Ashley Graham's Beautiful Bump Shines In Her Latest Swimwear Campaign

by Cassandra Stone
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The pregnant model is all about feeling confident in pics for her new swimwear campaign

Ashley Graham is sharing some sexy swimsuit pics for her latest campaign, baby bump and all. And the model — who is literally due to give birth any day now — looks sexy, happy, and amazing in all of them.

The photos, which were taken in the fall, feature Graham in a variety of bikinis — proving if you’ve got a body, you’ve got a bathing suit body. Anyone can wear a bikini and look and feel amazing, and these photos show exactly that.

“Anyone else feel like being pregnant gave you a whole new appreciation for your body??” Graham writes in the caption. “It’s also given me insights as a designer and I’m so excited to see that reflected in my new @swimsuitsforall collection! ” The line comes in sizes 4-24 — and is smoking hot.

The best part of this is that none of the suits she’s modeling are considered “maternity” suits. And if you have ever been pregnant and tried to find a flattering or comfortable bathing suit that didn’t look like a 1920s full-body leotard, you know the struggle. Maternity suits are usually matronly, unsupportive in the bust area, cut all wrong in the hip/thigh/butt area, and are — at best — merely tolerated for the duration of gestation and then immediately burned upon delivery.

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Or so I hear.

Anyway, Graham released a statement about how her pregnancy has allowed her to embrace her body’s changes, and what designing this collection means to her personally because of it.

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“Pregnancy has given me a whole new appreciation for my body, and designing this collection allowed me to truly embrace my new curves and my beautiful baby bump in a swimsuit,” Graham says. “I hope this campaign reminds all women that they are sexy and should be celebrated at all stages in their lives.”

“I have dreamed of this moment my entire career since I was a catalog model living in Nebraska two decades ago,” she said in a recent interview with Vogue. She goes on to thank the magazine itself and Anna Wintour personally, applauding her for embracing a conversation around pregnancy and motherhood — not exactly in the typical Vogue wheelhouse. Which just makes this cover series even more special.

Best of luck to this inspiring pregnant beauty as she awaits the oh-so-close birth of her first baby!

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