Guy Refuses To Shut Off 'Game Of Thrones' While On A Plane With Kids

by Julie Scagell
Helen Sloan/HBO and Reddit

One Reddit user got a whole lot of opinions on whether he’s a jerk for watching “Game of Thrones” in-flight with kids nearby

There are few things more controversial than airplane etiquette. People have very serious opinions on what does and does not make someone a jerk on flights. Do you recline your seat? Take your shoes off as soon as you’re buckled in? Take up both armrests? Jump up and block the aisle as soon as the plane safely arrives at the gate? All of these things can make air travel annoying. But what a fellow flier watches on their electronic devices seems to have people equally up in arms.

There’s a community on Reddit called “Am I The Asshole?” It’s a place where people can share a scenario that’s either happened to them or they caused and ask complete strangers to weigh in on whether they are, in fact, an asshole. One user caused quite the ruckus on a recent question he posed about whether or not it was ok to watch Game of Thrones on a long flight and people were extremely torn.

User SCM2323 posed an airplane etiquette situation this week much to the delight of all Reddit users. “Two days ago, I was on a long-haul flight. I was sitting in an aisle seat. Since I haven’t seen Games of Thrones yet, I was looking forward to binge watch the first season,” the OP (original poster) wrote.

You can probably see where this is going.

He continued, saying he was watching it on his tablet. “An hour or two into watching, the woman two rows behind me tipped on my shoulder and told me that I need to turn it off immediately. A little bit confused, I asked why. She told me that her young son could see the show playing on my tablet and it’s totally not suited for such young children because of the sex and violence involved in it.” I can confirm the amount of boobs in Season 1 is right up there with a wet T-shirt contest I happened upon while on Spring Break in 1990.

The user said he agreed with the woman but told her he wasn’t about to turn it off. “She then basically told me that I am an asshole for not considering other people around me. Is she right?”

People were divided on the topic big time with their YTA (You’re the asshole) and NTA (Not the asshole) responses:

The original poster did clarify he was wearing headphones, which, of course. He also said he was on an international flight from Europe to the U.S. so the plane offered a variety of movies in their in-flight entertainment system, some of which he felt were also not suitable for kids, but “I have to admit that probably none was as bad as GoT” he said.

I guess this provides us one more topic to argue with family about over Thanksgiving dinner.