The 7 Best Lotions For Dry Skin During Pregnancy, According To A Dermatologist

You have enough on your pregnant mind — dry/itchy skin shouldn’t be one of them.

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Pregnancy can come with many symptoms and discomforts, but luckily there are usually ways to alleviate them — like pregnancy pillows for better sleep or wrist bands for nausea. As hormones shift and skin stretches, skin can start to itch, too, so we consulted a dermatologist to help us round up the best lotions for dry skin during pregnancy. Because you deserve to be comfy.

The Expert

Anna H. Chacon, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist with her own telemedicine practice and author originally from Miami, Florida. She completed medical school at Brown University. She has authored over a dozen peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and has been published in JAAD, Archives of Dermatology, British Journal of Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, and Cutis.

Why Does Your Skin Itch During Pregnancy?

If you’re experiencing any itchiness, don’t worry. During pregnancy, itching is frequent, says Dr. Chacon. “Typically, it's assumed that increased blood levels of specific compounds, such hormones, are what's to blame. Later, when your bump grows, the skin of your belly (abdomen) is stretched and this may also feel itchy.” So don’t worry about the state of your changing skin, but if you’re uncomfortable, there are lotions that can help.

What Can You Use For Dry Skin During Pregnancy?

Treating dry skin when you’re pregnant isn’t that different than when you’re not. “Moisturize your skin at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night,” advises Dr. Chacon. “Remember that your skin is dry because liquid evaporates too rapidly. Moisturizers not only help your skin maintain moisture, but they also act as a barrier between your skin and drying factors such as the air.”

You may want to also double check ingredient lists for harsh chemicals or fragrances that may be harmful or irritating during pregnancy. Dr. Chacon says that you can and should wear sunscreen. Look for mineral sunscreen, which physically blocks the sun’s rays rather than absorbing into your skin like a chemical sunscreen. For those with especially itchy skin, Dr. Chacon says that over-the-counter hydrocortisone is also safe to use throughout pregnancy. “When you apply a drug to your skin, substantially less of it enters your bloodstream than if you took it orally,” she says.

Ahead, you’ll find the best lotions for dry and itchy skin during pregnancy. Soothed, calm skin is on the horizon.


A Classic Derm-Favorite Lotion For Dry Skin

Tried and true, Vanicream moisturizing lotion is a favorite among those with sensitive or dry skin — or both — and more than 7,500 shoppers give it a perfect rating on Amazon. This lightweight lotion absorbs quickly and relieves itchiness, too, and can be applied to both face and body. Free of parabens, fragrance, and dyes, this pick has earned the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance.

Helpful review: “I had some contact dermatitis during my latest pregnancy. After multiple trips to the dermatologist, he moved me to Vanicream facial cleanser, Vanicream lite lotion (this product) for face, and sunscreen during the day. I'd used this product before, but not for face. Since it is non-commedogenic, it was a great choice. My skin looked it's best during the pregnancy when using this. I added it to my subscribe and save!”


An All-Day Lotion For Your Bump & Body

Looking for all-day moisture? Honest’s body butter has you covered. It’s not only unscented and made without parabens and silicones, but’s it’s also made for sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic formula includes naturally derived ingredients, such as shea butter, avocado oil, and vitamin E to keep your bump and body moisturized for up to 24 hours, because you have better things than dry skin to worry about.

Helpful review: “Looks really thick in container but it warms easily in your hands and spreads smoothly. I absolutely love it. Am 7 months pregnant now and [put] it on daily to help with the itchy skin.”


This Restorative Cream That Repairs Very Dry Skin With Oat

This Aveeno repairing cream intensely moisturizes dry skin with key ingredients like prebiotic oat and aloe to soothe uncomfortably dry skin. This lotion is a newer formulation from Aveeno, and this one offers its highest concentration of oat to deeply moisturize. It’s also free of parabens, fragrances, and phthalates. As one satisfied shopper noted, “I was pregnant and my skin was very dry but when I used this it [helped] a lot.”

Helpful review: “My skin has been dry and itchy for weeks; none of the anti-itch products I tried were working. I even resorted to vaseline (just to add/conserve moisture) with no results. I balked at the price before trying yet another product, but I am so happy I did - this stuff works! And......I actually use less than I used of the other Aveeno products, so it all evens out. My skin is so soft and springy and NO ITCH!”


A Cult-Fave Moisturizing Cream For Your Face & Body

For those with dry but sensitive skin, CeraVe moisturizing cream is a drugstore classic that checks off all the boxes and then some. And it’s a total cult favorite with a near-perfect Amazon rating after 110,000 reviews. The lotion is oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, non-irritating, fast-absorbing, and has the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance. It features three ceramides to help restore your skin’s natural barrier, and it’s safe to use on your face and body.

Helpful review: “I am pregnant and I have been using this for about two months now. The lotion is effective; this Lotion works great , thick smooth creamy texture. Doesn’t have any scent. It keeps my skin soft and moist, last for hours. Best of all, it helps with my tummy itch!!!!”


A Rich Body Butter That’s EWG-Verified

Pipette’s lightweight belly butter is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and Leaping Bunny certified and Environmental Working Group (EWG)-verified, so you know the product meets strict standards. It doesn’t use parabens, synthetic fragrance, or sulfates. One of the key ingredients in this rich lotion is sugarcane-derived squalane, an emollient that is deeply moisturizing. The belly butter formula is designed specifically for a stretching bump with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and peptides to deeply hydrate and tone skin, but this brand also has a moisturizing body lotion.

Helpful review: “At 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby, in the middle of a dry miserable winter, basically my entire torso is suffering from ... expansion discomfort. Pipette was recommended by my sister in law, and it is wonderful! I just got my first order - it feels good, its not heavy or goopy, it smells good, and it instantly calmed the stretch itches on my belly. It felt so wonderful that I basically coated my entire front torso with it. I have not been this comfortable in my skin in months.”


A Fragrance-Free Facial Moisturizer That Protects The Skin Barrier

This lightweight face gel is designed to deeply hydrate skin with hyaluronic acid, a pregnancy-safe ingredient, which helps your skin retain water, and the gel consistency helps your skin absorb the lotion quickly. Plus, it’s non-comedogenic and contains no oil, dyes, or fragrances, so you can go ahead and use it every day, morning and night. More than 32,000 shoppers give this one five stars, and according to Neutrogena, this moisturizer is clinically proven to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier.

Helpful review: “This has been a great day and night moisturizer while pregnant. Ive got combination skin, oily forehead with dry everything else.. this moisturizers got the perfect amount of moisture without ever being greasy or leaving annoying residue. I probably won't be going back to my more expensive moisturizer after I have the baby either, this stuff is great!”


A Popular Belly Butter Designed To Nourish Before & After Pregnancy

Keep your belly moisturized all the way through pregnancy and during the postpartum period with this belly butter that’s made with a mix of shea, jojoba, and cocoa butters, and vitamin E for a rich lotion designed to help with itchiness and dryness. It’s unscented, paraben-free, phthalates-free, and made with 99% natural ingredients, and comes in recyclable packaging. With over 21,000 five-star ratings, this is a fan fave for moisturizing a baby bump.

Helpful review: “This is creamy and absorbs quickly with a very light, pleasant smell. Sensitive skin friendly. It feels so good after showers dry out my sensitive pregnant belly. I’ve had PUPPP rash and this helped immensely. Definitely recommend for momma’s in their third trimester when your belly starts to really stretch.”


Also Nice: A Luxurious, Quick-Drying Belly Oil

A little goes a long way with this belly oil, which is made with a blend of calendula, sweet almond oil, and grapefruit oil to support and hydrate your growing bump. It can be used head to toe, and this oil has no fragrance, parabens, or dyes, and it dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about leaving an oily mess on your clothes. This luxe pick can be really convenient for quickly caring for your bump throughout the day, since it dries so quickly. Shoppers love it, giving it a consistently high rating on Amazon.

Helpful review: “Must have! This is the only belly oil that takes away the itch, dryness, and feels like it’s sinking into your skin rather than sitting on top of it. I’ll continue to purchase after pregnancy, I love it so much!”


Worth Considering: A Gentle, Lightweight Sunscreen

Your skin may change throughout pregnancy but one thing remains the same — it’s still important to wear sunscreen every day. This mineral sunscreen by La Roche-Posay is lightweight, oil-free, and suitable for sensitive skin. It’s fragrance- and paraben-free and contains silica to help absorb any excess oil and minimize overly shiny faces when you’re out in the sun. This gentle SPF 50 lotion is recommended for use on face and body, and it provides both UVA and UVB protection thanks to pregnancy-safe zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Helpful review: “I started my search for the perfect face sunscreen after realizing that my melasma from being pregnant with my daughter was getting darker. After extensive trial and error with many, many brands, I can without a doubt say that this sunscreen is holy grail status for me. [...]”


Anna Chacon, M.D., board-certified dermatologist at her eponymous telemedicine practice.