5 Reasons We’ve Made It A Holiday Tradition To Add To Our Kids’ MAGNA-TILES Collection

No batteries, loading time, or chargers needed.

by Lib Aubuchon

The holiday season is upon us, and let's be real, finding the perfect gift for your kiddo can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack that’s actually a pile of toys kids play with once and promptly forget. But year after year, we find ourselves going back to one tried-and-true gem: MAGNA-TILES.

And we're not the only ones singing their praises — the MAGNA-TILES Downhill Duo Set just snagged the Preschool Toy of the Year at the 2023 Toy of the Year Awards. It’s quickly become the hottest toy of the season and is selling out across the country. But don’t worry, we hear more may be coming just in time for holiday gift giving!

The reality is, when it comes to the kinds of magnetic construction toys kids love, there’s the original MAGNA-TILES, and there’s everything else. From their focus on safety to the intuitive, self-directed ways kids play with them, MAGNA-TILES sets make a great gift, offering hours of screen-free fun. Here are five compelling reasons why MAGNA-TILES sets should become a holiday tradition in your family, too.

Because They’re A Roadmap To Imaginative Play

The Roads 12-Piece Set isn't just another set of building tiles; it's a tiny town planner's dream come true. Imagine tiny cars zipping along roads that weave through magnetic neighborhoods. With Curved and Square pieces, kids can connect their MAGNA-TILES worlds with these kid-approved fan favorites. And the best part? No batteries, loading time, or chargers needed!

Because They Encourage Collaborative Play

The MAGNA-TILES Arctic Animals Set transforms your living room into an icy tundra full of magical creatures. Let's just call it a cool, experience-based investment in your child's imagination. This set is perfect for creative play with friends where kids can team up to create frosty kingdoms, but just as fun for solo imaginative play.

It also helps that MAGNA-TILES pieces are built to withstand countless hours of playtime. Their signature lattice prevents cracking, while fastening rivets keep magnets safe and secure. All MAGNA-TILES sets are designed for child-led play, so there’s no need for adult direction, meaning kids can deeply immerse themselves in creative play.

Because The Classics Never Go Out Of Style

If you're new to MAGNA-TILES sets, think of the Classic 100-Piece Set as your starter pack. This is the OG – the original and most celebrated set in magnetic construction. The treasure trove of tiles offers endless possibilities, from basic shapes to intricate designs. All MAGNA-TILES pieces are fully compatible and designed to grow with your little ones and their amazing imaginations, so you can add and expand your collection for years to come. And since there’s no right or wrong way to use them, there are no instructions needed!

Because MAGNA-TILES Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

There’s not much that captivates kids’ attention like dinosaurs. The Dino World XL Set brings the Jurassic era right into your playroom, with all 6 MAGNA-TILES dinosaur figures and oversized XL magnetic tiles. (These bad boys are 4x larger than traditional tiles.) This set also features new extendable magnetic trees. Kids can create huge, colorful worlds for their T-Rex and Brachiosaurus. Plus, assembling these dino creations is an excellent way for your child to develop both fine and gross motor skills like reaching, pushing, and pulling. It's a win-win!

Because Kids. Just. Love. Building.

Why settle for a simple tower when you can build an entire city? The Builder Set is a STEAM dream come true. Little architects get to plan, experiment, and execute their vision, all while tinkering with the basics of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Like all pieces that bear the MAGNA-TILES name, Builder pieces are compatible with and complementary to all other MAGNA-TILES sets. More than just a fun toy, the 32-piece Builder set creates a foundation for lifelong learning and lets kids see that if they can dream it, they can build it.

If you're on the hunt for a gift that ticks all the boxes — safety, educational value, and hours of fun — MAGNA-TILES sets are loved by builders from ages 3 to 99. Encouraging boundless creativity and Meaningful Play, each set is a valuable addition to your family's holiday traditions. This year, give the gift of Meaningful Play and long-lasting joy with the original MAGNA-TILES.