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American Girl Is Releasing A New, More Affordable Line Of Disney Princess Dolls

Three dolls are available now — which one do you want to see in the next drop?

American Girl has partnered with Disney to release three new Disney Princess dolls, and we want them...
American Girl
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Someone please hide my credit card because American Girl has announced the first three new princess dolls in their new collaboration with Disney.

Hitting the shelves in spring 2024, American Girl doll versions of Tiana, Ariel, and Cinderella will be the first wave of princesses released. Unlike 2023’s Limited Edition Disney Collectors dolls, which sold for $300 each, these 18-inch dolls will have the more familiar $125 American Girl doll price tag.

Also unlike the Disney Collector dolls from last year, these dolls come with options for the cutest extra outfits, accessories, and story bundles.

“Fandom for American Girl and Disney runs deep, and a collaboration has long been asked for by our mutual fans,” Jamie Cygielman, General Manager of American Girl, said in a statement. “Now, we’re making dreams come true with a magical collection of timeless characters that will captivate our fans and send their imaginations soaring.”

American Girl

“The launch of the initial three collector dolls last summer was very popular and demonstrated the desire from our fans for more of this iconic collaboration between Disney and American Girl,” Rob Michaelis, VP, North America Brand Commercialization, Hardlines & Consumables for Disney said in the same statement. “The talented teams at American Girl and Disney are so proud of the incredible details in this new expanded line of Disney Princess inspired dolls which provide an authentic representation of Disney’s beloved characters.”

Let’s break it down by doll.

The Ariel doll comes in her original mermaid form, although with a slightly more modest top than her seashell bra, a gold shell necklace, and a sea flower in her signature hair. She’s also wearing purple seashell kitten under her tail, but I understand that footwear was probably a predicament for the doll designers.

If you opt for her extra outfits, which are $55 each, you can choose from the pink gown she wears to dinner at the castle or her more casual blue dress that she dons for the movie’s “Kiss the Girl” sequence. The former comes with a Flounder figurine and the latter comes with a Sebastian figurine. Cute!

Tiana is dressed in her classic nature-themed Princess and the Frog gown, complete with all the little details, like a gemstone necklace, elbow-length gloves, and green heels.

She also comes with two $55 add-on outfits, one casual and one dressy. You can choose from her waitressing look, which includes a super-cute boucle coat and hat, adorable black Mary Jane shoes, and three faux beignets on a plate, or her memorable masquerade look, the blue gown with tiara.

Finally, old school princess Cinderella rounds out the collection, in her totally classic fairy godmother-created ballgown, complete with sparkling “glass” slippers that I’m sure your kid will also lose one of. Not sure what happens to this doll when the clock strikes midnight, but it will probably be fine.

Her two $55 add-on story bundles include her everyday patched-up cleaning outfit (and two of her mouse friends) and the pink ballgown that her animal pals make her and that her stepsisters destroy. Honestly, as a child, I always liked that dress better than the blue gown. That one comes with sewing accessories.

Perhaps the best part of this drop is that there are more princesses coming. American Girl has made clear that this is simply the beginning of this collaboration and that there are more princess dolls coming. Specifically, they mention the Frozen franchise, which probably means that Anna and Elsa are on their way at some point.