The 'Powerpuff Girls' Live Action Remake Has Been Delayed

by Christina Marfice
The CW Network

Looks like all us geriatric millennials will have to wait a little longer for The Powerpuff Girls to be back on our TV screens

For millennials of a certain age, the news that the old Cartoon Network classic Powerpuff Girls was getting a live action remake was one of the best things to happen in recent memory. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were a special kind of girl-power role model when we were growing up, so the idea of seeing them as grownups grappling with the fallout of being children expected to fight crime? Well, the idea is not only nostalgic, but feels relatable to millennials, who have been expected to succeed like our parents did on a planet and in a job and housing market that they utterly destroyed.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait a little longer to see this darker side of the Powerpuff Girls’ story. Soon after first-look photos of stars Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault were met with backlash from fans, the production team announced that it’s putting the show on pause and rewriting scripts during the off-season.

The news was first reported by Variety, who wrote that the show’s pilot episode “is being overhauled and re-shot because the initial pilot was ‘too campy’ and not as rooted in reality as network execs would have liked.”

Honestly, I thought it was supposed to be a little campy. But a statement released by The CW’s CEO, Mark Petowitz, should be comforting to fans who are disappointed by this news.

“The reason you do pilots is because sometimes things miss, and this was just a miss,” he said. “We believe in the cast completely. We believe in Diablo [Cody] and Heather [Regnier], the writers. We believe in the auspices of Greg Berlanti and Warner [Bros. TV] studios. In this case, the pilot didn’t work. But because we see there’s enough elements in there, we wanted to give it another shot. So that’s why we didn’t want to go forward with what we had. Tonally, it might’ve felt a little too campy. It didn’t feel as rooted in reality as it might’ve felt. But again, you learn things when you test things out. And so in this case, we felt, let’s take a step back and go back to the drawing board.”

In other words, it sounds like everyone is still committed to doing the show — and they want to make sure they really do it justice. While nobody wants to wait through a delay, this is probably, ultimately, for the best.