Rubber Ducky, You're the One

by Scary Mommy
Originally Published: 

Once I get something in my head I become obsessed. Obsessed with a capital “O” (as those who know me are well aware.)

This week, for many (many) hours after the kids have been tucked in, I’ve been all about gift buckets. I needed a new baby gift– the perfect excuse to tackle the bath bucket! It’s filled with all sorts of bath goodies– soap, lotion, diaper cream, wash cloths, brush and of course, a rubber ducky. Michael’s sells those adorable little rubber ducky clothes pins, which were perfect to add on. (Clearly, I went a bit crazy in the end.)

I also plan on making a “Fun in the Tub Bucket” for older kids. Filled with toys, bath crayons, colored bubble bath and detangler spray, it would be the perfect birthday gift. Oh, the fun I’m having (way, way too much, I fear. I need a life. Big time.)

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