Rudy Giuliani Was Farting Through His Last Testimony And Please Make 2020 End

by Madison Vanderberg

Rudy Giuliani farts in court, goes viral

Rudy Giuliani is doing a very bad job at being the president’s lawyer. First, he fondled a “reporter” in the Borat movie, then he held a press conference in the parking lot of a landscaping company because he thought it was a Four Seasons hotel, then his hair dye melted down his face during a Washington D.C. event, and now, as he’s fighting tooth and nail to convince lawmakers to delegitimize Joe Biden’s presidential win, ol’ Rudy was caught on camera, farting during a hearing.

Farting is not a crime, but farting while imploring Michigan lawmakers to side with conspiracy theories and lies and hand over the state’s electoral votes to Trump? Oh, Rudy, you’re done, bro. You are, quite literally, stinking up our American institutions.

In a clip shared online by Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly from the December 2, 2020 hearing in Lansing, Michigan (that was a shit-show on its own without the farting), Giuliani is heard squeaking a few out because his farts were so loud they were picked up by the courthouse’s audio feed.

First, he farted when they asked him if he was trying to get a “preemptive pardon” by the president. Then, 90 seconds later he farted when he was asked to speak on alleged voter fraud. As Giuliani mumbled some lies and conspiracies about the president and the election, the farts told the truth. They were like, fart bullshit detectors.

Also, can we talk about this woman’s face when he lets one rip?


Normally I would feel bad for the person who has to endure Giuliani’s farting at such close range, but this woman — Jenna Ellis — is literally on Giuliani’s team and her job is to assist him in convincing the courts that Biden fraudulently won the election, so sorry girl, karma much?

The only good news is that after Giuliani blustered his way through the hearing for more than four hours, The Detroit Free Press says “the testimony did not show any evidence of widespread fraud.” Even republican reps at the hearing didn’t agree with Giuliani. Oh also, in case you’re like, did anything else happen at this nightmare hearing? Giuliani was not sworn in and literally asked “several times” to clarify that he was not speaking under oath before continuing with his testimony. I mean…

So anyway, that’s the president’s lawyer, everyone. The president’s lawyer, a guy who was in a Borat movie, and is now a fart meme. That’s America in a nutshell. January 20th cannot come soon enough.