These Badass Scary Mommy Boots Are A Must For The Whole Fam

These Badass Scary Mommy Boots Are A Must For The Whole Fam

November 21, 2019 Updated November 6, 2020

Photo Credit: Meg Kate Mcalarney @megkatemcalarney

Last winter I stopped a nine-year-old to ask her where she got her shoes.

They looked comfortable and stylish and I knew they were exactly what I needed. And I was thrilled to find that they came in adult sizes.

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Lugz are the winter boots of our dreams – slip-resistant, comfortable, warm and perfect for the whole family. They are affordable, durable, and really all you’ll need from November to March.

Most winters I have a zillion pairs of mismatched shoes cluttering up space by my front door. But this year we are multitasking – these boots are basically all we need whether it’s raining, snowing, or just a normally cold winter day.

The New Scary Mommy Collection

Lugz and Scary Mommy teamed up for the new “Mommy & Me” Boot Collection. Perfect for moms and their littles, these badass boots are made for the kind of mom/kid duo ready to kick open some doors and take names. The boots come in women’s, kids, and toddler sizes.

Mom and child in Lugz boots

The boots are classic Lugz with a six-inch Empire Hi silhouette, plush fur exterior collar and a classic rugged outsole. Plus, you’ll get custom embroidered patch sets for trading between mom and tiny human. The patch sets not only include emojis but the kind of kickass phrases Scary Mommies know and love. Like, for instance, “strong women raise strong kids,” “badass mama,” “can of awesome,” and the Scary Mommy crown.

4 Reasons Why You Need These:

Mommy and me Lugz boots

1. They Match Just About Everything

Okay, so maybe they aren’t the best fit for your new fancy holiday dress. But for everything else? Black boots are a must-have that match almost anything you own. Trip to the park? Black boots. Day out on the town? Black boots. Looking to feel comfy AND cute? Black. Freaking. Boots.

child's Mommy and Me Lugz boot

2. You Can Even Match Your Kid

We don’t typically condone matching outfits with your kids, but we’re willing to make an exception for these boots. They will keep your little one’s toes nice and warm while being the perfect style accessory for any outfit (even the outfits that they pick out for themselves).

3. Long Walks Without Complaining

Kid in Lugz boots

I mean, your kids will still complain. But hopefully it won’t be about aching feet. These boots are comfy-cozy, making long treks to fun winter activities more manageable.

4. They Will Freak For These Patches

Lugz boot patches

Kids love expressing their own style (just like us moms). And if they have to wear a school uniform, they may not have opportunities to show off their own flair outside footwear.

Plus, and it bears mentioning here, the “Mommy and Me” boot set comes in a custom Scary Mommy box that — unless you’re a joyless troll living in a van down by the river — will bring a smile to your face. Seriously, look at the box:

Scary Mommy - Lugz boot box

Just think of all the possibilities for this box. You can hide ALL kinds of things that you love from your kids. Or, you can keep it legit, and turn it into a memory box for the fam. Your choice.

Lugz makes comfortable and adorable boots, shoes, and sneakers that the whole family will love. Get your “Mommy and Me” boots before they sell out.