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Capri Sun Will Be Available Outside The Pouch For The First Time Ever

You can now buy the juice by the jug.

Capri Sun is releasing it's iconic juice in jug format this spring.
Capri Sun

You know when you try to stick a straw in the Capri Sun pouch, but you don’t angle it right, and it goes all the way through the back of the package, leaving your kid thirsty and upset, while the other kids drink their Capri Suns without worry? Well, it never has to happen again.

For the first time in company history, Capri Sun is releasing their nostalgic, iconic juice outside of the pouch. This week, the company revealed that it is debuting a 96-ounce jug of fruit punch flavor — for those playing at home, that’s as much as 16 pouches!

The company says that they are answering a long-time demand of their customers, claiming that between 2020 and 2023, 76% of suggestions received by the Capri Sun call center were about fans wanting a bigger product size for larger families and parties — so that the drink can be enjoyed at the dinner table in addition to “on-the-go” juiceboxes.

The “multi-serve” jugs will be sold in a two-pack, available at the following wholesale club stores: BJs Wholesale Club, Sam’s Club, and Costco.

“With this larger format, everyone, including kids at heart, can bring a piece of their epic childhood to parties, summer gatherings and even dinnertime at home,” said Jordan Mann, Senior Brand Manager, in a press release. “We’re now able to delight those fans that grew up on Capri Sun with an offering that suits their needs. They’ve outgrown the serving size of the pouch, but not their love for Capri Sun.”

The company also reports that the juice in the jug is the very same as in the pouch, made from all-natural ingredients and dyes, with just a little vegetable juice added for color.

Fans seem excited about the new option.

“Everyone’s looking at me funny during lunch with my 96oz Capri-sun,” one person wrote on the Capri Sun Instagram announcement.

“Make it Strawberry Kiwi,” begged another.

As of yet, Capri Sun will only be available in their flagship fruit punch flavor — but it should be available in stores starting now. Fingers crossed that we’ll get Pacific Cooler at some point!