I Was Horny As Hell During My Pregnancies

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I’d been having erotic dreams and waking up at night with a burning desire for some mad, passionate loving. I’d tell myself to simmer down and try to fall back asleep back asleep before reaching out for my (then) husband, only to wake up in the morning and wonder why the heat in my undercarriage hadn’t cooled off. Like at all.

It was a new feeling for me, and I thought it would subside… but it kept happening. This went on for a few nights, and I’d originally thought it was rude to wake a sleeping man to get mine, but then I changed my tune when the throbbing in my loins wouldn’t calm down. No matter how early he had to be up for work the next day, I needed some loving that very instant and … well, it seemed more important than sleep.

What’s gotten into me? Sex is all I think about! The only thing that’s changed is that I’m pregnant. Oh … THAT’S what’s gotten into me! A child! Is this why I have the sexual appetite that could put my 18- year-old self to shame? It can’t be! NO! I am going to be a mother. My sex drive is going to shrivel up and die.

Oh, but the new life growing inside of me was the reason I was insatiable. In fact, after having three pregnancies in three years, I realized (especially around month three), getting humped was the only thing on my mind.

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I wanted to have sex. I wanted to eat. And I wanted to sleep. That was about it.

My woman wood had a mind of its own and my partner (the same one who used to complain it was a lot of work to get me in the mood) was getting tired of me calling him at work asking him to take care of my needs.

I mean, I thought it was pretty romantic that I was taking the time to stuff my pregnant belly into the lingerie I wore on our honeymoon. I wasn’t able to bend at the torso it in, but it’s the effort that counts, right?

I no longer needed some relaxation, a back rub, and a glass of wine to get my juices flowing and my mind in a sexy place. I liked the new me who was ready to drop trou at any moment. It didn’t matter if we were standing in line waiting for our ice cream to be scooped or if it was 5 a.m., I wanted to get laid. I was low-maintenance. I was easy; it didn’t take much effort. What could be better?

I wondered if I was alone. I ‘d heard about how tired and swollen I’d be. I knew I be hungry enough to eat for five and while that was all true, it would have been nice to be warned my libido would be on steroids.

My mother, grandmother, and every person who doled out pregnancy advice never told me to invest in a good vibrator because the increased blood flow that happens during pregnancy pays special attention to your pelvic area and nipples, making them ultra-sensitive so you want someone to be paying attention to them at all times and, really, a good vibrator is a must-buy as soon as you find out you are with child in case your partner can’t keep up.

OB/GYN Doug Black tells Today’s Parent, “Many women will experience an increased libido, especially late in the first trimester and beyond, when hormones are high.” Added to that the increased levels of hormones can also make orgasms more intense. How lucky are we?

That coupled with the fact you can be more spontaneous and carefree when it comes to getting it on because you aren’t taking the time to worry about birth control is enough to send anyone’s sex drive into high gear.

I also loved how my breasts were flowing out of my bras and seemed firmer. My cleavage was amazing and my boobs were always standing at attention which made me feel really attractive — not how I was expecting to feel during those first few weeks of pregnancy when I couldn’t stomach anything other than crackers and ginger ale and the only thing I wanted touching me was the cool toilet seat to catch my vomit.

I can’t lie, I was conflicted about feeling very maternal and kind of like a sex-crazed maniac who saw a penis every time she looked a a dangling piece of fruit or a lamp post, but hey, I decided to go with it. After all, my body was asking for it, just as it was asking for a dozen double-fudge brownies, so I had to deliver.

And I’m glad I got it while I felt primed and ripe because it wasn’t long there after when all my whole body and mind felt incapable of feeling any kind of sexiness whatsoever.

Having sex while pregnant was normal, healthy, and beautiful. Sexy time made my experience more fulfilling (all those double fudge brownies didn’t hurt either), and I dropped the idea I wasn’t supposed to feel this way because I was becoming a mother.

But ever since my experience, I’m not afraid to be real to the woman who tell me they are pregnant upon just finding out, “Get a good vibrator, and stock up on those brownie mixes to get you through the first few months.”

They always thank me later.

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