Elizabeth Narins

Elizabeth Narins is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer, content strategist, copywriter, and mother of two, in no particular order. Her work has appeared in Cosmo, Women’s Health, Parade, Parents, Health, and many more.

Although she’s been on the wellness beat since the beginning of time, she now writes about, well, everything, from parenting to body image, food, relationships, and even beauty. In past lives, she led digital content at Weight Watchers, where her work was nominated for a Webby Award. She has also served as Cosmo’s inaugural digital health and fitness editor and led social media and special projects for Women’s Health.

Narins studied magazine journalism at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, where she minored in nutrition and majorly disrespected her liver.

When she’s not eating her baby’s cheeks or acting out elaborate fire-fighting scenarios with her toddler, she enjoys high-intensity interval training, baking, attending every third book club, sitting in quiet solitude, and having uninterrupted conversations with her husband, with whom she manages marketing and content for an 18-bedroom boutique hotel in upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains.


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