Just A Bunch Of Reindeer Names To Use (Including A Rundown of Santa's Reindeer)

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Santa's reindeer — reindeer names
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Reindeer seem magical and Christmasy thanks almost entirely to one very specific poem that we now know as “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.” However, it was originally called “A Visit From St. Nicholas” — and, in that poem by Clement Clarke Moore, we not only fully saw Santa but also learned that eight flying reindeer drew his sleigh. Moreover, we even discovered that Santa’s trusty caribou steed had reindeer names! Later, we got to know Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer (who saved Christmas), and, eventually, we met his girlfriend, Clarice. Even later still, we met Olive… the “other reindeer.” Which you probably haven’t heard about, even if you’re a Christmas trivia wiz. But, we’ll get back to that!

Of course, we know that not all reindeer are magical and that they don’t all live at Santa’s stables in the North Pole. Reindeer inhabit many an arctic or subarctic environment. As a matter of fact, if you live in Alaska or across the breadth of Canada, you might have a reindeer (or whole reindeer family) that visits your own backyard! Or maybe your kid just has a reindeer stuffie. Shoot, if you spot a super cute deer in your yard, what’s stopping your little one from giving it a reindeer name, too?

Whatever kind of reindeer populates your life, your kid is no doubt looking to name it. We thought we’d offer suggestions by looking at popular reindeer names as well as unique reindeer name options.

Santa’s Reindeer Names

Santa’s official reindeer from “A Visit From St. Nicholas” have some very distinctive names, some of which even hold interesting meanings. For instance, did you know that Donner and Blitzen are derived from the Dutch words for thunder and lightning? There are also deviations in how you spell or pronounce those names. Calling them Donner, Donder, Dunder, Blitzen, or Blixem would all be technically correct. Which versions does your family use? Rudolph came a little later, but he’s been around so long that we still consider him part of the original team:

  1. Dasher
  2. Dancer
  3. Prancer
  4. Vixen
  5. Comet
  6. Cupid
  7. Donner
  8. Blitzen
  9. Rudolph

Other Popular Reindeers Belonging to Santa

“Uhhh. What?” Yeah, man! In one of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movies, you meet another vital member of good old Kris Kringle‘s reindeer team. Her name is Clarice, and among other interesting attributes, she turns out to be Rudolph’s girlfriend! While you may be familiar with Clarice, you probably only know about Olive if you have a kid. Olive is a play on how we sing “Rudolph,” and a story turned into a picture book several years ago. Instead of “all of the other reindeer,” it’s “Olive, the other reindeer.” It’s a really cute book written by J. Otto Seibold, which later got the movie treatment. Plot twist: Olive isn’t a reindeer at all! But she still manages to save the day. For that reason, we’re including her in our list because we think she deserves the honor of any reindeer being named after her.

  1. Olive
  2. Clarice

Other Reindeer Names

Any of Santa’s reindeer names would be perfect for any other reindeer out there. After all, there are thousands of Deirdres and millions of Saras. But what if you want to stay “on-theme” while still coming up with something a little more original? We have a ton of ideas to help you out.

Deer-Themed Options

  1. Actaeon

Meaning: A hunter

  1. Awinita

Meaning: Young deer

  1. Ayal/Ayala/Ayalon

Meaning: Place of deer

  1. Bambi

Meaning: Child

  1. Buck

Meaning: Deer or cowboy

  1. Ceren

Meaning: Baby gazelle or star

  1. Daimhin

Meaning: Servant or little deer

  1. Darby/Derby

Meaning: A park with deer

  1. Devin

Meaning: Fawn or poet

  1. Devnet

Meaning: Young deer

  1. Dorcas

Meaning: Gazelle or abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy

  1. Elain

Meaning: Fawn

  1. Fawna

Meaning: Young deer

  1. Hartley

Meaning: Stag or clearing

  1. Herschel

Meaning: Deer

  1. Hjort

Meaning: Stag

  1. Isi

Meaning: Consecrated to God, or deer

  1. Leola

Meaning: Loyal, faithful, or lion

  1. Niabi

Meaning: “Fawn spared by the hunter”

  1. Ofra

Meaning: Fawn

  1. Oisin

Meaning: Small deer

  1. Oprah

Meaning: “Place of dust” or young deer or fawn

  1. Oscar/Osgar

Meaning: Spear of the gods

  1. Osheen

Meaning: Shining or beautiful

  1. Rasha

Meaning: Young Gazelle

  1. Roscoe

Meaning: Doe wood or roebuck copse

  1. Sachie

Meaning: Roebuck leap

  1. Shika

Meaning: Gentle deer

  1. Tabby

Meaning: Gazelle

  1. Tibby

Meaning: Beautiful or pledged to God

  1. Tegan

Meaning: Fair, darling, or loved one

  1. Toru

Meaning: Persistent or clear

  1. Zevi

Meaning: “My wolf”

  1. Zibia

Meaning: Doe

Christmas-Themed Names

  1. Angel/Angelina
  2. Bell/Belle
  3. Bethlehem/Beth
  4. Candy
  5. Carol
  6. Christine
  7. Christmas
  8. December
  9. Emmanuelle
  10. Epiphany
  11. Faith
  12. Frankincense
  13. Gloria
  14. Goldie
  15. Holly
  16. Izar
  17. Jingle
  18. Joy
  19. Mary/Maria
  20. Merry
  21. Miracle
  22. Myrrh
  23. Natalia
  24. Nicholas
  25. Noel
  26. Peace
  27. Promise
  28. Seraphina
  29. Star
  30. Stella
  31. Yule

Winter-Themed Names

  1. Alba

Meaning: Dawn or white

  1. Aspen

Meaning: Shaking poplar tree

  1. Bianca/Blanca/Blanche

Meaning: White or pure

  1. Bylur

Meaning: Snowstorm

  1. Branch

Meaning: Paw or extension

  1. Chan

Meaning: Snow or shining

  1. Demetria

Meaning: Follower of Demeter

  1. Douglas

Meaning: Dark or black

  1. Edur

Meaning: Snow

  1. Eira

Meaning: Snow

  1. Eirwen

Meaning: Snow, fair, white, blessed, or holy

  1. Elsa

Meaning: “God is my oath”

  1. Fanna

Meaning: Snow drift

  1. Flykra

Meaning: Snow flake

  1. Fraser

Meaning: Of the forest men

  1. Frost

Meaning: Born at the time of frost

  1. Frostine

Meaning: Snow

  1. Guinevere

Meaning: White ghost phantom

  1. Haukea

Meaning: White snow

  1. Haunani

Meaning: Beautiful snow

  1. Ivy

Meaning: Climbing vine plant

  1. Janara

Meaning: Rising sun

  1. January

Meaning: The God of beginnings

  1. Kari

Meaning: Pure

  1. Lixue

Meaning: Beautiful snow

  1. Lumi

Meaning: Beautiful snow

More Winter-Themed Names

  1. Miyuki
  2. Nas
  3. Natasha
  4. Nevada
  5. Neve
  6. Nieves
  7. North
  8. Olaf
  9. Olwen
  10. Quilo
  11. Robin
  12. Skadi
  13. Snowball
  14. Snowy
  15. Stormy
  16. Tuhin
  17. Tushar
  18. Vail
  19. Viola
  20. Warrin
  21. Whittaker
  22. Winter
  23. Wren
  24. Xuĕ
  25. Yukina
  26. Zane

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