The ‘Inside Schitt’s Creek’ Companion Webisodes Are Perfect For When You Need A Little Bit (More) Alexis

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
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It feels like a million years since the end of “Schitt’s Creek.” Okay, it’s only been about six months, and if you’re watching season six on Netflix, you might not even be done yet. But if you’re like most us and missing the inhabitants of that sweet little town, I have good news for you. There’s a series of webisodes on YouTube called “Inside Schitt’s Creek.” They’re these bite size videos featuring the characters just being themselves. It’s documentary style questions, which means the characters have no filters. And it really is the most hilarious addition to the series. Because we just can’t get enough of these characters.

“Schitt’s Creek” started out as a quiet little show on the CBC in Canada and PopTV here in the States. And back in 2015, creating additional web content was a popular way to create engagement. The shorts (they’re rarely longer than a couple minutes) were initially uploaded to the CBC website. But when season two came around, they began uploading them directly to the “Schitt’s Creek” official YouTube channel. It’s actually smarter, because it’s a new way to get people to watch and fall in love with the show. Each of the shorts really give the characters a chance to show off their personalities. And if you only see those first, you’re going to be curious enough to find and watch the show.

Of course, for those of us who are already in the know, they’re just more ways to fall in love with the show. To Dan Levy’s credit, the characters on “Schitt’s Creek” are so perfect. He has such a clear vision of them. So watching “Inside” gives you even more insight into who they are. Plus, they’re just really fucking funny. It’s hard to know how much of “Inside Schitt’s Creek” is improvisation and how much is script. Because of how casually the characters talk and interact, it feels like improv.

If they’re improv, no one ever misses as beat. Of course we know that both Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara have incredible backgrounds in improv. (For those who don’t know, they both made themselves household names by starring in Christopher Guest movies like Best in Show.) Dan Levy is a brilliant writer, so they could also be a scripted — but scripted or unscripted, it doesn’t matter, because all the actors are amazing in these. If there is a script, Dan Levy is a freaking genius. Because it’s easy to write characters for a half hour long show. But it takes real skill to be able to do it for a two minute video.

Watching these, it’s really clear why the show is so popular. Plus, you can understand why it got all that love at this year’s Emmy Awards. Everyone knows their character so well that the interactions feel so natural, even in the earlier seasons.

Sadly, there are only “Inside Schitt’s Creek” webisodes for the first four seasons of the show. It kind of makes sense since that’s around the time the show really started taking off. But given some of the things that happen in seasons five and six, it would have been fun to see more.

Across the four seasons, there are 52 webisodes for your enjoyment. They’re all absolutely hilarious, but these are some of my favorites. Each episode has a very specific talking point, ranging from holiday traditions to breakup advice. And Jocelyn’s episodes are some of the best.

“Best Way to Die” (season 4)

Stevie and David discuss the ideal way to die.

“Amish David” (season 2)

David gives us the scoop on his time with the Amish. Our takeaway: he really likes the bread.

“Fad Diets” (season 3)

David and Alexis tell tales of some of the most outrageous diets they’ve tried.

“Mommy Blog” (season 4)

In the first episode of Jocelyn’s blog “Whoops Mom,” she shares her tip for diapering a baby when money is tight.

“Ray’s House Tour” (season 2)

Schitt’s Creek’s jack of all trades, Ray Butani, gives us a quick tour of his real estate agency/photo studio/travel agency.

“Breakups” (season 4)

Patrick and Stevie give their best break up tips.

“Mutt’s New Girl” (season 2)

Mutt tells us all about his new girlfriend Tallahassee — oops, Tennessee.

“The Jazzagals” (season 3)

Jocelyn and Twyla explain the origins of the group.

“The Surprise Party” (season 1)

Jocelyn and David talk about planning Moira’s surprise birthday party. And Jocelyn makes him play an…interesting guessing game.

“Puppy PSA” (season 4)

Alexis and Ted explain why you should adopt a puppy. Well, at least Ted does.

“Sex Talk” (season 3)

David and Stevie talk about doin’ it in public and role playing.

“Mom’s Wigs” (season 1)

David gives us a tour of Moira’s vast wig collection. And it’s absolutely hilarious.

“Alexis’ Awesome Ice Breakers” (season 4)

In preparation for Single’s Week, Alexis and Mutt guide us through some ice breakers.

These are my all-time faves, but you know if you’re a “Schitt’s Creek” super fan, you’ll need to watch ’em all

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