Reebok Schools Donald Trump On What Not To Say To Women

by Mike Julianelle

They tweeted a graphic in response to the president’s recent interaction with Brigitte Macron

Sometimes, heroes emerge from the most unlikely places. Like the Foot Locker at the mall, apparently.

That’s where we found the latest in a long line of President Trump trollers, when Reebok shared a graphic mocking the president for the sexist comments he made upon meeting the French president’s wife.

Last week, upon meeting Brigitte Macron, France’s first lady, the president inexplicably remarked on her physical appearance, saying “You know, you’re in such great shape … beautiful.”

President Trump’s bizarre comment provoked a lot of reactions across social media last week, but Reebok’s subtweet may have been the most unexpected.

Their tweet reads:

“In case you were wondering when it IS appropriate to say, “You’re in such good shape…beautiful,”… THIS:” and leads into a little flowchart graphic to assist those of us who aren’t sure when it’s appropriate to make a sexist remark like Trump’s.

In case you somehow weren’t sure, there is never really a good time for it… not at the gym, not when meeting your mother-in-law, and certainly not when “greeting the spouse of a head of state.” Reebok suggests that there’s really only one good time for such a remark, and it’s when you’re speaking to a vintage action figure you’ve unearthed in your parents’ basement.

This was some remarkably overt trolling of the president for a major company, let alone Reebok, and as you could probably guess, Twitter has opinions.

Mashable reached out to Reebok and got a statement from a spokesperson that’s decidedly less confrontational than their tweet itself.

“Reebok believes that we should all strive to Be More Human in our lives: to push and challenge our boundaries physically, mentally and socially. That also means supporting one another in all of those ways…It seems there is still a lot of confusion about how to do that, and perhaps this little reminder will help.”

It’s a sad state of affairs when anyone needs to slyly rebuke the president of the United States for being a sexist buffoon, let alone a company known for selling athletic apparel and sneakers that you can inflate by pumping the tongue, but here we are.

As one Twitter user pointed out, Reebok’s not alone.

2017 is doing strange things to us all.

The best-slash-worst part about all of this is the fact that President Trump could actually use Reebok’s flowchart, because it’s clear he has no idea how to act in public. Or on buses. Or in locker rooms.

Hopefully the next time someone takes the president to task for his embarrassing, harmful behavior, it’s someone who works in Congress instead of on the basketball court.