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7 Maternity-Friendly Clothing Rental Services So You Aren’t Buying New Stuff Every Week

Pregnant? You need to rent your clothes.

A pregnant woman looks at a new dress.
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When you’re pregnant, you focus most of your energy on preparing for your baby — but you also go through changes that require attention. For one thing, your body is constantly transforming, which means swapping out tight jeans for stretchy leggings and rigid blouses for tummy-accommodating tops. Bringing a baby into the world is expensive, though, so why spend your cash on clothes that may not fit in a few weeks or that you won’t reach for postpartum? Enter: clothing rental services.

If you’ve never rented clothes before, you may be surprised by just how easy it is! With most rental brands, you pay a monthly subscription fee and pick out several clothing items to wear for about a month. The clothes come to you already washed, and when you send them back, the brand takes care of cleaning them for the next customer. In other words, no extra laundry on your end.

Here’s the best part: All of the clothing sites below offer maternity-friendly clothing, so you can choose clothes that fit you, wherever you are in your pregnancy journey. Have a special event coming up that you need a dress for? Rent it! Want a few more comfortable tops in your rotation? Borrow them! Get ready because your closet is about to get an upgrade—at a much more affordable price than if you were to hit the mall every time you want a wardrobe refresh.

1. Nuuly

For $98 per month, Nuuly lets you select six clothing items from brands like Free People and Anthropologie to keep for four weeks. In addition to its maternity section, Nuuly carries women’s sizes 00 to 18, so you can maintain your subscription postpartum and keep the fashion fun going. Once you’ve worn your picks for four weeks, you can ship the unlaundered clothing back in its original bag using the included shipping label.

2. FashionPass

With FashionPass, you get your pick of three plans: “Socialite” gets you two clothing items and one accessory or basic for $89 per month; “Trendsetter” offers three clothing items and two accessories or basics for $119 per month; and “Wanderlust” means four clothing items and three accessories or basics for $149 per month. The rental site, which has a maternity-friendly section, carries popular brands like Show Me Your Mumu and Khloe Kardashian’s Good American. You can switch your items as often as you like, ordering more once you drop your unwashed clothing and accessories off at FedEx.

3. Rent The Runway

As its name implies, Rent The Runway aims to bring new and popular designer names to your closet. It offers three monthly plans: five items in one shipment for $94, 10 items in two shipments per month (meaning you receive five items at a time) for $144, or 15 items in three shipments per month for $193. All plans allow you to ship clothes back without laundering them. RTR offers an entire maternity section with brands like Madewell, Hatch, and Emilia George.

4. Armoire

You have a choice of three plans with Armoire: four items per case and one case per month for $79, seven items per case and one case per month for $119, and six items per case and unlimited cases per month for $249. All of the plans get you access to the site’s full inventory, and again, you don’t have to worry about laundry. Plus, you can take a style quiz to help you choose your clothing items, and renting a maternity wardrobe is one of the choices on the quiz!

5. Le Tote

Le Tote offers two plans starting at $59 per month: Most Popular gets you four clothing items per month, and Best Value means three items of clothing and two accessories per month. As for its maternity options, the site has an entire “Maternity Edit” for you to shop through, and you can expect to see brands like Ripe, 1822 Denim, and Tart.

6. Motherhood Rental

Motherhood Rental solely offers maternity clothing, so you can shop this site without giving a second thought to whether the fit will be bump-friendly. The site’s subscription gets you three items of your choice for $69 per month. Though you pay monthly, you get unlimited box swaps, so while you can only get three items at a time, you can make exchanges weekly (or even more often) at no extra cost.

7. La Belle Bump

Here’s another option that’s solely for mamas-to-be! For a subscription, you can either rent three items at a time with unlimited box exchanges for $79 per month or five items with unlimited box exchanges for $109 per month. Peruse through special occasion picks, closet essentials, and everyday wear items, and make clothing swaps any time you want.