This 6-Year-Old Millionaire YouTuber Now Has A Toy Line, FML

by Valerie Williams
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Ryan’s World toys will be available at Walmart this month

At this very moment, I’m wearing an outfit entirely from the Target clearance section and there’s a six-year-old millionaire YouTuber who now has his own toy line.

Where did we all go wrong in life? Ugh.

Not that we begrudge little Ryan, star of Ryan ToysReview all of his success. Like, I’m sure he’s spent most of his time since becoming potty trained honing his craft and positioning himself for success. That said, it’s a little tough knowing a literal kindergartener is about to have his own namesake line of merchandise at Walmart next month — all because he’s very good at playing with toys and being adorable.

This child has millions of dollars for playing with toys on camera? What? I can’t hear you over the sound of my own hysterical sobs, give me a second.

OK, I’m back. He has 15 million subscribers LOL ISN’T THAT GREAT FOR HIM?

According to Newsday, the Walmart toy line debuts August 6th and will include 15 collectable toys and four T-shirt designs. It will feature Ryan’s World Mystery Slime (whatever that is), Mystery Putty in seven colors, Mystery Squishies designed based on his most popular videos, a Giant Mystery Egg full of slime, putty, exclusive figures, and vehicles, Bubble Pets, a Slime Blaster and Racers. Everything is aimed at kids ages three and up.

Ryan’s YouTube channel features not only videos of him unboxing and playing with toys, he also gets his family involved. His group of channels (he has six) generate upwards of 950 million views per month. Sometimes that number hits a billion.

In addition to the toy line debuting next week,, the entertainment company Ryan is partnering with for his toy line, will hold events at 75 Walmart stores all over the country with Ryan making a surprise appearance at one of them. Hopefully, it will be my town’s location so I can beg the kid for a loan.