From The Confessional: I'm Calling Out The Racists In My Life

From The Confessional: I’m Calling Out The Racists In My Life

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These people are calling out the racist family members, friends, and colleagues in their lives

One act against racism that white people can do is to call out the racism they witness in their everyday lives. Whether it’s an uncle’s tasteless “jokes” during a family barbecue, a boss making a racist comment during a meeting, or your friend’s microaggressions — it’s time to call that shit RIGHT OUT if you haven’t been doing it.

Let these confessions inspire you to weed out the racists in your life. It’s literally the least white people can do.

Confessional #25778136

“Hated my friend’s husband while she was alive. Now three years after her death, I finally blocked the asshole. It. Felt. Amazing. He is a racist, hateful trump supporter and I will never have to see or talk to him again.”

Confessional #25770270

“The fact my MIL is an old, Irish Catholic does not give her the right to be a racist cunt.”

Confessional #25769425

“Co worker makes a racist joke about and I bring up how it bothers me. Somehow I get shit for bringing it up by everyone. Fuck privileged white males”

Is it easy to call out racism every chance you can? No. It can be uncomfortable as hell. BUT IT SHOULD BE. If someone you know doesn’t feel remotely guilty for saying/doing racist things, then you absolutely do not need to take pause or feel “bad” for calling it out.

Confessional #25765651

“If you say racist, sexist, transphobic shit and try to couch it as conservatism, you bet your ass I am going to call you out on it.”

Confessional #25760167

“Finally reported my building superintendents to the property management company bc they're a couple of racist, antisemitic, anti-immigrant, hateful people who also air everyone's dirty laundry to anyone who'll listen. Hope something is done about them.”

Confessional #25748006

“I cut a friend out of my life for making bigoted comments about refugees. I don't give a fuck who you are. If you spout racist bullshit, you're done.”

Responding to racist comments/jokes/opinions/misinformation, especially if they come from friends, relatives, or co-workers, can be like walking through a minefield. But at best, it’s awkward. At worst, it’s scary or nerve-wracking and emotional. Most people don’t like confrontation.

There’s a lot of misinformation behind racist opinions and it’s important to challenge these assumptions.

Confessional #25597710

“I have been married for 20 years. Tonight my Uncle used a racist term to refer to my husband. I am shaken to my core. I don't recognize my family or my country anymore”

Confessional #25565768

“I fantasize about having a moment when I get to confront an awful racist. I just want to tear one down!”

Confessional #25255666

“My racist xenophobic FIL needs to take a trip to a developing war torn country before he says any more about free loaders taking jobs here here. The ignorance and hatred is palpable.”

Even white people who consider themselves to be allies of Black people and people of color can be unaware of their racial biases. Addressing those within ourselves and others is valuable work.

Confessional #25025195

“It’s not a complement when you tell me I don’t look my heritage. And that you never would have guessed because I don’t look Hispanic... Actually it makes me think you’re a pos racist.”

Confessional #24369850

“One of the moms from daycare (well-dressed, make-up, starbucks each morning) has a confederate flag on her car. I can't help myself but now I side-eye her hard when I see her and keep my distance. Racist trash”

Confessional #24118311

“FIL: You can't be a racist if you have black friends Me: I mean you're a misogynist and you're married to a woman... Havent heard from my ILs in months. Wonder why?”

Being a white anti-racist ally is not easy, but it’s important. Keep these confessions in mind during your next family gathering.