65 Bougie Things For Your Home Under $25 On Amazon

High-end quality at low price points.

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You don’t have to be rolling in cash to add some serious bougie touches to your home. In fact, every luxurious product on this list is just $25 or less. But you (or your friends) would never guess it judging by the high-end quality each offers. Think Italian-inspired linens, sleek kitchen gadgets, and thoughtful organizing solutions. If fancying up your home's interior (or exterior) is on your current to-do list, you’re about to discover a treasure trove of items that will do just that.


This Chic Bookend Vase

Add some blooms to your space with this multi-purpose home decor piece. The chic, minimalist vase is shaped like a book, making it the perfect prop (aka bookend) for your true crime or romance novel collection. It’s made of lightweight yet sturdy acrylic and features a graphic typeface on both the cover and spine. Choose from four colors, including an amber hue that looks more antique.

  • Available colors: 4


This High-End Clear Cutting Board

This clear cutting board seamlessly blends in with countertops, protecting them from damage while providing a convenient large prep surface. Non-slip silicone dots help keep it from shifting during use, and the front lip makes clean-up a breeze — just wipe debris right into the trash. The crystal-clear acrylic is 100% food-safe and gives it a high-end look.

  • Available sizes: 3


These Faux Leather Tissue Box Covers

Transform something as mundane as a cardboard tissue box into an aesthetically pleasing accent for your home. Crafted from faux leather with a luxurious pebbled texture, this set of two tissue box covers offers a simple yet elegant design to spruce up your space. Available in a selection of stunning neutral colors and organic textures, you’ll be shocked at how many compliments you get on this everyday item.

  • Available colors: 20


These Two-Tone Decorative Pillow Covers

Don’t toss out those outdated throw pillows, instead, give them a new life and look with this set of decorative pillow covers. They feature beautiful scalloped edging in a contrasting tone for added visual appeal. Made from 100% cotton, they’re both soft and durable. Choose from 10 gorgeous colors.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 10


A Luxe Glass Cup Set With All The Accessories

Beverages taste better in glass — and they look fancier, too — making this set of 18-ounce glass cups a must for anyone who takes their beverages seriously. The set includes four cups in a stylish silhouette, matching glass straws (and an included straw cleaning brush), plus eco-friendly bamboo lids and cork coasters.


This Opaque Makeup Organizer With Room For Everything

Display your collection of fancy face creams, fragrances, and more with this chic makeup organizer. Unlike acrylic versions, the opaque design — with three convenient drawers — adds privacy for storing products. With more than 2,400 perfect ratings, it’s a cute storage solution you’ll wish you had snagged sooner.

  • Available colors: 11


This Touchless Soap Dispenser

Wave your hand under this automatic soap dispenser for just the right amount of soap, every time. The motion-detecting dispenser features five adjustable liquid levels and a 17-ounce holder with a wide mouth for easy refilling. It runs on four AA batteries (not included).

  • Available colors: 3


These Velvety Nonslip Hangers With A Near-Perfect Rating

Step up your closet game with these velvet hangers. The velvety coating feels luxurious — a feature especially great for delicates — but it also helps prevent clothes from slipping off. Plus, the slim design makes it a space-saving choice. With a 4.8-star rating after a whopping 87,000 reviews, it’s clear these posh hangers are well worth their affordable price tag.

  • Available colors: 8


This Sleek Alarm Clock That Does It All

This alarm clock doubles as a mirror and a phone charger, making it a sleek-looking yet super functional buy. The low-profile screen displays the time and date and features four brightness levels, including completely off. When off, you can use it as a mirror for makeup application and more. Two USB ports are located at the back, maximizing the minimalist look of this modern clock.

  • Available colors: 9


This Marble-Glazed Catchall Tray That Looks Expensive

The vanity tray with a marble finish and painted gold trim looks like a million bucks (Shh, it’s less than $10). Use it to display soaps on your bathroom countertop or as a pretty place to set your jewelry at the end of each day. However you choose to use it, just be sure to pick up a few for gifts because your friends will have their eye on it.


This Smart Mug Warmer For Perfect Sips

If you consider yourself too bougie for microwaved coffee, you might want to consider this low-profile mug warmer. The minimalist design means it will blend in with your desktop decor while silently keeping your beverage warm all day. There’s an auto-shutoff for safety, and it even doubles as a candle warmer for long-lasting fragrance (without flames).

  • Available colors: 4


This Sunset Projection Lamp With Cali Vibes

Love sunsets? Create one in your home anytime you like with this cool projection lamp. It features a 180-degree rotating head and can be controlled by the button switch or an easy-to-use app with so many colors and modes to choose from. The effect is so calming that you’ll want to buy one for every room in the house, and at this affordable price, you just might.


These Gravity-Activated Salt & Pepper Grinders

Aside from having a waiter season your food table-side, these electric salt and pepper grinders are the next best thing. They’re battery-operated and activate with tilt motion, releasing seasonings at your choice of fine, medium, or coarse grind. Plus, the transparent acrylic bottles make it easy to see when a refill is needed.

  • Available colors: 5


This Multi-Tasking Paper Towel Holder For Quick Cleanups

If you haven’t already seen this dual-purpose paper towel holder all over social media, prepare to be wowed by its simple yet genius design. Within the towel rod is a hidden spray bottle, putting everything you need for quick cleanups with easy reach. And installation is just as easy thanks to the types of screws included. Shoppers love the modern finishes too, ranging from matte black to gold.

  • Available colors: 7


This Avant-Garde Vanity Mirror

Magnifying mirrors have their place (hidden away when not plucking something) but this vanity mirror is so chic you’ll want to keep it on display. It features an organic, fluid shape, resulting in an avant-garde feel. And since it’s crafted from high-quality acrylic with a base of composite wood, you don’t have to worry about tiny hands getting ahold of it.


This Fancy (But Affordable) Electric Lighter

Old-school lighters have nothing on this rechargeable electric lighter when it comes to lighting tall pillar candles or birthday candles in the wind. The high-intensity heat source design makes it completely flameless and wind-proof. Plus, it features a safety switch and a convenient gooseneck that bends for precise reach. With more than 17,000 perfect five-star ratings, it’s a handy tool you’ll want to tell your friends about.

  • Available colors: 8


These Pretty, Beach-Themed Reusable Dish Cloths

If you can’t take that getaway, at least you can dream about it while you do the dishes. These reusable Swedish dish cloths feature soothing, beachy patterns, but the best part is that they’re 100% reusable, compostable, and biodegradable. And each one replaces up to 17 paper towel rolls. That’s a whole lot of vacation savings.

  • Available colors: 4


These Golden Pillar Candles For Gorgeous Table Settings

Gold pillar candles. C’mon. It simply doesn’t get any bougie than that. And at just over a Jackson for a set of three, they make for an inexpensive home — or even wedding — decoration. And they don’t just look great, they’re also hand-poured, unscented, and feature a smokeless cotton wick. Choose from two sizes to suit your space.

  • Available colors: 7


These Exfoliating Brushes For The Whole Body

You don’t have to spend your savings at the spa to give your skin a luxurious treatment. These exfoliating brushes gently remove dead skin, revealing softer, more radiant skin. And they’re great for use on the whole body, thanks to ergonomic handles that are both comfortable and convenient for hard-to-reach areas. With two in a pack, you’ll be able to keep one for daily use and use the other for travel.

  • Available colors: 2


This Minimalist Organizer For Concealing Cords

Tangled electrical cords can cause an unsightly mess. Good thing this cable management box hides them out of sight (and keeps them from becoming tangled). It features ample room and slots to accommodate a variety of cord styles — even an entire power strip up to 11.4 inches in length — and comes with a stylish wood lid. Shoppers rave about how it improves the aesthetics of their space.


This Waterproof Shower Curtain In A Chic Waffle Weave

This fabric shower curtain features a beautiful waffle knit texture, giving it a luxury hotel vibe. While it looks and feels a lot like cotton, it’s actually crafted from a waterproof polyester, making it both water- and stain-resistant. The rustproof grommets, 12 included hooks, and weighted hem add to its practicality and high-end feel.

  • Available colors: 36


This Mess-Free Soap Holder For A Tidy Laundry Room

Anything messy isn’t bougie, and that’s exactly why this highly rated laundry soap station made this curated list. The soap catcher prevents spills with an integrated (and slip-resistant) cap holder. Plus, it makes laundry soap so much easier to pour thanks to the tilted design that makes the most of a little thing called gravity.


This Ultra-Plush Bathmat In Rich Hues

This bath mat is so plush and comes in rich neutrals like beige, gray, and peach. As in you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of the bath and right onto a cloud (yes, it’s that soft). The memory foam inner layer has superior rebound making it a durable choice. And speaking of superior, it soaks up water like a charm and dries in a flash. Choose from four sizes to fit your bathroom space.

  • Available colors: 19


This Handblown Crystal Wine Decanter

There’s something about pouring wine from a decanter that makes a bottle of mid-grade wine seem so much better. Of course, that has a lot to do with the aeration process that enhances the flavor profile and aroma of wines, but there’s no denying the satisfying in-hand appeal of this handblown crystal wine decanter, either. It looks great as a centerpiece to boot.


This Minimalist Utensil Holder That Looks So Modern

This is likely to be the last utensil holder you’ll ever buy. Yup. It’s that high-quality. Made from sleek ceramic, it has a sturdy feel and it looks elegant in almost any kitchen space. The extra-large capacity can hold 10 to 15 utensils, or use it in your office to hold pens, pencils, and other desk supplies.


This Adjustable Bath Tray Crafted From Sustainable Bamboo

Bath- and Earth-lovers alike will appreciate the quality of this bath tray. It’s crafted from sustainable bamboo with a lacquered, waterproof surface that’s offered in a dozen colors. The expandable design sits securely over most bathtubs and has enough space to accommodate several bath accessories, including a practical stand for books or tablets.

  • Available colors: 12


These Hand-Blown Watering Globes

Book that getaway. Your plants will live. Really. These plant irrigation globes keep plants perfectly hydrated with minimal effort from you. Just fill them with water and push them into the soil. The hand-blown glass orbs will deliver the right amount of water — and they won’t require a refill for two weeks. The two-pack of hand-blown glass orbs feature a colorful dappled pattern so they’re not just practical, but they’re beautiful as well.

  • Available colors: 2


This Marble Look-Alike Soap Dispenser

Get the luxurious look of marble without all the staining or breaking. This kitchen sink organizer has a marble pattern but is made from durable resin. It features a refillable soap dispenser and two compartments for scrubbers and sponges. The detachable bottom tray catches water and is easy to remove for easy maintenance.


These Chic Food Storage Containers In Earthy Hues

These aren’t your granny’s Tupperware. Nope. Complete with clear, leakproof lids, this set of six food storage containers are a way more modern option. First, there are the colors (think earthy tones and muted pastels), and then there’s the BPA-free material that can go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher. The nesting design elevates the multipurpose set way above your standard offerings.

  • Available colors: 18


This Blanket Ladder With A Modern Farmhouse Feel

Get that modern farmhouse look with this metal ladder, ideal for displaying everything from bathroom towels to living room throws. It features a rustic (and rust-proof) finish that not only looks great but is functional for everyday use as well. Installation is easy — simply prop it against the wall and screw. Two nonslip feet secure it in place while protecting floors from scratches.


These Pro Oven Mitts With A 5-Star Rating

These extra-long oven mitts are a must for preventing burns in the kitchen. They’re made from heat-resistant silicone (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) for superior grip and feature a thick quilted upper for added protection. Choose from a variety of colors to match any kitchen color scheme.

  • Available colors: 11


This Sleek Mirrored Vanity Tray For Makeup & More

Mirrors add instant and effortless style to any room, making this mirrored vanity tray such an easy way to level up your space. The stainless steel frame and clear acrylic sides add to its practicality for storing toiletries, bathroom items, candles, and more. “The mirror tray is a versatile and elegant addition to any vanity or dresser or to any flat surface! As someone who has purchased two of these beautiful trays, I can attest to its quality and functionality,” raved one reviewer.

  • Available colors: 2


These Marquee Number & Letter Lights

Party plan like a pro with these marquee lights. Choose from numbers and letters in the listing to create a custom party focal point or backdrop. At about 9 inches in height and with bright LED lightbulbs, they’ll capture the attention of all your guests. Battery-operated and practically unbreakable, they promise to last for years to come.

  • Available styles: 40


These Tapered Candles In Elegant Hues

These 10-inch tapered candles are giving major posh vibes. While they’re available in classic ivory, it’s the chic tones, including the muted turquoise (featured) and an elegant forest green, that set these apart from the others. Each candle is hand-poured using a clean burning wax and features a 100% cotton wick for a dripless and smokeless experience.

  • Available colors: 7


This High-End Book Light

This high-end book light makes reading a pleasure. It features a diffused light with three color temperature options and five brightness levels for achieving the ideal lighting scheme. The gooseneck offers flexibility and the clip can be attached to books and laptops, and it can even stand to double as a mini lamp.

  • Available colors: 3


This Italian Luxury Bed Skirt With Pleated Corners

Italian linens are among the best in the world, making this Italian-inspired bed skirt a luxurious choice. It’s constructed from sleek, double-brushed microfiber and features pleats for a tailored finish. Additionally, the wrap-around design is completely fade- and wrinkle-resistant for added durability and effortless maintenance. Offered in sizes from twin to California king, it’s guaranteed to level up any bedroom aesthetic.

  • Available colors: 5


These Wood Hangers Made Especially For Your Trouser Collection

Believe it or not, there’s a right way to hang pants, and it’s not haphazardly draped over a cheap plastic hanger, but instead, on pant hangers like these made especially for this purpose. They’re made of high-grade wood and grasp pants firmly within secure felt-lined clips. Push the hook to release the clamp or vice versa. With trousers trending, this 10-pack of swivel-hook pant hangers is a must.

  • Available colors: 5


This Tiny Trash Can For Countertops & More

This mini trash bin is perfect for desktops, countertops, and bedside tables. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it’s durable, rust- and finger-proof resistant, and won’t stain (bring on the coffee grinds). Its 1.5-liter capacity is perfect for trashing everything from used tissues to tea bags. For less than $20, it’s likely to become your new favorite household essential.


These Shabby-Chic Scones For Indoors Or Outdoors

Add a touch of rustic elegance to your outdoor (or indoor) spaces with this set of mason jar sconces. Each sconce features real wood backing, a glass mason jar, and rope handle for an added rustic touch. They also include silk flowers and LED string lights, making them perfect for outdoor events or indoor ambient lighting.


These Shimmering Solar Lights For Your Pathway

A lit-up pathway adds a high-end and welcoming feel to any home. And these solar pathway lights are an affordable way to achieve those results. The 10-pack of lights stake right into the ground and feature bright LED lamp heads with a diamond design. Plus, they’re completely waterproof so you can leave them out all year round.

  • Available colors: 2


This Genius Electric Bug Zapper

You can chase flies around your house with a rolled-up newspaper or you can rid them without breaking a sweat with this genius electric bug zapper instead. It kind of looks like a mini tennis racket but is equipped with 4,000 volts of electricity for instantly stopping pests in their tracks. Recharge it using the included USB cable.

  • Available colors: 3


This Oversized Magnetic Whiteboard For All Your To-Do’s

This huge magnetic whiteboard sure beats keeping track of scattered sticky notes. It’s thin so it takes up minimal space, yet the powerful magnetic backing promises to always stick to your fridge (even if the door is slammed). The best part: It comes with four markers plus an eraser so you’ll be able to start jotting down your to-do lists right away.


These Classy Corduroy Pillow Covers

Corduroy is such a classic texture to add to a space, and these luxe-looking pillow covers are covered on both sides in that timeless textile. The design features a crisscross pattern and an expertly tailored border, creating added visual appeal. Choose from a variety of sizes and beautiful hues to match your style.

  • Available colors: 39


This Multi-Pack Of Sturdy Storage Wraps For An Impeccable Garage

A well-organized garage is a bougie garage. So instead of using random zip-ties for your storage needs (or leaving items heaped on the cement floor), try these reusable storage straps. They’re crafted from a heavy-duty material with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure, so they can securely hold everything from garden hoses to electrical cables. And they feature a rust-resistant stainless steel grommet for easy hanging.


These Under-Cabinet Lights For Setting The Mood

Lighting can transform a space (and moods) with the click of a button — just like these puck lights. They can be installed with either the included adhesive or magnet wherever you need a little extra lighting, whether that’s under cabinets and bookshelves, on closet doors, or in your hallway. They require no hard-wiring and are easy to operate using the included remote, with options for adjusting brightness, color temperature, and more.


This Scandinavian-Inspired Coat Tree

Designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, this adjustable coat rack offers a sleek and practical place to store coats, handbags, and more. It’s crafted from durable wood and is easy to install, with no tools required. The best part is that it’s adjustable from 3.25 to 5.7 feet so you always have what you need at arm’s reach. Choose from five neutral colors to complement any home aesthetic.

  • Available colors: 5


A Mini Shelf For Wall Outlets For Convenient Charging

This mini shelf attaches directly to wall outlet covers, offering a convenient place to rest devices while they charge (especially those with annoyingly short cords). The simple yet convenient design adds a sense of hotel luxury to any room. Available in white or black color options, the small but mighty shelf can hold up to 10 pounds.

  • Available colors: 2


This Bougie Bagel Slicer

This guillotine-style bagel slicer is razor-sharp, promising perfectly cut bread every time. Simply place a bagel in the V-shaped slot and push the serrated blade down. The integrated blade guard makes it safe for use, and cleanup is quick since the entire thing is top-rack dishwasher safe. It’s an affordable and useful kitchen gadget that you’ll find yourself reaching for regularly.

  • Available colors: 4


This Woven Storage Basket For An Attractive Catchall

This stunning woven storage basket is perfect for storing everything from toys, throws, laundry, even plants. It’s made from natural jute and features a beautiful bead and tassel accessory. The fabric inner lining and durable handles make it perfect for toting around from room to room. Plus, it it also looks great as an added textural element in your space.

  • Available colors: 5


The Ice Stick Tray Set Ideal For Water Bottles

These ice trays don’t make ice cubes, instead they make ice sticks. The long, narrow shape is ideal for inserting into water bottles but can be used like most any other ice shape. The BPA-free silicone trays are flexible so it’s easy for anyone to pop out a stick of ice whenever needed.


This Electrical Kettle With A Superior Design

With the capability to boil water in as little as 3 minutes, this electrical kettle leads in speed and simplicity. It features a stainless steel boiling plate and a heat-resistant, borosilicate glass carafe. The drip-free spout and integrated metal strainer ensure a smooth pour. And there’s an auto-shutoff for safety.

  • Available colors: 7


This Stick-On Paper Towel Holder For Freeing Up Countertops

Don’t let the stick-on installation fool you. This stainless steel paper towel holder grips to surfaces (think under and the sides of cabinets) with an ultra-strong adhesive. The holder itself is sleek and made to last (aka it won’t rust). Available in a selection of modern metal and matte finishes, it’s an affordable way of getting the paper towel rolls off your counters for a cleaner aesthetic.

  • Available colors: 7


This Utility Organizer For Brooms & More

Organize your utility closet with this broom holder. It mounts to walls and features five rubberized slots for securely holding brooms, mops, rakes, and more. Six hooks add a convenient place to everything from garden gloves to dusters. The entire organizer boasts a 35-pound weight capacity, and it’s affordable, too.

  • Available colors: 4


These Ultra-Thick, Reusable Food Storage Bags

All that bougie food really adds up, so make sure none goes to waste with these reusable (and super affordable) freezer food storage bags that are offered in a variety of sizes. They’re made from extra-thick, food-grade PEVA designed to keep food fresher longer. The leak-proof seal ensures no messy dripping, too. Pop them in the dishwasher for quick cleanup.

  • Available colors: 2


This Tiered Wooden Stand For Displaying Your Favorite Plants

Constructed from solid pine wood with a rich brown stain, this plant stand has an upscale rustic feel that looks so much more expensive than it is. Four tiers add visual interest while providing a secure surface for house plants. The base doubles as an additional tier and features locking caster wheels.

  • Available colors: 9


These Drawer Dividers For Your Intimates

If you’ve ever wished your intimates drawer looked as good as those at a Victoria’s Secret store, now they can. These drawer divider organizers are made from a soft yet durable fabric and feature compartments for everything from bras to panties to camisoles. Choose from a variety of colors, including a pink that really pops.

  • Available colors: 7


This Minky Faux Fur Throw Blanket That Looks Expensive

This faux fur throw blanket looks and feels so good, offering a rich textural element to your space. The minky fabric is soft to the touch and provides just the right amount of warmth, making it a blanket that you can cozy up with all year round. Choose from almost twenty colors to match any room in the house.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 19


This At-Home Light Therapy Lamp

Light therapy spa treatments aren’t cheap, so you’ll be pleased to know you can experience them at home for a fraction of the cost with this popular light therapy lamp. It offers all of the benefits of real sunlight (minus harmful UV rays), including help with improved mood, sleep, and skin. With three lighting modes and timer settings, plus a slim design that can be placed on your desk or table without looking tacky, it’s a total steal for its affordable price tag.


This Upscale Armrest Tray For All The Lounge Essentials

This wood armrest tray is perfect for propping your drinks, snacks, phone, tablet, and more while you catch up on your favorite TV shows. The spring loaded legs clamp to armrests, automatically adjusting up to 9 inches to fit almost any size or shape of furniture. The raised edge keeps items from slipping off, adding another practical element to this upscale tray.

  • Available colors: 3


This Bendable Ceiling Fan Duster

Keeping your ceiling fans looking like new just got easier with this extra-long duster with a telescoping pole (extends up to 100 inches). The wet/dry microfiber head clings to dust, twists, and bends for precise cleaning. The head is washable for reuse for years to come. As one shopper raved, “The soft cloth can easily clean all places, and narrow spaces will be invaded by it. Removing dust makes my home look cleaner and tidy.”


This Pro-Quality Food Scale In A Compact Design

This food scale offers accuracy, durability, and an easy-to-read screen so you can weigh and measure foods like a pro. Foods can be placed directly on the food-safe stainless steel surface or weighed in a container when you activate the tare setting. The sleek and slim design makes it a kitchen tool you can display or tuck away easily. Choose from three sizes depending on your food needs.

  • Available colors: 8


This Under-Cabinet Jar Grip For Effortless Opening

This kitchen tool feels a little like magic. The low-profile under-cabinet design of this jar opener allows it to be tucked out of sight (aka under kitchen cabinets). And it opens jars with a simple twisting motion within its innovative V-shaped carbon steel grip. At such a good price, it’s a kitchen tool you won’t want to pass up.


These Shelf Liners For Keeping Your Fridge Showroom Clean

These shelf liners are a pro hack for keeping your fridge showroom clean. Simply place them over your shelves — fridge, cabinets, and more — and remove and rinse when dirty. They’re made from durable and BPA-free plastic and feature a textured surface for maximum grip. Choose from clear or colored options in various sizes.

  • Available colors: 5


This High-End Magnetic Screen Door

This magnetic screen door installs in minutes using strong and durable Velcro-like strips. Once installed, the high-quality mesh and magnetic closure seals off your home from unwanted pests. It’s safe for children and pets, and is a great hands-free (and easily removable) alternative to traditional screen doors.

  • Available sizes: 4


This European-Inspired Bidet Attachment

Give yourself the European treatment with this bidet toilet attachment. It features dual nozzles and adjustable pressure settings for precision cleansing. It requires no electricity and is even self-cleaning for easy setup and maintenance. Compatible with most toilets, you can choose from black or white panel styles to match your bathroom color scheme.

  • Available colors: 2