Be The Prank War Champion With These 16 Hilarious Pranks Parents Can Pull On Their Kids

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When was the last time you went all out for April Fools Day? Most kids are ecstatic at the idea of a day full of jokes and pranks, but they sometimes need a little help creating the mischief. If you have the right kind of kid, they’ll even enjoy if you play a few pranks on them. These could be as simple as the toothpaste in Oreos prank, as messy as Saran wrap on the toilet or as convoluted as, well, some of these ideas. The key is to have fun and (try not to) worry about the mess later. May the odds be ever in your favor, Mama Pranksters.

Pranks To Pull On Your Kids

1. Lunch Pranks

Scrape out the filling in your kids’ Oreos and replace it with toothpaste. Similarly, you can smear icing on their sandwich, instead of mayo. Just consider giving a back-up lunch or sticking lunch money in their lunchbox, so they have a backup option.

2. Saturday School

This will ruin your chance to sleep in but might be totally worth it. On Saturday, wake your kids for school like it’s Friday or Monday. Convince them they’re running late and don’t give them a chance to correct you. See how far you can get before they finally interrupt the process.

3. Broken Mouse

Put tape over the bottom of the mouse on the family computer. Watch everyone get frustrated when it won’t work.


4. No Suds

Coat their bar soap with clear nail polish so it won’t work.

5. Powdered Donuts

Sprinkle baby powder on otherwise perfectly good powdered donuts.

6. TP Note

Unroll the toilet paper some and write a note on the paper. Then roll it back up for your kids to find. This can be something sweet or silly. Maybe even a good knock knock joke?

7. Housekeeper’s Revenge

Short-sheet their bed.

8. Sundaes for Dinner

Make “sundaes” out of mashed potatoes and gravy — special cups and all! At first they’ll think they’re getting a special pre-dinner treat. Afterwards, it becomes just a fun way to eat their dinner side.

9. No Cereal For You!

Freeze your kiddo’s bowl of cereal.

Pranks To Help Your Kids Play

10. Use A Broken Screen App

Help your kids access their other parent or siblings’ phone or tablet and download an app that makes the screen look like it’s broken.


11. Breakfast switch-up

Is your SO someone who sleepwalks through their breakfast routine? Help your kiddo to switch the milk and the OJ containers, so their parent pours OJ into their cereal. Or empty out a K-cup and see if Dad notices he only made hot water, instead of coffee. Similarly, consider having them flavor the creamer so it tastes like peppermint or chocolate instead of plain.

12. No TV Tonight

Put tape over the remote sensor and watch Dad or a bigger sibling scramble to replace the batteries when they can’t get it to work. Bonus: Hide the batteries!

13. Not-a-ticket Ticket

Help your kiddo write a very official-looking but sweet note to their other parent or newly driving sibling. Print it out and cut to a “ticket-sized” slip of paper, then slide it under their windshield wipers.

14. Nothing’s Working!

Use plastic wrap to block the top of all bottles — from shampoo/conditioner to the sugar shaker next to the coffee maker.

15. Food Dye Crazy

Put a few drops of food die under the brim of the sink faucet, so blue, green or red water runs out when someone goes to brush their teeth. You can also hide some dye at the bottom of a cereal bowl that will begin to mix and appear as they start to eat.

16. Dollar Store Pranks

Take your kiddo on an after school Dollar Tree run and let them buy a few cheap pranks like fake vomit and whoopee cushions. On the morning of April 1, wake them extra early to help them find the perfect spots for each. It’s a great bonding opportunity. Plus, if you’re helping them prank everyone else… they can’t prank you.

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