used to it lol at 7 months old, he’s wearing 12 month clothes and sitting at 85% for height and weight

Sandra Kreiner 11 months ago

I was thinking the exact same thing Katie!!! Yay target lol

Sandra Kreiner 11 months ago

When I had my daughter, I lost the baby weight plus some more ( I was also going through a divorce and becoming a single mom, so stress was a big thing). When I had my son, I gained 40 lbs, but I was in pastry school and a much happier relationship . I don’t plan on ever being as small as I was, I just hope I can lose enough weight to fit into my wedding dress

Megan Crick Posey 11 months ago

I lost the weight with all my babies because I breastfed. When that stopped, and my last was born, the pounds started attacking! I am the same weight now as I was when I was 9 months pregnant with my first!! I’m learning to accept, even though it’s hard…

Stephanie Eads Thornton 11 months ago

The struggle is real.

Ji Yeon Kweon 11 months ago

I love it!!!

Carolyn Cassady 11 months ago


Elaine Staunton 11 months ago


Karlena Wolhart 11 months ago

Maybe it would be different if I were a small person?
I’m 32 5’9 and 225lbs, ive never been “small”, I’ve always been bigger. My biggest concerns are my breasts. I’m spilling out of my 38 DDD…JESUS! I can’t contain these beasts. I hear friends talking about how their breasts shrunk after having kiddos, that would be fantastic!
I know, wishful thinking.

Overal I’m an active person, I walk 2-3 miles/day, drink nothing but water and a cup of coffee some mornings (THE HORROR). I eat pretty clean and I care about my health, though of course you have those who look at me and would assume I eat junk constantly.

And that’s another thing, we were on BC for 12 years, I’ve got a cyst on my right ovary, I was told my chances of getting oregant were slim, so the fact that we got pregnant 4 months after my second IUD was removed is amazing.
I’m just going to sit back and enjoy this ridiculous ride known as pregnancy :)

Stef Mastenbrook 11 months ago

I didn’t think I would care either! What with desperately trying to get pregnant for a whole year and finally getting pregnant (thanks to meds) I was just so happy to be pregnant and finally get the chance to become a mommy. Then an emergency c sec happened, the hormones, the huge life adjustment, the breast feeding/BC pills making me gain weight after I had already lost all my baby weight before the established supply and stupid hormone pills (never again! NFP for the win!), and the inevitable change in the dynamic of your marriage and that flab, extra weight, or wider hips can really mess you up emotionally. It’s all tied together. But, I also haven’t tried to get my post baby body back by working out like crazy or dieting. I am still breast feeding my 2 yr old (on demand so it can be all day and night) and haven’t really changed much of my activity levels or diet and I am finally losing some lbs.

Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 11 months ago

Many people do after the first one. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and shape within weeks after my first. It took a lot longer with the second, but I wasn’t really trying either.

Samantha Tandle 11 months ago

Some ppl do get it back but i guess its comforting to ppl who dont to say oh well no one does. My sis went back really really fast and she did it on mcdonalds and no excersise so everyone is different dont worry yet

Samantha Tandle 11 months ago

This is prolly tru for most but my sister went right back to her pre pregnancy body within a month of the first one. Its taking longer this time, but then again she also isnt trying

Nadine 11 months ago

Sister! I’m right there with you! (or, I was – now my babies are 8 & 11… sure I’ve got stretch marks, but who cares? My mom had stretch marks, too.)

Mindy Rao 11 months ago

I was #2 AND 6. Lol.

Demir Emina Ćulić 11 months ago

LOL SAME HERE! Its actually very stinky!

Danielle Marie Caissie 11 months ago

Agree ^ if you don’t wait like I did your stomach muscles won’t go back together! Wait!

Courtney Hawk 11 months ago

It’s been 6 years and I still have that jumping jack issue!! And quit trying to do crunches. You just popped out a baby. It’ll come back, I promise. I’ve had 3 kids, and I’m happier with myself now than I’ve been in my entire life. :)

Sarah Willcox Andrews 11 months ago

Beautifully written. Mom of four… I can relate!

Samantha Scott 11 months ago

What Paula said. Different genetics, different metabolisms, different realities. It’s like having an “easy” child: Count your blessings and don’t brag, or hubris is going to catch up with you.
(I say this as the mom of a happy, healthy three-month-old, and as someone who is already at her prepregnancy weight and clothing size. I lucked out.)

Dara J Campbell 11 months ago

With children you’d be insane to give up the wine!!! Love the last few lines….you most certainly can not go back!! Thank you :)

Theresa Nagle Canto 11 months ago

Such a wonderful article…and my baby” is 29!!!! <3 to all us Moms!!!

Sarah Purse 11 months ago

I love this; thanks for writing it.

Kirsty Sweeting 11 months ago

great accept i dont have the energy or will power to do any type of excercise :- just have more interesting things to do with the odd hour i get alone. yes i detest my body now but my fiance doesnt and he says thats all that matters as hes the one who sees it….i guess hes right x

Camira Colquhoun 11 months ago

I was breastfeeding which helped heaps initially with the weight loss-only stopped about a month ago (Bubs is 16 months).I haven’t gained any weight as yet but I still may.I put on heaps of weight while pregnant.

Paula Leavy-McCarthy 11 months ago

I have three kids and am definitely fitter now in my early forties than I was in my twenties. However my youngest is 8 and it took me a few years after his birth to get myself fit. Genetics also does play a part, I may be fitter but my lower abdomen is a mess of loose wrinkly skin & unless I have a tummy tuck (won’t be doing that) it always will be. Different people have different experiences of the way pregnancy affects their bodies and are left with different legacies. We can control some of that with good food and exercise but not all of it and it is not something we should be judgemental on!

Paula Leavy-McCarthy 11 months ago

Three weeks post natal is too soon to be trying to do sit-ups!!! You could really injure your back, your stomach muscles separate when you are pregnant & you need to give them time to rejoin before you attempt sit-ups. Wait til at least 6 weeks & then only try basic easy crunches just lifting your head & shoulders a little off the ground. Be kind to yourself, you’ve just had a baby! :-)

Milanda Ballesteros 11 months ago

It is beautiful!!

Amy Michael 11 months ago


Kisha Haevers Brunette 11 months ago

I loved using the “baby weight” excuse after my 2 babies 1.5 yrs apart were born… but that no longer flies when your “babies” are 13 and 15… -_-

Shab Tay 11 months ago

If the first one doesn’t get you, the second baby will. By then, you’re too pooped to even get to yoga. I’m hoping that will change soon.

AMber White 11 months ago

Yes I had c section on 2nd kid amazing

Janine van den Berg-Schipper 11 months ago

Am I the only one who is very irritated by women who say “It’s your own fault”.. Because my weight is lower dan it has ever been in the years before I had my son but I still have a jelly stomach and firm hips. And bigger boobs but thats obviously a pro 😉 what I’m trying to say here.. NO It isn’t always your fault! I don’t know if you need to put other women down so you can feel better about yourself, but if you do, please just stop it.

Amy Renee Buckey 11 months ago

Your body will change, but a woman’s body is amazing! Never sell yourself short, never give up because you’ve had children. I was in the best shape of my life after baby number 5 at 29 years old. I am pregnant with number 6, and fully intend to continue to trend after he is born. Never ever give up on goals, your body is amazing!

Emma-Louise Fox 11 months ago

I wouldn’t say this is true. In some cases maybe. But if you want to be slim its like anything you have to eat the right things and the right amount. You do that and take regular exercise then problem solved. I’ve seen plenty of women who’ve had 5 or 5 kids and have managed to get a better body than before. It i s do able. Youve just got to want it.

Lindsay Emma Hey 11 months ago

Depends on your determination how you eat and exercise during pregnancy too
Iv never felt fitter to be honest even trained and did 5 k run in July i
in my late 30s with a 20 month old baby boy .. Silly article if u ask me

Saragh Mahady 11 months ago

Love this! I’m only starting to accept how different my body is and my daughter is 3.5. The one thing she forgot to mention is how beautiful your child thinks you are. That is what has made me accept what I look like more than anything else

Melanie Baxter 11 months ago

The timing of seeing this article feels perfect for me, as just today I attempted a workout that proved I no longer have any core strength, now 3 weeks out from having my second baby. Literally, I’m incapable of doing a sit-up. This second pregnancy has definitely been harder on my body than the first. But it’s pretty miraculous when I think that my body has given me two beautiful little girls, one of whom still thinks she’s got a beautiful butt and loves to see herself naked. I want her to always have that body image. So as I struggle to drop the baby weight, I will never use the “F word” (fat), because it’s about being healthy, not thin. And shouldn’t we all strive to love our bodies, imperfections and all? I’m writing this mainly for myself, so I can go back and read this for a pep talk when I need it, like when I’m feeling down tomorrow as I’m wheezing through another workout and leaking pee during jumping jacks.

Mai Falk 11 months ago

Love this post!

Robin Alford 11 months ago

Where do you get the belly wrap and do you recommend a certain one ?

Nicole Ewa Musial 11 months ago

I didn’t think I would care either and now my daughters almost 9 months old and for the first time I realized my body is just not the same and it bothers me. But I just try and accept it and be physically active when I can…

Katie Pouk 11 months ago

It’s not necessarily extra weight afterward that got to me. It was looking in the mirror and seeing that the body I had lived with, loved and hated, for over 20 years was completely different. I didn’t recognize any of my parts, and with the rest of the changes that are happening at the same time, it can be overwhelming to have what you were so intimately familiar and comfortable so changed.

Tara Lapila-Rux 11 months ago

Needed this today!! Thank you!!

Katie Pouk 11 months ago

It’s so difficult to live your entire life with the same body, and it feels like all of a sudden you don’t hardly recognize yourself. I’ve started focusing on things I can love, or at least not hate, about every part of my body. It’s tough, but I know if we can be great and confident moms, we can learn to be confident women who love themselves. All of themselves.

Fabiola Arauz 11 months ago

Breastfeed! The Wright is coming off much more easily than with my first pregnancy because of it.

Marion Sistrunk 11 months ago

I only wish my knees and ankles didn’t ache. Anyone else have this? Tell me it goes away!

Jaime Holmes 11 months ago

What?! Oh no!!! I stopped bfeeding like 5 months ago. The human body is a weird magical creature lol

Jenifer Phelps 11 months ago

With hormones and all the changes your body endures sometimes the extra flab can kinda bother you a little. I didnt understand either until after giving birth. Theres undoubtedly more important things to worry about but with everything extra that little flab can get to you sometimes.

Kim Lagdamen 11 months ago

A week and half after giving birth and pumping because my baby was in the Nicu. My boobs and booty were round and voluptuous. I lost half my pregnancy weight. I was feeling my self and loving it. Then when I stopped breast feeding because my baby had severe reflux and couldn’t hold breast milk down. My pregnancy weight slowly came back and stayed. I didn’t have time to workout. I was devastated. I feel super crappy about my body. I’m just being honest. But this article makes me feel better to see others are going through the same it’s comforting

Lissa Paradis 11 months ago

Sometimes it catches you off guard. You’re going through hormone changes afterward, so even things you consider trivial can trip you up.

Kim Lagdamen 11 months ago

Felt that way also until I stopped breast feeding then my body went back to pregnancy weight I was in shock

Rhonda Culberson McCall 11 months ago


Lindsay Templeton 11 months ago

Or dealing with such bad stomach pains and nothing works right anymore. Can’t pick anything up due to a huge split in my muscles. Pain everyday before even getting up out of bed

Kim Lagdamen 11 months ago

Are you breast feeding? I gained All my pregnancy weight when I stopped breast feeding. It was horrible feeling

Kory Grella 11 months ago

I go back to work tomorrow (4weeks pp)… Not happy about this post baby body at all :(

Kim Lagdamen 11 months ago

I’m having an extremely hard time about my body changes and it’s nice to have others moms to relate to. It’s comforting

Christine Gillies 11 months ago

Expanded version of Beauty…Luv!

Allison Underwood 11 months ago

“Beauty is where you find it” Abso-freakin’-lutely! I try to not be so hard on myself. I’m not as active like I was when I was younger so the pounds are harder to get off, even with breastfeeding each of my girls for 15 months. My boobs are droopy, though not quite the same droopy (both girls favored the right side), my ass is bigger and, well, stripey-er, and there are stretch marks on my right calf and not my left. It’s hard to get over. But, yanno who’s lookin’ at me besides me? People who don’t care about those things (except for maybe other moms who, like me, are worried about their bodies). Your body will tell its story whether you like it or not, so the best you can do is embrace it (something I’m still struggling with).

Jennifer Roesch 11 months ago

My hips are definitely wider/curvier which still feels weird to me 10 months later. And now that I’ve finally found a groove where I can focus on me a little more and try to lose the weight, I’ve realized it doesn’t come off as easily. Then I look over at my little boy and I know it’s so worth it, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Cindy Jones-Muller 11 months ago

I don’t even remember my post baby body…

Heather Marie Boyd 11 months ago


Christianne Datu 11 months ago

Don’t give up wine. If anything, get to know it!

Ashley Lormand 11 months ago

Enjoy your beautiful baby and don’t compare! I hate new mom’s who slam in other moms face how the weight just fell off and their BMI-GET outt here ! We made a beautiful healthy human baby – that’s what matters! Enjoy your healthy baby Makin bodies ladies!!!

Melissa McEver Huckabay 11 months ago

I have a lot of trouble with this because I gained 60 pounds while pregnant and have only lost 30 (so far). But when I read the part about beautiful baby eyelashes and seeing myself through a similar lens, I teared up because that’s what it’s really about. My body might be different, but my heart is more beautiful then it’s ever been. And that’s more important.

Melissa McEver Huckabay 11 months ago

Not the only one.

Summer David 11 months ago

kinda…. my body is exactly the same except my butt is flatter. anyone else experience this?

Nazanin Sirati 11 months ago

I loved it

Katy Nelson Schmidt 11 months ago

This post made my day. Thanks for sharing ❤️

Lynn Hermansen Drangstveit 11 months ago

oh yes. my left leg is most impaired. damn kids anyway.

Megan Bankard Sullivan 11 months ago

I didn’t think I would worry either. But I honestly thought that the pounds would just come off much easier, especially since I was breastfeeding. But the opposite happened for me. My body hung onto the extra pounds for the year that I breastfed. Depending on your body type and especially when you have kids later in life, it gets tougher and tougher to shed the extra weight.

Terri Durfee 11 months ago

I was lucky enough to go back to my original size as far as my belly goes but my sister’s were not so lucky. But I sell it works body wraps and they use them and after 3 kids they look better then ever! Not quite what they were But their getting there :)

Trish Conway 11 months ago

For me its doing dishes, anything at that slightly bent over/leaned forward stance—horrid

Trish Conway 11 months ago

AFTER birth use a belly wrap for the first few months—WORKS WONDERS on killing the “pouch”

Trish Conway 11 months ago

My “baby belly” is still there and my last “baby” just went to kindergarten. I think after 3 HUGE babies, my gut is just forever doughy. However, they were worth every jiggle.

Brittney Knowles 11 months ago

Never give up the wine!

Amber N. Gatts 11 months ago

Thank you!

Christina Estes 11 months ago

My stomach went right back to normal very quickly; on the other hand, my already tiny boobs shrank after birth (boooo) and peeing is still a mess a year later lol

Mary Healy Davis 11 months ago

Did not read. Just saying. Embrace yourselves You have earned it! And keep the sexy going……

Gabriela Meza 11 months ago

I will!

Kourtney Ross Wytko 11 months ago

This was my exact thought!!

Maggie Clingman 11 months ago

My kids are 13 1/2 months apart and it’s not so much about how the look of my body changed, but how it feels when I move and how things are just…different. I was just thinking about it today and it feels like my body was disassembled and put back together. Everything’s where it should be but not quite right. It’s the numbness on my belly and about 3% nerve damage affecting my right foot after a tramatic delivery. It’s the reddish tint missing from my slightly oily, straighter hair. It’s the ache in my abdominal hernia when I eat too much and have to walk. It’s those things that no one notices but me, but they are parts of me that aren’t the “me” that I was for 30 years.

Susie Kennedy 11 months ago

I refer to my below the belly button droopiness as my Baby Sac.

Kami Finfrock Pate 11 months ago

Me too!!!

Linda Ode 11 months ago

Perfect. Thanks for the reminder!

Slavka Colic Yiannakou 11 months ago

It does not matter

Arisa Kusumi 11 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Andrea McVay 11 months ago

LOVE this, and SO needed to read it! Thank you for sharing!

Cathie Whitson 11 months ago

Definitely needed this after having a csection 7 weeks ago. Thanks!

Camira Colquhoun 11 months ago

I’m thinner post pregnancy but not as toned as I was. Even when u lose the weight your body still different.

Karlena Wolhart 11 months ago

I guess I just don’t get it.
I’m not concerned about how my body will look after having my first kid this Feb.
I see so many ladies constantly struggling to “get their body back” after their kid, theyre stressed out and it seems to be all they can think about.
I kinda just want to enjoy parenthood and not have to worry about my physical appearance.

Aninke Lippert-Espag 11 months ago

Not sure about the wine, but I’m reading this before baby no.2, hoping I will at least get back to looking non-pregnant!

Alison Bennett 11 months ago

Love my body!!!! Gave me two gorgeous babies!

Meg 11 months ago

I’m 23 and had my first baby in May. I tried lotion for stretch marks but seeing how my mom’s body is I knew it was inevitable for me to get stretch marks. Not only that I’ve had them on my thighs since I was 15. My post body is flabby and my strech marks are terrible. I feel gross when I see myself. Luckly my husband still finds me attractive because I sure don’t. This post really spoke to me. Especially since everyone else my age seems to have “better looking” bodies

Mary N Kyle Harden 11 months ago

After giving birth to my little girl my hips have totally changed and I always get really bad pain around that area :/ . BUT it’s worth it:))!

Nicole Skoreyko 11 months ago

Thanks for this :)

Steph Lake 11 months ago

I had 2 babies. lost almost 50lbs. I am now at my prepregnacy weight and pant size. But my body definitely doesn’t look like it used to.

Monica Redd 11 months ago

That was awesome & so spot on!!!

Piti Zev 11 months ago

Love it!!!

Leslie Veters Sharp 11 months ago

This article is so totally true for me. I never did go back to exactly “the same” after baby 1. 15 years later and after baby 3…forget it!

Lynn Hermansen Drangstveit 11 months ago

#2, sciatica pain while vacuuming, wth?! :)

Jaime Holmes 11 months ago

I actually feel sexier now. 9 months post partum My boobs are bigger my hips are a lil wider my ass is bigger…..my husband is in curve heaven lol

Katie Pouk 11 months ago

Four years into my only son, and I still struggle with how my body has changed. Thank you.

Anna Roaf 11 months ago

Or those few extra post baby pounds 😉

Jenny Viernes 11 months ago

Is it just me or am I the only one who hasn’t thought my new babies poop was “beautiful”?

Nicole McDonald 11 months ago

Must remind myself of this… :)

Lindsay Nell 11 months ago

First time mom here.. It may just be the hormones but after reading this and looking down at my wildly bouncing belly full of boy, I cried.

Amanda Smith Golden 11 months ago


Hillary Alexander 11 months ago

I love this. So true.

Chandra Lesch Collins 11 months ago

Thanks for the inspirational reminder!

Nessa Grace 11 months ago

Idk my body changed a lot but I have a few friends that looked exactly the same after…so it’s different for everyone.

Alexandria Cruikshank 11 months ago

Your body changes alot… but most days youre too exhausted to even care.

Luciana Q. McClure 11 months ago

That’s a huge baby lol

Lara 1 year ago

Same! And I have worked my butt off to get it, and I think it is amazing! I am all for “self love” I really am, but some things do take time and a lot of hard work.. It is all in the eye of the beholder.

jamie hackford 1 year ago

Honey you earned those stripe wear them proudly like the tigress that you are!! I have my fair share of them and I am proud of them because they brought me my children

Kristen 1 year ago

Smiles at you.. How sweet. <3 I love that.

Kristen 1 year ago

Frankly… I don’t think 1300 calories is enough calories.. but each body is different. I know that regardless of exercise and eating right if I am stressed I will not shed a pound. In fact, I will most likely gain three.

Kristen 1 year ago

It’s true, and not true. I lotioned up a lot, but I had a condition that made my belly swell with extra amniotic fluid the whole pregnancy. It suddenly jumped up in volume (more than its unusually high amount) at the beginning of the ninth month. I was devastated.. all that preparation and my belly still got marks..

I have to say that Kegels are must regardless of what may happen during birth. Sometimes you tear, regardless of preparation. I, thankfully, do not deal with urinary issues even though I did have a small tear that required one stitch. I took care of that stitch with the water bottle, and refused to touch or be touched for the full six weeks until the postpartum check up.

Although I did not gain any net weight from the pregnancy I was overweight before the pregnancy. I was horribly swollen, and lost 25 pounds of water from my body within a couple of weeks after birth… I now workout on a regular basis, and I feel better now than I did in high school.

Point is: Take care of yourself… but also understand that shit happens. Your body can regain strength even if your skin will not look the same. The fat may not come off in the same pattern it did before the pregnancy, but it can come off if you want it to.

M Rausch 1 year ago

The real issue is that in American culture we have been taught and chosen to believe that our bodies are static, that the body you have at 19 is how you are always supposed to look, and that there is something wrong with you if this is not what happens. Just like our personalities and minds and feelings change as we mature and grow as people, our bodies do, too. I find this attitude of having to “get your body back” rather disturbing… It never left! It has changed, but it is ok, there is nothing wrong with that. Who has the right to tell women that if their body is not the same after having a baby that it is unattractive? And we do not have to believe the lie that says if you do not look like a size 0 model you are ugly. Your body will change, whether you have children or not, just as you as a woman will change, accept and love that, don’t choose to be afraid of your body not looking like what the media tells us is beautiful. If you love your body, and find it beautiful and perfect your husband or man or men in general will most likely find it so. Men do not even know what they like half the time… They often times are afraid of not looking normal so they act like what everyone else likes (ie. thin, flat, tight etc) is what they like. I have two little ones, and my body has changed, but it’s all good, I like it and my husband does too, (after my first baby I was worried he would be turned off by the stretch marks or extra softness on my tummy, cause he used to say things like ” such a thin wife” in a complimentary way, but it turns out he actually likes me fuller now after baby#2.) my goal is just to be strong and healthy, soft is ok, but I want to maintain muscles and flexibility. Really think about just who you have to impress and why our bodies looking “perfect” is so important, are we pleasing ourselves, really? Or are we trying to look like what is thought to be popular based on media? Are you only a body or are you a whole person? There is so, so much more to a woman than “looking good”. Would you strive to fix your personality to be “attractive” the way that you strive to fix your body if that was the focus? Just we would not like to be told how to act and think we should not accept being told how we “ought” to look.

Krista 1 year ago

I eat 1300 calories a day and work out a few times a week. I have done this for years. I still look like a couch potato. Don’t make it sound like I haven’t worked hard or like I have chosen to eat crappy all the time. You have good genetics, I will need surgery to repair the damage to my body from carrying children. I have worked with doctors, physiotherapists, nutrition counselors, and no change. Good for you with your 4 kids and flat stomach. Your experience is NOT mine. This article does a great service to me. Your comment is a disservice to me.

stephanie 1 year ago

I love this. I still work out 5 times a week but im human and need to learn to love myself period because if I cant love myself then no matter how in shape I am I will still not truly be happy or content.

Jennifer Smith 1 year ago

even if you lose all the weight your body is shaped differently after. I lost all my baby weight and weighed 15 pounds less than I did b4 the babies and my jeans still didn’t fit , jeans were to tight. everyone needs to stop putting so much pressure on these new moms to lose the weight so fast, they have enough on their plates without that added stress.

Rebecca 1 year ago

I loved this but want to add that incontinence is not something you have to live with. There are lots of physical therapists who treat post-partum incontinence. Get a referral from your doctor and find someone who specializes in women’s pelvic health. Sneeze-peeing will be a thing of the past.

Clair 1 year ago

Even though im not a mother, i read this with interest as i dont think the changes are a reflection of only motherhood…it has a lot to do with aging as well. I see those changes in my own body as i get older. Women have to stop comparing themselves to younger women. We’ve all been there, and soon they will be where we are. Its part of the natural flow of living so embrace life and live in the now. We have health and strength and love. We are blessed.

Tonya Barbee 1 year ago

Wow!! So true

me 1 year ago

Thank God I’m not the only one that has the jumping jack thing happen! Lol

Yvette Lowe-Reidy 1 year ago

Oh shut the fuck up…all of you!! Wait til you hit 50…….big fat surprise waiting for you, it called menopause!!!! Lol

Natalie Foley 1 year ago

Thank u Daniela :) u r a beautiful friend

Natalie Foley 1 year ago

Thank u Daniela a

Megan 1 year ago

Every once in a while, I enjoy a few sips of wine WHILE breastfeeding ;-). It is ok…in moderation :).

KE 1 year ago

I’m calling b.s. on this giant comment called an article. No-ones body is ever the “same”. We are constantly aging so regardless of man or woman, baby or no baby, no one looks the “same” at 40 compared to 20 years old.

I’m a mom of three – three csections. One umbilical hernia and diastasis recti. I look gorgeous. Why? Because I eat right and work out. Because I worked three times harder at being healthy and being in shape so that I could have the energy to work, play with my kids, have fun and feel good. I had no pressure from my husband, he was supportive either way, but I can tell he likes how I look 😉 and that feels good. All of these things fuel my fire to want to look good.

That’s the truth. You’ve got to work at it and you will look great. Don’t settle because you “heard” some mom’s tired opinion.

Read articles where sexy moms are setting the bar higher for themselves and working it!! You can do it! You inner sexy is still in tact!!! Good luck all :)

Rachel 1 year ago

With regards to #2….You can gain back your function! Not many people know about pelvic physiotherapy…but it can help people with problems such as painful sex and urinary incontinence….common problems for us new moms! Just thought I would let you and your readers know!

Tiffany Mattozzi Opsahl 1 year ago

Well said

cj 1 year ago

My mother gave birth 8 times. She still has an amazing body and swims 20 laps every single day. She exercised before, during and after all of her pregnancies, ate healthy, gave birth naturally (no pain meds), breastfed all of us, and her body snapped back like a rubber band each time. She looks almost exactly the same now as she did before her children. No stretch marks. No sag. Minimal cellulite. She certainly had no trainers, nutritionists, or hardly any money at all for that matter. It’s not rocket science. Exercise and eat healthy pre-during-and post pregnancy. That’s it.

cj 1 year ago

My mother gave birth 8 times. She still has an amazing body and swims 20 laps every single day. She exercised before, during and after all of her pregnancies, ate healthy, gave birth naturally (no pain meds), breastfed all of us, and her body snapped back like a rubber band each time. She looks almost exactly the same now as it did before her children. No stretch marks. No sag. Minimal cellulite. She certainly had no trainers, nutritionists, or hardly any money at all for that matter. It’s not rocket science. Exercise and eat healthy pre-during-and post pregnancy. That’s it.

Ashley 1 year ago

My body is better now AFTER i had kids, I think to discourage women in saying, “you’re body will never be the same” is not right. Things will inevitably look a little different after having a child, that doesn’t mean you are doomed to have a body that you are not comfortable in. You’ve just got to work a little harder at it than before and manage your time better than before you had a child/children. Having children is not an excuse nor a reason to just “get comfortable” when you don’t actually FEEL comfortable. if you have happily accepted your post baby “curves/rolls/ what have you” then GOOD FOR YOU! If you are NOT comfortable with your body you do not have to accept that either.

Katrina Rose 1 year ago

Ive contacted them about my kids being older and they were all for it

Cheryl Fischer 1 year ago

Awesome advice !

ScareTacticsSuck 1 year ago

These stories do a dis-service to young women considering having a baby. Your body may or MAY NOT change after having kids. The female body is designed to have babies! Why would it ‘ruin’ your body to do what it was designed to do? I’ve had FOUR babies & my body looks better than ever. I was a size 6 in high school & now I’m a size 2. I’m 5’7″. My stomach IS flat & tight. I have NO stretch marks anywhere, and the girlies are just as perky! (I have a proportional sized chest, so no heavy big boobs feeling the effects of gravity.) I even nursed all four kids for a year each! Prevention is the key!!! Eat right, exercise, drink lots of water, wear a good bra 24/7 while pregnant or nursing, do those kegels and you’ll be fine. You’ll be better than fine, you’ll be a mommy! If your body did experience some change, don’t give up. So much of it is lifestyle which you have the power to control. not always, but often.

Heather Rotz 1 year ago

Yep. Never getting the same body back and that is OK.

Lou 1 year ago

Yes the flip side of all the things “you’ll never be again” are well presented, but as a new mom I’m pretty disturbed by all the “body acceptance” articles. Why won’t you ever have flat abs? Why can’t you turn that extra fold into muscle?

These articles encourage acceptance of our new bodies, which is necessary but what about encouraging behaviors that will get results a new mom desires? Healthy eating, building muscle tone and steady regular weight loss are not unattainable- all of the “acceptance” articles (and there are so many…) leave me feeling hopeless, discouraged and depressed instead of encouraged or motivated.

Ellie 1 year ago

Well congratulations! You sure are special! However, some of us moms weren’t that lucky so here’s your compliments you’re fishing for.

Meg 1 year ago

I think the change your body has depends on genetics. I don’t have stretch marks; my hips didn’t widen, etc. I run farther than before I was pregnant. I don’t pee when I jump.

I’ve found that the process of being healthy and fit after baby is just like before baby. It’s 80% clean diet, and about 20% weight lifting and cardio. Your body may look different, but that doesn’t mean you won’t look and feel strong and can’t ever PR again.

Jacqueline Dalla Rosa 1 year ago

Absolutely love this!!!

Amanda Walton 1 year ago

This is an awesome post. With that said I think it’s untrue for everyone I can run 13.1 miles with proper training and not spending countless hours at the gym, I didn’t earn “tiger stripes” after my two kiddos and am most definitely in better shape now than I ever have been. I think any mother can obtain a great post baby body, even have abs after kids with proper diet being key.

Meg 1 year ago

I think self-acceptance is very, very important! But I have one cautionary note…the majority of adult Americans are overweight or obese. That is NOT good. It leads to weight-related illnesses and rising healthcare costs. The leading cause of preventable death is heart disease.

If your body has changed from having kids, then, yes, you should accept that. Many women do get stretch marks, loose skin, and wider hips; you can’t change that, so embrace it. Being a mother is worth it! But don’t use the thought “I’ll never look the same again” as an excuse to not at least TRY to be healthy inside and out. Our kids will still want us to be around in 20 years.

And no, I don’t think Lisa is saying “just let yourselves go,” but I’ve heard and seen many moms (over and over) use that as an excuse to give up trying to be active, so I just wanted to point that out.

Christy Sausser Froemke 1 year ago

All true for me. Back to my college weight, what I’ve always been, but not the same body for sure. Maybe having first baby at 41 big factor too.

Sarah 1 year ago

It’s a good point and well taken! I would like to add a bit of personal experience: a certain type of exercise approach can optimize what you’ve got in a truly remarkable way. I guess I would call it strength-building fitness. I discovered when I started CrossFit at age 37 (my youngest of 3 was 6 years old and is now 11), that the muscle I gained actually changed my shape…from the neck down, my shape looked like that of a young woman. I became curvy! Now, I didn’t lose my varicosities, and my belly skin still sags, and jumping rope still makes me leak, but I have come to the conclusion that older bodies generally look older because of lost muscle. Let me point out that I did not bulk up; I got tight. Plus I love feeling strong and ready for life! Meanwhile, I’m pretty careful about eating good stuff (wine is welcome). But if you’re gonna work out anyway, I say put your time into “constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity,” like CrossFit. I count it a blessing.

Amy 1 year ago


Jennifer Tam 1 year ago

I don’t agree with this article- eating right and exercise you CAN get your body back. Some ladies get into better shape after they had their children. I just had my second baby- my little guy is only 5 weeks and post a c-section so I’m still not cleared to work out. I’m 30 lbs over what I was pre-pregnancy and I’m excited to meet the challenges ahead, to set a good example of eating right and working out to be happy with my body. Of course you will have to work harder, especially if you stopped working out during pregnancy- you’ve lost a ton of muscle! I know I have- so I know it will take some time to get it back. Diet is a huge factor as well. Ladies- don’t use this article as an excuse. Love your body in whatever condition it is in, but if you want your fit, lean body back- YOU CAN DO IT!

Steve Borchers 1 year ago

It is funny how men view their wives bodies as more beautiful. More curves and a strength about women. I’m referring to mental toughness and physical strength.

Tara Miller 1 year ago

I adore this article. Well said, and a week or so before I give birth. Puts life in a great perspective :)

Megan Robinson Dickerson 1 year ago

Every women’s body and motives are different. It’s the choice we make to be comfortable or uncomfortable in your post baby body.

Sabrina Turner Edmiston 1 year ago

I will say for myself, that I got into the best shape of my life after I had my first son. I’m working on it again after the birth if my second child. It is HARD though. The old ways didn’t work for me, I really had to get serious. I thought nothing would ever be the same either but then when my son was about nine months old I felt well rested enough to give it my best shot. I know some people have issues like stretch marks that can’t be overcome through diet and exercise , I get that. I come from a line of women who struggle with weight so I am myself am not “genetically blessed.” I just don’t want anyone to tell me it can’t be done. This isn’t about being thin either, it’s about being your best self for your family, no matter your weight or size. If you are okay with how you look and feel post baby, awesome. If not, you can do it!

Kirsten Quinn Nagiba 1 year ago

Amen! We are judged too harshly especially by ourselves ( guilty)
Instead of valuing the fact that we made an actual person! And those children we make don’t care if their mom is supermodel.That is huge! It’s not surprising when ” you don’t even look pregnant” , when you are pregnant, is considered a compliment.

Kaydee 1 year ago

Sorry I accidentally hit post before I was finished…
In continuation: I am realistic and know that after giving birth I’m not going to have the same marathon time as I did pre baby, or be able to lift the same amount of weight, or be as strong as I am now… That’ll take building back up to…. But in reference to the first two pounds: saying my body will NEVER be the same is very discouraging… Any positives about post pregnancy bodies?

Ruth Simpson 1 year ago

I stood in front of the mirror last night and realised I had a smile line on my stomach where my pouchie bit was and I didnt care. After 4 kids and I set twins a few wobbly bits are not gonna break my heart.

Brian Pizzi Pietropaolo 1 year ago

Ladies, be proud of your body after birth; you created the best thing ever. A real man will find you more attractive.

Michelle Talarico 1 year ago

Yep. Even if you get back to pre preg weight or less. There’s new areas of cellulite. My hips are wider, brown spots on my face. Boobs tiny and sag. Oh and what she said in article about the knee flap, I thought that was just me

Mandy McKaig 1 year ago

Love this! Nothing seems to be where it once was!

Alaina Schnitzer Williams 1 year ago

Perfect article. Thanks for sharing

Marcia 1 year ago

This article is true for most moms that were in good shape pre-pregnancy. If you were not in good shape, and you start to work out after baby more than you did before, you can definitely achieve a better body. Keep up the good work!

Reality 1 year ago

Keep telling yourself that lmao!! Or your teens and 20’s really must have sucked!

Melanie Higgins 1 year ago

Thank you!!

Daisy 1 year ago


Mandie Breeding 1 year ago

Not to mention genetics have alot to do with it too! Stretch marks happen to some and not others. No need to pick on women for it! It just like blaming the elderly for getting dementia!

Liz McAllister 1 year ago

I am so extremely thankful that my partner and made me feel more beautiful and wanted now than before baby. I struggle with body after baby but he is a constant source of support and confidence that I’m not worse than before. Just different

Elizabeth F Villapiano 1 year ago

I love this so much. Describes how I know I think about myself all the time. It’s amazing to know that I’m not the only one and that I am not exceptionally harsh on my body. Thank you for Sharing! !

Casey Flewellen 1 year ago

Perfect timing for me to stumble across this…

Holly 1 year ago

genetics are** This wouldn’t let me edit my error.

Holly 1 year ago

They may have worked hard for it, but genetics is the secret. Some women will never be that lucky, no matter how hard they try…

LeAnne ‘Boorsma’ Larson 1 year ago

I think that the weight issue is different for every woman and every pregnancy. I was almost 37 when I had my first baby and was back to pp weight by the time he was 10 weeks old and fit back in my skinny jeans by the time he was 16 weeks old, flat stomach and all. With my second son I was 38 and it took longer to get back to pp weight, maybe more like 16-18 weeks. I now have a bit of a tummy that I didn’t before but fit in all my regular clothes. I gained roughly the same with both, about 35 lbs. Not a single stretch mark from either pregnancy, only a small scar from my first because I had a c-section with him. So I think there is a whole lot that goes into how we gain/lose baby weight. And really is it that big of a deal when you have this amazing person that YOU made in your body? I still look at my boys and can’t believe they are mine.

Acard 1 year ago

I disagree with most of this article. After I had a kid, my body was able to do more things athletically than it ever had before. But still a good read although it’s kind of discouraging.

Lori Nolan 1 year ago

Pls ladies tell me the secret. I have been working out like crazy and eating right, my weight and body is sure looking better but what about stretchy marks??? Though by body is slimming down to pre baby weight, those stretch marks are not going anywhere.

Lori Nolan 1 year ago

Meg Dixon, what about those stretch marks??? R u serious? I have been working out like crazy after child #3 and honestly, I still have stretch marks. No matter how much I work out and eat right etc, they will always b there. No matter the effort u put in ur body will bounce back but some things will not go away.

Christine Gniedziejka Rosas 1 year ago

Good read, but it’s not what the real world expects. I don’t think I will ever ’embrace my stripes.”

Jade Drewniak 1 year ago

Hell ya!

Mary Kate Dohl 1 year ago

#3 got me.

Adrienne 1 year ago

So flipping true. And it’s fine. It’s just life and motherhood. Thanks for being so frank and not preachy!

Emilie DeGryse-Sulic 1 year ago

I absolutely LOVE the last line…” never, ever give up the wine”! 😉 And I also agree with some of the other comments. I gained and LOST 55 lbs with 2 boys, and I do truly feel that that hard work made my body better than before.

Kay Ninalee 1 year ago

To top it all off I have an eating disorder, so losing weight a healthy way is very hard for me.

Jennifer 1 year ago

Thank you for saying this! Yes, it was hard to let go of my pre pregnancy body and fully accept this new body. But I do, and I love it more every day because it reminds me of what it created. And that is an impressive thing to do.

Kassidy Welisek 1 year ago

I’m 10 days from having my third baby, so who knows how it will go this time but I worked it off with the last 2 and felt a lot better about myself than I ever did before having kids.. and I’m very critical. Maybe it’s that I get so huge while pregnant that anything beats that but, I felt good about myself after in a way I never did before. So I don’t think saying “you’ll never look the same again” is accurate at all, not in every case.

Samantha Smith 1 year ago

This. This. This. Exactly this.

Ashley Vann Harris 1 year ago

I think your body does change from a “girls” body to a “womans” body, but you should still take the time to take care of your self. I know this article isn’t saying that, but I feel like some women give up on themselves after children and then when children leave they are lost. It’s also good to set examples for your kids, if mom and dad don’t take the time to stay healthy and fit, why should your kid? That’s what really motivates me to workout and eat healthy.

Andrea Feldvary 1 year ago

So many negative comments from such a positive piece of writing. :( I enjoyed the piece, thanks Scary Mommy. Sometimes people just can’t be happy and enjoy life.

Melinda Kennedy 1 year ago

My husband actually told me that I am sexier after having our twins. He may be lying but what a beautiful lie it is.

Norma Kettmann 1 year ago

That’s one cute chubby baby. Nice

Alison Sullivan Ogden 1 year ago


Abby Daw 1 year ago


Eric Haskins 1 year ago

You missed the point, doorknob.

Donna Smith Hartke 1 year ago

Never once have I heard someone at a funeral look at the deceased and say, ” I so admired her. She wore a size 2.”

Andrea Magee 1 year ago

#3 is my favorite. Just when I think I’m exhausted I manage to get up one more time and one more time…

Shaye Boucher 1 year ago

Pretty much…I’m on week 13 of T25 after having my 2nd child 9 months ago and striving to be healthy. I’ve accepted I will never be size 0 again but wait, I don’t want to be a size 0 again! I’m a 6 right now but best shape of my life and nice curves. I’m just a more mature figure now. That’s okay. Lifestyle changes to be healthy & happy. The scale and measuring tape are not what matters the most.

Lacey Ducsay 1 year ago

This is so untrue. I’m 3 months post partum and I haven’t lost all the weight back yet or look the same as did prepregnancy but I can definitely do everything I did before. And I WILL get my body back because I care enough to do so.

Hyaline 1 year ago

Eeek, one thing–if you’re still feeling “twinges” of pain in your hips (or back or shoulders), that’s not necessarily a “normal” post baby thing. Consider talking to an orthopedic doc, a chiropractor, or a physical therapist to see if something is wonky. A misaligned pelvis, for instance, could definitely be at fault for a hip that’s not letting you run due to pain, and a chiropractor could address that.

Jack Garceau 1 year ago

I thought I loved my wife’s body…then she had our 2 kids and I fell in love with it even more!!!

Renata Kasia K 1 year ago

Well then I guess I am lucky or this doesn’t apply to all moms

Susie G 1 year ago

Same for me. I am 39. I had my son at 31 & the stress of a changed life alone had me enjoying running for the first time in my life. They continued after I had my daughter at 36 and haven’t stopped yet. I am healthier now than I ever have been.

Kay Ninalee 1 year ago

Oh and for those of you whom pregnancy and child birth didn’t change your body at all. Awesome for you. Obviously this article wasn’t written for you. Its for the mom who went from at size 8 to a size 20. Yes that happened.

Nicole Paris Musser 1 year ago

To bad husband’s can’t tell their wives that!

Kay Ninalee 1 year ago

9 months post partum I needed this. My butt is bigger. My nipples are longer. My stomach is wrinkly. I had hypothyroidism after having my girl. I lost then I gained. A lot. I’m just now getting to the weight I was at 6weeks post partum. I don’t break my back trying to exercise. I don’t starve myself. But I’m coming to terms with this new body.

Paula Murray 1 year ago

I just now hit my pre-baby weight. It’s been over 12 years.

Tay 1 year ago

I hear you. I never had a baby, but I have a mood disorder and I’ve changed medication throughout the years that made me get fat then thin then fat then thin, and in no weight I was confortable with my (self judged) too skinny or too fat body.
Then I realized when I was 50 kilos I thought I was fat cause I used to weigh 45,then when I had 56 kg I thought that I wasn’t fat when I had 50 and when I had 65 I thought I wasn’t fat when I was 56 kg. So I saw a pattern there and decided to think I can be pretty and sexy at any weight. And I weigh 60 kg now.
But it’s not easy, you keep making the mistake of comparing to other people. And we can be pretty and sexy at almost(anorexy and obesity are diseases that causes trouble) any weight, and there’s no pitty or kindness in what I’m saying. It’s true.

Kelli Sjoblom 1 year ago

Love this!!! ❤️❤️

Lisa Burkey Ambrose 1 year ago

The older you are the harder to get back to pp weight

Amanda Varney 1 year ago

Sydney ….if you’ve only had one and you feel this way, DEFINITELY don’t go for 2. If you feel that strongly about your body, I would stay away from another pregnancy. I only say that with caren I was in the BEST shape of my life after #1…@ 24. I got.pg with #2 @ 27 and figured it would be a snap. I gained 15 lb less with #2 and thought FOR SURE id reach my pp weight…it NEVER happened, eventhough I busted my ass, and I got within 3 lb of my pp weight, I found my nody to be MUCH different than id remembered….just putting it out there!!!

Chris Poindexter 1 year ago

It is not that bad, yes your body will change but it really helps if you have taken care of you body before and thru out pregnancy. I’ve had 4 pregnancies and 3 births , just take a lot, lot , more work :)

Julie Enderle 1 year ago

#3 is very a TRUE

Sydney Joelle Lerat 1 year ago

Maybe not everyone’s the same, and it’s great that lots of people love their body because they made life, blah.. I will probably lose more weight, but my body will never be the same again, and I’m allowed to be f?**in upset about it. I want my body back. I don’t care what it went through, it’s betrayed me, and I’m pissed. And I think that’s okay too.
I love this article, and I realllly wish it had prepared me like 6 months ago, pre-birth when everything I was reading kept saying it’ll all be normal and snap back in 6 weeks. Guess what, what to expect, I call bullshit.

Samantha Smith 1 year ago

Same! :))

Jessi Hesse 1 year ago

4 kids in 6 years and FINALLY I realize this! Finally starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. ..a little.

Valerie Ann 1 year ago

We should all be proud even tho sometimes we are not!

Amanda Varney 1 year ago

Honestly after 2 kids, and being ridiculously thin for a while, I decided instead of losing the last 3 lbs…which I was comfortable at, that I would gain 5 in muscle….I’ll admit I’m still not as comfortable at age 28 & 117 with a toned and lean muscular figure than I was @ 108 and thin..yet…but I want to be…so I work at it, and myself. I want to be comfortable in a body thats healthy AND beautiful…that I’m happy with. And NO,..WINE is the ONLY thing I refuse to give up…now that my 18 month old is done BF. 😉

Christina Davis 1 year ago

, this is awesome! Thank you so much, I beautiful moms to tag now :-)

Lisa Sadikman 1 year ago

Amy, I love the visual of “battle scars” — yes! What would motherhood be without the evidence?!

Rosio Escobar 1 year ago

Thanks:) I do like my imperfect body btw

Megan Andria 1 year ago

I love this – especially #3! So many wonderful things my body can do now!

Miss Ken 1 year ago

Everyone’s body is different… great for the women that can bounce back and look the same if not better…congratultions youve hit the genetic jackpot but lets not look down on those of us that pregnancy wasnt as kind to. I just had ky firs y baby and although i do believe thag through hard work and good diet i can reach a healthy weight to help me keep up with my beautiful growing son I am 100% conscious that my hips will forever be a little wider , the stretchmarks will never disappear, and as im breastfeeding my boobs will certainly never be as perky. So great for you if you “look better” some of us just want to feel better and are grateful for this article that reminds us that we are not alone in this journey.

Gladys Adames 1 year ago

This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thanks!

Colin Meneilly 1 year ago

Love this!

Kelly Moran Starbuck 1 year ago

I like #3

Katy M. Porta 1 year ago

Great article but not all women look better before children. It is very possible to look better than before you had kids.

Kimberly Ann Foy Marchelle 1 year ago

I had triplets so I’m never getting my body back unless I have a tummy tuck. But I wouldn’t trade my kids for a supermodel’s body.

Lisa Sadikman 1 year ago

Congratulations on the new one Marisela! I had my third at 42 and I think age definitely has something to do with how your body reshapes itself after pregnancy. I love hearing that you’re happy and not as worried about the weight. More time for what’s really important.

Lisa Sadikman 1 year ago

Thanks Samantha — so glad this resonated with you! I know you know this, but try not to be too hard on yourself. Motherhood makes us beautiful in so many new ways :)

Lisa Sadikman 1 year ago

Thanks Trasi!

Emily Kay 1 year ago


Virginia IceKream Crouch 1 year ago

Lol. Word.

Donovan Davidson Runyan 1 year ago


Beverly Marie Hoban 1 year ago

I have 7 106 lbs…no stretch marks,,,now I’m trying to put weight on,,,how does that work

Maria Johnson 1 year ago

Exactly! There is no amount or type of healthy magical food or exercise that makes your skin un-wrinkled and un-stretched/ripped. The weight is one thing, the stretched out skin is a whole other matter. The best I can do is just like my skin, besides now it’s softer, like a fluffy pillow :).

alex 1 year ago

Love this! So true!

Irene Dethlefs 1 year ago

So true lol

Brenda Beth Stetser 1 year ago

Um I got an even better body now .

Tara Sharer Kaufman 1 year ago

My body was not changed by pregnancy. I looked the same after two babies…but since then I’ve packed on lbs due to eating poorly and not working out. It’s parenting that’s changed my body (too busy to work out and still work full time).

Natalie Craig 1 year ago

When does my hair stop falling out?

Keely Harris 1 year ago

Well, I haven’t seen my “goal weight” (114lbs) in eleven years. I was 206lbs when I had my son three months ago. Now I’m down to 165, so I guess I’m not doing too bad.
He keeps me busy lol

Virginia IceKream Crouch 1 year ago

To those who say you can get get your body back with exercise and the right food I call bullshit. Genetics is a bitch and she has slapped some of us around more than others. Some of us, no matter how hard we try, will never fit back into out skinny jeans. Hips are more spread and tummy has seen better days.

To say that EVERYONE can get back there post baby body with exercise and good food is crap.

Kumi Obayashi-Ward 1 year ago

My body looks and feels completely different now, but it’s okay! I will think about getting back into shape someday… With a 11 month old, a full time job, and a household to run, I don’t think it’ll make it to my to do list anytime soon 😉

Amy Snipes Jennings 1 year ago

I liked this. I looked in the mirror the other day and realized, after having two kids and turning 30, that I actually feel prettier than ever even though I am not as thin as I once was and I have a few “battle scars”.

Jen Spencer 1 year ago


Angie Niznik Cook 1 year ago

I have a better body now than I did before I had my 7 year old. No offense, but I have 3 jobs and a house to run, and I still make time to work out and eat right. It’s all about what you make a priority. If this seems negative to some people, let me say that what is negative to me is giving in to thinking that you can’t get your body back the way it was.

Jacqueline Michelle Chiesa Duncan 1 year ago

Truthful article, but beauty has a lot to do with self-confidence. Once you find the confidence in yourself, you will be one of the most beautiful people regardless of age or number of children. I am proudly 33 years old and I have 6 children that I have given birth to and 1 stepson. 😀

Suzanne Heefthetkoud 1 year ago

Its not only about acceptance anymore. Its about how woman let MSM or others tell them whats good or not. Every body is good and beautiful. Stop letting Media or magazines telling whats good or not

jen 1 year ago

Perfect! So well said – thank you!

Maggie Carlton Buckley 1 year ago

This article, I LOVE!!!

Jessica Austin 1 year ago

We have to remember as mothers not to beat ourselves up. You earned ever stretch mark ever scar and every new dimple. May not be attractive to some but I believe its a metal of honor for others.

Kara Dunggajimiya Burgoyne 1 year ago

FMD. I’m glad I don’t care about any of this. I’d rather have fun raising my kids than worry about crap like this.

Alaina Byrne 1 year ago

Love this.

Chelsea Hopson 1 year ago

Elena I was actually 30 lbs heavier as a teenager. I started running when I was 21 and have kept it up even through 3 pregnancies. Don’t get to run as much as I like these days, but running. After kids keeps me fit :)

Suzanne Heefthetkoud 1 year ago

Bullshit, lots of woman will never return on the same body but me after 2 kids and i know a lot of other woman as well ar still the same. You cant tell i have kids on my body

By the way. No disrespect nothing for nobody but please stay real for everyone, lots of woman change and never go back but lots of other change by pregnancy and do get back like before

Almost 39 and my 2 is 1 year old and have amazing body and face naturally

Rachel Carrigan 1 year ago

It has taken me 5 years to accept the fact that i won’t ever have my “teenage” body back lol
Now I’m on baby #3 and quite happy! :)

Marisela Avalos Diaz 1 year ago

Good read! I am too a mommy of three, and barely had a baby a month ago at the age of 35. And it truly is hard to shed the pounds. But i am more happy now at how i look and not as worried about loosing the weight as i did when i was twenty something. Eventually weight comes off..slowly but surely. As for now im enjoying my sweet bundle of joy!

Nicole Schuman 1 year ago

I like #3 the best. :)

Ashley Jordahl Hassell 1 year ago

just delivered my second child 11 days ago. I had a c section this time. I had my son naturally 6 years ago and bounced back pretty quickly. I needed to read this today, because I am worried I may never get my body back.. but my husband says he is happy no matter what

Marie Heudes 1 year ago

I loved this artical !!! Makes me feel not so alone as I bust to burn fat at bootcamp but I do know my body will never be the same but I have a new body to mold into something different with some hard work and excersise I will be more comfortable and except what changes and what doesn’t… Its hard there’s bad days lots of bad days but reading things like this helps accept change

Sarah Fuller 1 year ago

Great article!!! But im still fat… was working on it till now we are on baby 3!!!

Jessica Harvey 1 year ago

I’ve come to accept my body now, for the most part. 4 kids later, including a set of twins, has changed me forever and I actually have more body confidence now than I did before I had kids. Excess tummy skin and all.

Ginger Seehafer 1 year ago

I’m very lucky. Few stretch marks (All on the boobs. A cup to C cup and back again. Whee!), I’m thinner now than I was before and I love my body completely for the great job it had done surviving child creation twice.
But I can’t run anymore thanks to hip pain, my gray hair has quadrupled and I have a slight hunch from always being hunched over chasing tiny people.
Whatev! I made PEOPLE! And they’re cute!

Shauna Stacy 1 year ago

I actually did a good long look in the mirror when I first found out I was pregnant… to say goodbye and make peace with whatever was coming to take its place. :)

Cassie N Roberts-Beineke 1 year ago

I love reading her stuff.
No, my body is not the same, although, I have cat like reflexes. So it works.

Sheila Pye Kunz 1 year ago

Never give up the wine! 😉

Michelle Khajavi 1 year ago

I’ve been relating veey much to #2 lately…..

Megan Arbster 1 year ago

this made me cry a little =) thanks for reminding us to love ourselves

Rebecca Chadwick 1 year ago

And I love that my belly kinda smiles at me from having three csectons back to back lol

Jessica VanEpps 1 year ago

I’ve got a better body at 30yrs old and after two children then I did when I was a senior in high school. I worked hard for it and continue to do so. You can do anything if your mind, body and soul are in cahoots! :-)

Rebecca Chadwick 1 year ago

Never give up the wine! :)

Kayla Barnett 1 year ago

These articles make me happy I’m already overweight. Yeah I’d like to be healthier, but I’m glad I’m not going through stress over stretch marks and flab. I feel no need to rush to get my body back once this kid finally pops out of me.

Ayla Ervin 1 year ago

I’ll drink wine again someday…after pregnancy and breastfeeding…whenever I can squeeze in a sip…

Elena Sandoval Johnson 1 year ago

@chelseahopson I’m glad to see you post that. I’ve only put on about 12 lbs and my baby weighs 7. I’m 2 weeks away from my due date and very optimistic about “bouncing back” … Until I read things like this. I always thought I was too skinny and the extra weight feels and looks awesome. I can’t wait to have some feminine curbs post partum!

Kayleen Gover 1 year ago

I love this so much haha

Samantha 1 year ago

I really loved this! My baby is 6 months and although I am close to my pre pregnancy weight my body is definitely different. My hips are wider and my thighs and butt are bigger. I am trying to embrace the new me but I am still very hard on myself most of the time. This post really hit home, thank you for putting into words the very things I’ve been feeling! :)

Sylvia J Sattler Hofland 1 year ago

I wouldn’t change a thing. I like my very different 45 year old womanly body. And, I raised 4 boy’s, mostly alone. This body hasn’t failed. And I appreciate every square inch

Clare Hughes-Cross 1 year ago

You can get your body shape back eventually – just a creased version of it…..

Jenny Foriska 1 year ago

So true!

Paige Fader Heiden 1 year ago

My body is better and stronger than ever. I just train differently now.

Chrissy Lawlis 1 year ago

#3 is my favorite! lol Embrace mommy body!

Peggy Windisch 1 year ago

Love this!!

Sarah Sanchez 1 year ago

Love the encouragement of self-love and acceptance. :)

Chelsea Hopson 1 year ago

Not true for everyone. I have a better body at 31, after 3 kids than I had at 17.

Cort Swenson 1 year ago


Trasi Enright Davis 1 year ago

succinct and well said! thanks

Alicia Collins-Goveia 1 year ago

Love this