Hampton Williams Hofer

Hampton Williams Hofer lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she writes and raises babies. Her work has appeared in Flying South, Walter Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Food 52, among others. Family aside, her great loves are a South Carolina beach, a Roger Federer backhand, a Charlottesville lawn, and–most of all–a good story.


We Accidentally Found The Best Way To Recreate An 80s Childhood

ByHampton Williams Hofer

We stumbled into a free-play utopia.

Good God, there’s Donald Duck!

Wait, Am I A Disney Person Now?

ByHampton Williams Hofer

I once scoffed at the tackiness of it all but what I found was a wild freedom to let loose and feel pure bliss.

Wash Up

Yes, I Bathe My Kids Every Day. What Of It?

ByHampton Williams Hofer

It’s ritual, it’s routine, it’s an essential part of our day.


God, Give Me The Patience To Survive The Early Reader Stage

ByHampton Williams Hofer

Reading is so magical and sometimes, so excruciating to sit through.

Getting Dressed

Just Let Them Wear The Costume. It’s Fine.

ByHampton Williams Hofer

Sometimes, you just need to let the strong-willed kid make a call.

All Boys

To Those Who Pitied Me For My Third Son

ByHampton Williams Hofer

From family to strangers, everyone had something to say.

I'll Turn This Car Around

The Family Road Trip Is A Special Hell

ByHampton Williams Hofer

The back seat is the wild west and we stop and to buy gas station popsicles.


Forget Family Dinner. I’m A Family Breakfast Convert.

ByHampton Williams Hofer

Experts are always touting the benefits of family dinner, but it’s a logistical nightmare. We’re doing something different.


I’m A C-Section Mom Four Times Over, And I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

ByHampton Williams Hofer

When I look at the wondrously thin pink line at the base of my stomach, I feel only eternal gratitude.

Expectations Vs. Reality

Spring Break Doesn't Exist When You're A Parent

ByHampton Williams Hofer

Let’s be real — you’re still a short order cook.

Let's Chat

Parenting, Where The Random Nameless Mom At The Park Is Your New BFF

ByHampton Williams Hofer

You don’t even need names to talk Cesarian scars and frozen breastmilk stashes at the park.

Silver Linings

I Loved Having A Pandemic Baby

ByHampton Williams Hofer

Giving birth in a mask sucked, but watching my son introduce his baby sister to a virtual kindergarten class was priceless.

Bon Appétit

Oh, The Things You Will Eat When You're A Toddler Mom

ByHampton Williams Hofer

Complete with rotating specials that will leave you on your toes.

Oh God What's That

A Honest Smattering Of All The Things Parents Find In Their Cars

ByHampton Williams Hofer

From chicken nuggets to mystery dirt to the popsicle stick that will make you cry.

That Happened

All The Ridiculous Things You Have To Say To Your Kids Before A Trip To The Library

ByHampton Williams Hofer

What every mom thinks as she ushers her littles in the door.


How To Really, Truly Survive Flights With Kids

ByHampton Williams Hofer

It will be a window-licking, drink-spilling, shriek-stifling rumpus.