Sephora's Sun Safety Kit Is Back, And We Are Obsessed (15 Items For $32)


Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit Is Back, And We Are Obsessed (15 Items For $32)


I am such a sucker for the Sephora value sets. I love finding new products to try without plunking down the cash for full size until I know that it is something I will use regularly and won’t leave me with monster chin zits.

I throw a big middle finger up at most sample sizes though. I can’t accomplish a damn thing with .001 ounce of cream or three sprays of hair product. I have no idea if I love it or hate it, but I’m too annoyed to buy it, if that’s all you’ve got to give me. Come on now.

I scooped up this Sun Safety Kit last year, and I knew I had to have it this year too. There’s so much goodness in this package, and I can personally vouch for the Fresh Sugar lip balm and the AmorePacific cushion. I already love them. The cushion gives you just enough coverage without any effort (no blending or sponge needed) with some SPF protection. My favorite.


I take sun protection seriously these days. I am trying to make up for all the time I spent mistreating my skin in college when I frequented the tanning bed and opted out of wearing any sunscreen while I baked outside on a towel. Now? I won’t walk by an open window without some SPF protection.

So, 15 items for $32? Sold. This looks like fun. Plus, my mom and grandma and best friend love it when I kick down my extras, and I bet you’ve got some folks who will appreciate a deluxe sample or two themselves. Spread the love.


Bonus: $20 from each purchase is donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

I’m told these things tend to sell out fast, so mine is already on the way.