Free Online Puzzle Games For Kids That'll Keep Them Busy All Day

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Free resources for parent and teachers looking for puzzle games for kids are right at your fingertips! Keep the kids busy on rainy days, sharpen those brains during summer break, or have some worksheets ready for classroom quiet time. These ten websites offer tons of kid puzzle games printables you can use at home or in the classroom, 100 per cent free of charge.

1.Puzzles to print

This site has free printable puzzles on hundreds of different subject, ready to print both for home and school. Word puzzles like crosswords, word searches and fill-ins; number puzzles like magic squares and kakuro, Sudoku and theme puzzles, plus brain teasers and printable mazes, can all be found here.

2. Free PDF Math Puzzles

Tons of interactive PDF math puzzles are available on MathGames4Children’s website, on math topics such as addition, subtraction, geometry, ratios, division, multiplication, percentages, fractions, counting, powers, telling time and more.

3. Free printable word searches

Keep bored kids busy with these free printable word search puzzle games for kids for five different age levels. You can even print out the answer booklet!

4. Brain Awareness Week favorite puzzles

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, sponsor of Brain Awareness Week, offers ten different brain teaser puzzles to help kids exercise their minds and increase their brain power.

5. Games, puzzles, and other fun things for kids to do

The Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, offers crossword puzzles, letter tile games, word searches, mazes and hidden picture puzzles as printable PDFs on their website, along with the answer key.

6. Printable logic grid puzzles

Brainzilla offers lots of PDF logic grid puzzles, grouped by difficulty: very easy, easy, medium, hard and very hard puzzles. If you’re not into using up a bunch of paper, you can also play them online!

7. ESL kid puzzlegames

English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, but these ESL puzzles make it fun for kids to get a good grasp of vocabulary words and grammar rules.

8. Old school puzzles

The book “536 Puzzles & Curious Problems,” by Henry Ernest Dudeny, was originally published in 1967 and is now available in its entirety online. Filled with math and logic brain teasers, the old-fashioned language style adds a new layer of complexity for kids. Print out individual pages or the entire thing.

9. Highlights hidden picture puzzles

Education World offers a selection of hidden picture puzzles from “Highlights” magazine, which can be colored in after the puzzle is solved for double the fun!

10. Brain teasers and lateral thinking puzzles

This compilation of puzzles and brain teasers by the Acropolis Leadership Academy is more advanced than most of the others on our list, but older kids will love trying to figure out the answers faster than the grown-ups.

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