Prince William Finally Speaks Out After Harry & Meghan's Interview

by Christina Marfice
Max Mumby/Getty Images)

Prince William has made his first public comments about the bombshell interview Harry and Meghan gave to Oprah

In case you missed Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah on Sunday and have somehow avoided the entire internet talking about it for four days, here’s what you need to know: It. Was. Bananas. Among all kinds of jaw-dropping revelations was the one that certain unnamed “senior members” of the Royal Family were outwardly racist toward Meghan Markle while she was pregnant with Archie, raising “concerns” about how his skin color would look once he was born. Since Harry clarified that the “senior members” in question were not the Queen or Prince Phillip, well, that doesn’t leave too many other options, so it’s pretty easy to narrow the list down and figure out who might have said those awful things. And speaking of that, Prince William just gave his first public comments since the interview.

During a visit to a newly reopened primary school in London, William was caught on camera by reporters who managed to toss a few questions at him as he and Duchess Kate walked by. The first thing the future king revealed? He still hasn’t spoken to his brother, Harry, since the interview.

“No, I haven’t spoken to him yet but I will do,” he said.

Um. Let’s just pause for a minute and talk about that statement. It has been four days since the interview aired. In that time, you haven’t been able to pick up the phone? Send an email? Not even a text? It’s not like the royals have been busy in that time — they’ve basically been in hiding. Considering how close the two royal brothers once were, the fact that William still has not reached out to Harry is basically the equivalent of wearing a giant, neon, flashing sign that says “I was part, if not all of, the problem.” And so the plot thickens again.

After that, reporters asked William if the Royal Family is “a racist family.” His response?

“We’re very much not a racist family.”

I mean, K, but also, sounds like something a racist family with a PR problem would say.

As royal experts have pointed out, it is absolutely unprecedented for a senior member of the Royal Family to speak this candidly to reporters about something like an allegation of racism, and that shows how concerned the family is about rehabbing its image now that the entire world knows how horribly it treated Meghan. In a statement earlier this week, the Queen said that these issues will be “addressed by the family privately,” but if you ask me, they owe the public a chance to see the work they’re doing to change. Otherwise, there can be no accountability and we’ll all know for sure that the monarchy has no place in modern times.