Rihanna Casts All-Black Motorcycle Crew For Her New Inclusive Fenty Line

savage caramel curves

The new line is modeled by Caramel Curves, an all-Black women’s motorcycle gang

Any time we wonder if Rihanna can get any cooler, she does something like this. Her lingerie brand Savage X Fenty has always been size-inclusive (and gender-inclusive), but the multi-hyphenate has stepped up her game and just introduced a brand new line with over 100 pieces — all modeled by members of New Orleans motorcycle gang Caramel Curves. The motorcycle crew is comprised entirely of Black women who are mommas, small business owners, and overall badass babes that are community leaders.

“The Caramel Curves show the world what being a badass boss is all about, while bringing sexiness along for the ride,” Rihanna explained in a press release — as if these photos need any further explaining. Seriously, how badass do these women look in the promo video?

The women of the gang talk about what they love most about their city, and, most importantly, about themselves. It is so refreshing seeing women with curves and cellulite not only be absolutely unapologetic about their bodies but also have pride in them, as well (as they should!).

Still from Promotional Video

The motorcycle crew was founded in 2005 by Nakosha “Coco” Smith and Shanika “Tru” Beatty, who, according to Vogue, have already made a splash in the fashion world thanks to their bold style. There are 10 active members of the group, and the women meet every Sunday and dress up and hit the town.

“It is just looking fab all the time. We are always blinging and glistening. Anything sequins, rhinestones — we’re going to wear it,” Smith explained while discussing the line with Vogue.

Still from Promotional Video

“I didn’t want to go shop for basic clothes because I didn’t dress like that. I always wore sparkly, blingy stuff all the time… So that pretty much started the trend for the Caramel Curves that ‘This is our look. When you come in, be prepared to look this way. You’re gonna have to wear heels, sexy clothes, be cute. Get it together. We don’t want to look regular.’ I’m never going to look regular,” Smith continued.


And in an area dominated by men, it is so cool to see ladies in control and at the front of a hog and in control.

Needless to say, many women are inspired by the ad campaign and shared their renewed motivation (and eagerness for the line to drop, is there a limit on how many pieces we can order?) on social media.

Seriously, what’s not to love about all of this?

The collection drops on Aug. 1, so be sure to set your alarms, as these drops tend to sell out fast! Here’s hoping that more and more brands continue to be inclusive — and give us ad campaigns as hot as this one.