Princess Charlotte Curtsied To The Queen On Christmas For The First Time

by Christina Marfice
Samir Hussein/Getty

Princess Charlotte is clearly ready for all the public appearances

While Princess Charlotte has been kept mostly out of the spotlight by her parents, every time the 4-year-old royal does make a public appearance, she melts all the hearts. Christmas day was no exception. It marked the first time any kids of Prince William and Duchess Kate accompanied their family on their official, public trip to Sandringham for the holidays, and as usual, the kids absolutely stole the show.

The moment that no one seems to be able to get enough of happened just after the family attended their yearly Christmas service. It’s traditional for the family to walk together to and from church, but at her age, Queen Elizabeth departed after the service in a car. As she was leaving, the rest of the family waved goodbye, and, after a little encouragement from Kate, Princess Charlotte saw the queen off with an adorable, perfect little curtsy.

Yes, there’s video.

Seriously, though, how sweet and perfect is that moment? Little Charlotte looked just slightly unsure of herself, but following her mother’s lead, she nailed the royal maneuver. And people cannot get enough of the moment.

Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage


It definitely doesn’t hurt that Charlotte was dressed in a dark green peacoat that perfectly matched her mom’s fascinator and heels.

After that adorable moment, the royal family sans the Queen hung out around the church for a while to greet all their well-wishers on Christmas. That included little Charlotte, who often appears to be shy at public appearances, like when she hid behind her mother during school drop off earlier this year. She didn’t do any hiding at this event, and instead boldly went into the crowd to greet her fans. From some of the people gathered there, she received Christmas gifts, including an inflatable flamingo. She gave the woman who gave her that gift a big hug.

Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage


Seeing all of this (and knowing that this is just the first of a lifetime of Christmas appearances she’ll make with the family at Sandringham), we can’t believe how fast Princess Charlotte is growing up. What we can believe is that she’s as sweet and perfect as she’s ever been, and we hope this big Christmas day appearance with her family means the little Princess is getting old enough for some more time in the spotlight, because we just can’t get enough of the royal kids.