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These Enchanting Baby Names That Mean Dream Will Have Your Head In The Clouds

These monikers are absolutely dreamy.

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Names that mean dream are perfect for sweet, sleepy babies.
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Your new bundle of joy is a dream come true, and as such, you want to celebrate your little one with a dreamy name. After all, choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important — and fun — tasks of being a parent. You no doubt want your baby to have a meaningful and memorable name, and finding monikers that mean dream might be precisely what you, well, dream of (whew, say that five times fast!). To quote Disney’s Cinderella, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” And that’s pretty perfect since your heart definitely wished for this little one to come along (even if you didn’t realize it at the time).

Names that mean dream have that exceptional, magical, and enchanting quality about them — characteristics that you would love your new baby to carry with them throughout their lives. Every parent wants their children to have every aspiration and goal of theirs come true, and by choosing a name that means dream, it’s your earnest hope as a parent that what you call your baby might help manifest a lifetime of big dreams realized for them.

Keep reading for some of the dreamiest names out there.

Best Baby Names That Mean Dream

1. Dream

Why not just make it obvious and simple by naming your baby girl Dream? It means dream (obviously) but also means “wish” or “imaginary events seen, felt, or experienced while sleeping,” and, of course, you want all her dreams to feel magical.

2. Ahlam

This pretty Arabic name means “a pleasant dreamer” or “imaginative dreams.” And who wouldn’t want their daughter to be described that way?

3. Almos

This Hungarian name originates from the Hungarian word “alum,” which means “dream.” It also means “sleepy,” “dream,” or “dreamt one,” making it perfect for your nap-happy baby boy.

4. Roya

This Arabic girl’s name means “vision” or “dream.” And it’s close enough to the word royal to give off some downright regal vibes.

5. Alora

With roots from Africa, this elegant-sounding name means “my dream,” which is something you want your daughter to hold tight onto. Bonus: If you’re a fan of the 1988 cult classic dark fantasy film Willow, this name probably reminds you of the prophesied Daikini child Elora Danan.

6. Jones

This adorable baby boy’s name that means “rejoicing” and “fulfilled dreams” has old English roots and sounds just as cheerful as its meaning.

7. Ashling

This name of English origins is a beautiful gender-neutral name. It means “dream” or “vision,” and the nickname “Ash” is super cute.

8. Kalpana

This elegant girl’s name from Irish origins means “dreamlike” and “imagination,” which is a totally sweet choice for your new baby.

9. Chavez

Who doesn’t want a little “dream maker” on their hands? And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this solid Spanish name for your little boy.

10. Jacob

This cute yet solid name is from the Bible and is known for meaning “dreams.” The nickname “Jake” would also make a classic nickname-turned-name for your new baby boy.

11. Chimere

Chimere is an elegant French name for your baby girl that means “dreamy.” Isn’t that exactly what she is, after all?

12. Deisy

Another sweet name with French origins that means “passionate” or “dreams,” this one almost guarantees that your little girl will be passionate about chasing her dreams.

13. Guenhwyvar

This unique name is Irish Gaelic and means “idealist.” It refers to “an intelligent girl who wants to live out her dreams,” which sounds like the exact energy any mama would want their daughter to bring into the world.

14. Arman

Every dream starts with a vision. And this strong Persian name for your boy means just that: “dream” or “dream vision.”

15. Imena

This pretty-sounding name has African roots and means “dreams.” It’s a darling choice for any beautiful bundle of joy.

16. Joseph

This traditional boy’s name is of Jewish or Christian origins with Biblical roots. Joseph was said to be the interpreter of dreams, so your little one is sure to be more than a little curious about his ambitions.

17. Lourdes

Madonna chose this name for her daughter, and you can see why — the French moniker is feminine and powerful. It represents a French shrine that was built for Bernadette Soubirous, who was known to have visions of the Virgin Mary.

18. Maya

This sweet name meaning “illusions” is from Sanskrit origins, and it continues to be a popular choice for parents today.

19. Godusa

This old English name is a powerful moniker for your baby girl, meaning “achievement” and “big dreams” as well as “the ability to change or transfer the dream in reality.” So, you know your little one will be tenacious about making her dreams come true.

20. Reve

If cool, one-syllable names appeal to you, try Reve. Although traditionally a boy’s name, this French moniker meaning “steward; dream” could easily work for a girl, too.

21. Endri

How beautiful is this boy’s name? A unique choice you will stand out from the crowd, Endri comes from the Albanian word for “dreamer.”

22. Eislyn

Elegant and feminine, the name Eislyn is Celtic in origin and, yes, it means “dream.” But for those of you who are romantics, you might be interested to know it also means “a beautiful rose.”

23. Ikelos

Technically, this name is sort of “dream”-adjacent. Ikelos was the Greek god of nightmares. Also known as Phobetor, he was the son of Nyx, the goddess of night. So, if you want a name with broody darkness to it, look no further. Plus, it can conveniently be shortened to “Ike” if the full name is too much of a mouthful for every day.

24. Lorien

Another gender-neutral name, Lorien might sound particularly familiar if you’re a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien — the Lord of the Rings author invented it to use as the name of an elven city in his sweeping sagas. It’s believed to mean “god of dreams” or “dreamflower.”

25. Brizo

Brizo comes from an ancient Grecian prophetess by the same name who delivered her prophecies through dreams. The name stems from the word brizein, which means “to fall asleep.” And although its inspiration is female, it leans gender-neutral now.

26. Daniel

Like Ikelos, the name Daniel doesn’t actually mean dream but is associated with dreams. In the Bible, Daniel became famous for interpreting dreams for the King of Babylon. The name’s official meaning is “God is my judge.”

27. Sadira

Not only does this girl’s name simply sound interesting and mysterious, but the meaning also serves up an air of intrigue. Why? Well, there seem to be several. Sadira is said to mean “dreamy,” “lotus tree,” and — this one’s the best — “ostrich running from water.”

28. Aisling

This sweet baby girl's name has Irish and Gaelic roots. It means vision or dream.

29. Ramiel

This name comes from Hebrew and Arabic origins. Ramiel is also the name of one of the seven archangels in the Book of Enoch. He was an angel of hope who guided souls into heaven and gave people visions. This name means vision.

30. Amets

This unique name comes from Basque origin. It's a unisex name and has a simple meaning — dream.

31. Guifi

This name can be gender neutral but is often used as a female name. It comes from Chamoru origin and means dream.

32. Joydever

This Irish Gaelic name is unisex and has an inspirational meaning. It means to dream big!

33. Bruadar

Here's another beautiful Gaelic name with a sweet definition. It means dream vision.

34. Azlin

The name Azlin sounds a lot like the fearless lion in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Aslan), but this name means night vision or dream. This unique moniker has Arabic roots and can also mean sunshine.

35. Chelem

This sweet baby boy's name hails from the Middle East and has Arabic roots. It means dream.

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