65 Cheap, Clever Things For Your Home That Are Cool As Hell

Make your home the cool house on the block with these inexpensive finds.

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Let’s get right to it because you’re here to shop. This fun list is jam-packed with Amazon products that are inexpensive, incredibly clever, and offer ways to make your life a little more efficient. These are the items you might not have even realized existed but now can’t live without. Revamp your home and your routine with these genius picks.


This 2-Pack Of Stackable Yeti Ramblers In 12 Fun Color Options

You can’t go wrong with Yeti, and that includes this two-pack of stackable ramblers. The stainless steel cups are double wall vacuum insulated, and they’re dishwasher-safe to make life easier. Lined in ceramic, each cup can hold four ounces of liquid, making them the perfect height to fit under most espresso machines. There are 12 fun colors to choose from.


These Pretty Solar Garden Lights That Sway In The Wind

These solar garden lights are a beautiful addition to your existing plants as their flexibility allows them to sway in the wind. Made with flexible iron wire, the way they sway makes them look like fireflies at night. Simply place them in your garden or yard, turn them on, and allow the sun to charge them so they automatically turn on at dusk.


This Quick-Dry Bathmat That’s Thin Enough To Fit Under Doors

If you’re looking for a highly efficient and comfortable bathmat, check out this quick dry bathmat. Not only is it super absorbent and dry quickly, but it also has an antislip rubber backing to keep it in place. Designed from faux suede, this bathmat has an ultra-thin design that can fit under doors, which is for sure a necessity for small bathrooms. It’s available in several sizes and colors.


These Self-Gripping Cable Ties That Are Color Coded

Use this 40-pack of self-gripping cable ties to organize your cords so you can live a happy, organized existence. The hook and loop cable ties are much easier to use than twist ties, and they actually stay attached when the cords are in use. They even work well at keeping cords behind your TV organized and out of sight.


This Stain-Absorbing Coffee Bar Drying Mat That Will Improve Your Morning Caffeine Ritual

It’s better to use this coffee bar drying mat to absorb the inevitable coffee drops than to deal with brown stains on your countertop, don’t you think? Crafted with a rubber backing to keep it in place and avoid seeping, it also really pulls your coffee bar together and gives you a place to put extra mugs and all of your coffee accessories, thus making your morning ritual even more enjoyable. It’s available in several color options and three sizes.


This Rechargeable Clip-On Book Light With 5 Brightness Levels

Clip this rechargeable clip-on book light onto your book to avoid bothering your partner while reading in bed. The compact booklight features five dimmable brightness levels and three color modes so you can choose settings that feel best for your eyes. The battery offers 10 to 80 reading hours depending on the brightness level you choose.


Some Under-Bed Storage Containers For Off-Season Clothes & Linens

Store your off-season clothes, extra blankets, or linens in these two under-bed storage bags to keep everything tucked away until needed. The storage bags feature transparent zippered closures so you can see your items without making a mess. There are also sturdy handles that let you pull the bags out from under the bed with ease.


This Refrigerator Deodorizer That Lasts Up To 10 Years

This refrigerator deodorizer will decompose harmful gases into water molecules, which eliminates odors and will help keep refrigerated food fresher for longer. The deodorizer is more effective than baking soda and activated carbon, lasts a lot longer, and there’s no need to replace it for up to 10 years. Its compact size makes it a good option for other small spaces like closets and drawers.


These Cozy Holders For Bowls Fresh Out Of The Microwave That Also Work As Potholders

The heatproof design of these microwave bowls makes them ideal candidates for bringing bowls directly from the microwave to the table. Microwave-to-table, if you will. Four holders come in the pack, and they can also be used as potholders or to hold cold bowls of ice cream. They are machine washable and come in a variety of colors. They’ve also earned themselves an impressive overall score of 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon, which isn’t nothing.


This Best-Selling Outlet Concelear That’s Super Thin

This ultra-thin outlet concealer allows you to plug in whatever you want and still be able to push a couch or dresser almost completely against a wall. It’s extremely useful for tidying cords and making your space look much neater once the cords are hidden. It’s also really easy to set up with no tools required, so no need to phone a friend.


This Electric Coffee Warmer With An Auto Shut-Off For Less Than $25

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on expensive electric mugs to keep your coffee warm without shoving it in the microwave every 10 minutes — just purchase this coffee warmer that’s more affordable and gets the job done well. When a mug is placed on the warmer, it starts heating, and when it’s removed it automatically shuts off. It’s available in five colors and can heat beverages up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


These Silicone Counter Gap Covers That Can Be Customized For The Perfect Fit

Fill the gap between the counter and the stove with this set of two silicone stove counter gap covers. The flexible covers are designed to fit directly in the gap to prevent crumbs and food from falling into the cracks. Installation couldn’t be easier. Plus, if they don’t fit perfectly, or if you have a non-standard-sized oven, the covers can be cut and customized to fit in the space.


This Stained Glass Privacy Film That’s Easily Removable

When light shines through this window privacy film, it acts like a prism, creating a fun mosaic rainbow pattern. The easily removable film is ideal for adding privacy to windows that don’t have shades or curtains while still allowing light to shine through. It comes in several size options in a few color possibilities, and guests may not even realize it’s not real textured glass.


These Reusable Silicone Lids In A Variety Of Sizes

Stop using single-use plastics for your leftovers and switch over to these reusable silicone lids. The lids are stretchy to fit every container, and they come in seven different sizes, including an extra-large lid to cover large pots and salad bowls. They’re safe for the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven, and they’re of course safe for food.


These Space-Saving Hangers With 5 Hooks Each

When you hang your clothes vertically instead of horizontally across a closet as you would with these space-saving hangers, you really do save a tremendous amount of space. The heavy-duty hangers come in a four-pack and are great for hanging shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, ties, scarves, purses, and more. “These are so much better than the ones that you load up then hang clothes on,” said one reviewer. “I was hoping these hangers would be the answer. They did not disappoint. Well worth the money.”


This Under-Cabinet Jar Opener That Quickly Opens Lids Of All Sizes

No matter the size of the jar, this under-cabinet jar opener can take care of it for you. The jar opener mounts under a cabinet and grips a lid using its sharp dual carbon steel teeth, opening any size lid so you don’t have to. It’s a great tool for anyone, but it’s an especially clever buy for anyone with weak hands or arthritis who prefers to handle dinner prep independently.


These Clever Brown Sugar Saver Discs Made Of Terracotta

To keep your brown sugar from getting hard and unusable, give these terracotta brown sugar-saver discs a try. To use the two-pack of discs, soak one in water, pat it dry, and store it in your brown sugar container or other food canisters. It’ll keep the moisture in to help maintain softness. To keep foods like pantry staples dry, they work for that as well — just bake the disc at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes.


This Adorable Sponge Holder That Sticks To Smooth Surfaces

Purr-fect for cat lovers (sorry, the annoying pun was too easy), this cat-shaped sponge holder will help keep your kitchen sink area organized. It arrives with its own sponge but is capable of holding sponges of other shapes and sizes. As long as you (and your family members) put the sponge back in the holder, it’ll always be there when you need it. Just like cats. Just kidding, cats are never there when you need them. If cats aren’t your thing, there’s also a version that resembles a bed that’s bound to get compliments.


This Kitchen Shelf Organizer That Works With Flat-Top Stoves

Set this two-tier kitchen shelf organizer on your flat-top stove for additional storage space and easy access to spices. It has a magnetic base to keep it in place, and the shelves have front, side, and back lips to prevent the spice jars from falling. Labels are included and can be placed on the front of the shelves so you know what’s what.


A Best-Selling Wok Spatula With A Heat-Resistant Handle

You can cook all types of food with this wok spatula, including stir fry, fried rice, pasta, and steak. This spatula gets under even the stickiest food with its deep, wide head. It has an ergonomic handle that’s heat-resistant with a hole at the tip for hanging. Based on its high-quality stainless steel, it’s surprisingly inexpensive for what you get.


These Trash Bag Bands That Work With Round & Rectangular Bins

This set of trash bag bands comes with three universal-size bands that fit on 10, 13, 20, and 33-gallon trash bins. The bands, all of which have strong metal joints, are designed to fit over the top of a trash bin to hold trash bags in place. They’re easy to put on and easy to take off, so when the trash bag is ready to be taken out, you can avoid the struggle.


This Customizable Organizer To Keep Pots & Pans Neat

Pots, pans, and their corresponding lids are, for some reason, one of the most annoying things to store neatly. This customizable pot rack organizer will fix that. It offers three different options installation options that allow you to pick what works for your space and can hold several items of various sizes. Whichever configuration you choose, this keeps your items stacked nicely and makes it easy to grab the one you need.


This Novelty Over-The-Door Cat Hook That’s Surprisingly Sturdy

It seems like an over-the-door cat hook would cost more than it does based on pure awesomeness alone, but alas, it is not. This hilarious novelty cat features one hook for each of its front paws that is sturdy enough to hold towels, jackets, robes, umbrellas, and backpacks. As one reviewer noted, “This item is built very solidly. It has been on my doorframe for a while and I believe it will remain there for years to come.” What more could you ask for?


This Adjustable Organizer That Adds Space Under Your Sink

The cabinet underneath your sink, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, can be an awkward spot for organizers. This under-sink organizer is expandable so you can adjust it to the height, width, and depth that you need. The top offers extra space to stack cleaning supplies and anything else, while other items can be stored underneath. It makes the area look more neat so you can easily find what you need.


This Magnetic Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Sign So You’re Always In The Know

Let your family know when the dishwasher is clean or dirty with this magnetic clean/dirty sign so they can either load their dirty dishes or empty the clean ones. (Or maybe that’s wishful thinking.) Unlike other dishwasher signs, this one actually stays in place and won’t constantly slip down. It works on all dishwashers — if yours isn’t magnetic, just use the bonus metal piece that’s included with adhesive backing to make it stick. It’s just as cute as it is informative, and has scored an overall rating of 4.7 out of five stars.


An Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Set That Lets You Choose Your Grind Size

Save time in the kitchen spicing up your food when you use this stainless steel electric salt and pepper grinder set. The grinders have a one-handed design, and the grinder is adjustable so you can choose the grit size you want — from coarse to medium to fine. They are truly a heck of a lot easier to use than the shakers that require manual turning and grinding.


This 2-Pack Of Disco Ball Lights Operated Via Remote Control

Get the party started when you whip out this two-pack of disco ball lights. The mini lights are operated via the included remote control. They’re also sound-activated and feature different light modes, including light rotation and strobe effect. If your room is larger than 64 square feet, the company recommends buying two packs of lights.


This Portable Non-Electric Snow Cone Machine That Comes With An Ice Cube Tray

Easy to use and impressively efficient, this non-electric ice shaver and snow cone machine makes fantastic snow cones, margaritas, iced coffee, or whatever else you might want to use fine ice for. Aside from the machine itself, your purchase will also come with an ice cube mold that will make 15 cubes per round. It has stainless steel blades, and since it’s portable and manual, you could literally bring it anywhere.


A Set Of 3 Flower Vases With A Modern Aesthetic

Add this set of flower vases to your home decor for a pretty, modern aesthetic. The set includes three vases in varying sizes, making them perfect for displaying together or individually around your house, as well as a bamboo base. The vases are narrow, so they won’t be able to hold a ton of flowers at once, but they work great for both solo flowers and small accent bouquets.


This Convenient Electric Milk Frother That’s Portable

Take this stainless steel milk frother on the go or use it at home — wherever you use it, just know that it’ll froth your milk like a professional barista. Perfect for all types of milk, the frother can whip up a latte, make your kids an excellent hot chocolate, or even blend your protein shakes. Unlike many other similar milk frothers, this one has a two-speed switch.


This Unique Set Of Black Ramekins That Can Withstand Heat Up To 450 Degrees Fahrenheit

Whether you use them for snacks for your kids, soup, taco night essentials, or baking, this set of six ceramic ramekins is perfect for all of it. The ramekins are unique in that they’re black on the outside with bold primary colors on the inside. They can each hold up to four ounces and since they can resist heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, are designed to go straight from the oven to the table. They’re also both dishwasher and microwave-safe.


These Best-Selling Swedish Dishcloths That Are Reusable

This 10-pack of Swedish dishcloths is a great way to cut back on your paper towel usage, as each towel can take the place of several rolls. Made of cellulose and cotton, the dishcloth becomes soft when it’s wet for cleaning spills and wiping down surfaces, and it’s gritty enough for scouring when it’s dry. The cloths are machine washable and will last for several washes.


These Easy-To-Install Corner Shelves To Hold Shower Products

Add these two corner shelves to your shower to keep your most-used products on hand. They’re very easy to install using a strong adhesive sealant that will keep them in place no matter what. It’s made of aluminum that doesn’t rust, so it’s safe to use in the water, and the slots in the bottom allow for easy draining. The little hooks on the sides are ideal for razors, small towels, and anything else that can hang.


These Handmade Ceramic Toothbrush Holders That Add An Unexpected Pop Of Color

Who says toothbrush holders can’t be adorable? This two-pack of toothbrush holders is handmade with ceramic material, and they’re small enough to clear up space on your bathroom countertop when you ditch your larger toothbrush holder. The round holders will store individual toothbrushes but are also great for holding makeup brushes or writing utensils on a desk. They’re available in 11 colors to add an unexpected pop of color to your bathroom vanity or wherever you decide to keep them.


This Innovative Paper Towel Holder & Spray Bottle In One

This clever paper towel holder is mounted underneath your cabinet, so it keeps the roll off of the countertop and in easy reach. Even more convenient? The middle bar holds a spray bottle that can be filled with a multipurpose cleaner. It comes in a variety of finishes and is made of durable metal that should feel nice and sturdy.


A Set Of Glass Cups Perfect For Iced Beverages

This budget-friendly set of glasses will quickly become the ones you reach for every day. They come with matching glass straws and bamboo lids that make them ideal for your cold drinks, like iced coffee or smoothies, but they can also be used for hot coffee. They also come with cute little coasters that fit perfectly underneath them, and straw cleaning brushes as well.


This Toilet Paper Spray That’s A Planet-Friendly Alternative To Wet Wipes

Non-biodegradable flushable wet wipes can cause damage to your septic system, so switching over to this toilet paper spray lets you DIY a septic- and planet-friendly wipe whenever you need one. To use, simply spray the wet wipe alternative onto toilet paper and wipe. Each ounce equals 50 wet wipes, and it comes in scented and scent-free versions, each of which is formulated with witch hazel, aloe vera, and apricot oil.


These Adorable Bunny Toaster Tongs That Make A Fun Gift

Here’s a gift idea that you’ve probably never considered before: bunny-shaped toaster tongs. The wooden bunny tongs are crafted from heat-resistant beechwood and feature extra-long ears that are designed to help you grab toast out of the toaster without burning your hands. They can be used for all tong-related activities, not just for toast. And, of course, they make an especially excellent housewarming or white elephant gift.


These Stackable Bins That Help Organize Smaller Items

These stackable bins are a great way to organize smaller food items in your pantry while saving on space — stacking them on top of each other gives you more surface room on the shelf. The wide opening makes it easy to grab what you need, even in the bottom bin. These are also great for holding makeup, desk tools, bathroom items, and more.


These Reusable Silicone Food Savers In Small, Medium & Large

If you’re putting in an effort to cut back on single-use plastics, ditching the plastic wrap and switching over to these reusable silicone food savers is a step in the right direction. The round sleeves come in a pack of five in small, medium, and large sizes. They stretch to fit common fruit and vegetable halves with an air-tight seal, keeping them fresher for longer. You can also buy them in multiple color schemes to better fit your kitchen’s interior decor.


This Attractive Caddy That Keeps Your Sink Neat & Organized

Cleaning items can easily end up stacked by the sink faucet in a soapy, watery pile — or, even worse, end up left in the dirty sink itself. Keep that area much more organized with this sink caddy. It features a soap dispenser with two other storage compartments that can hold items like sponges or brushes. Drain holes at the bottom keep everything dry and it’s pleasantly heavy and durable. The marble-like finish also makes it really nice to look at.


These Best-Selling Satin Pillowcases With Over 225,000 5-Star Reviews

For just under $15, you’ll get two silky soft satin pillowcases that can help your hair and skin overnight. These pillowcases feature an envelope closure and are available in several sizes and colors. Two come in the set, and they can be washed in the washing machine, but for best results, be sure to turn them inside out and wash them in a mesh bag. Over 225,000 Amazon customers gave them a rave five-star review, so they may be just the thing to help you get a more comfortable night’s sleep.


These Versatile Containers That Are Easy To Store

When not in use, plastic and glass food storage containers can take up a lot of space in your cabinets. These silicone food storage containers are the answer to that problem: they’re collapsible and lay nearly flat when not in use, making them a much more compact option (this also means they’re great for travel). Made of food-grade silicone, these are easy to clean, safe for the microwave and the freezer, and come in four different sizes. They also come with airtight lids to keep food fresh.


This Handy Drain Protector That Catches Hair In The Shower

Strands of stray hair and the drain aren’t the ideal combination. Prevent your drains from being clogged with a buildup of hair with this drain protector for your shower or tub. The mushroom shape makes it easy to use and allows for improved water flow: hair can easily wrap around this without blocking any water, preventing clogs. Cleaning it is a breeze, as you just wipe the hair away.


These Silicone Spoon Rests That Are Very Easy To Clean

Made of 100% silicone, these spoon rests are heat-resistant and really easy to wipe clean (although they’re also dishwasher safe if necessary). This set comes with three, so you can use them throughout your kitchen or on your table as well. They’re a simple basic, with a large enough surface area to hold any spoon. One reviewer said they love that they’re not breakable, while another noted that they’re great because they don’t slide around or leave scratches behind.


These Hand-Blown Plant Watering Globes That Hold 2 Weeks Of Water

These plant watering globes are made of handblown glass, which makes for a pretty addition to any pot, but they also serve a purpose. They can hold up to two weeks' worth of water that automatically dispenses into a plant when placed in the soil, making them especially useful for travelers. Four globes come in the pack, so you can set them and forget them for a bit.


This Waterproof Digital Food Scale That Can Weigh Up To 22 Pounds

This digital food scale will handle all your kitchen weighing needs. It can weigh objects up to 22 pounds and as light as two grams. It’s great for baby food or pet food prep, your own meal prep, cooking, and baking. Choose from grams, ounces, pounds, milliliters, and fluid ounces. The waterproof scale features a rechargeable battery.


An Adjustable Organizer That Will Finally Keep Your Container Lids Neat

Neatly storing piles of oddly shaped container lids can feel nearly impossible, which is why this lid organizer is such a game-changer. It keeps lids carefully organized and easy to grab, instead of in confusing piles that fall over and make a mess. The dividers are adjustable and can be moved around as needed, and the whole thing is expandable to fit your space. It can hold up to 40 lids and comes with 30 preprinted and blank labels so you know exactly where each lid goes.


This Budget-Friendly Set Of Cast Iron Pans To Cook Just About Anything

Many cooking enthusiasts will insist that a cast iron pan is a kitchen staple due to their versatility, durability, and even heat retention. This set of four cast iron frying pans comes in at a great price point and is pre-seasoned, which means they’re ready to use right out of the box. Made with a ceramic coating, these are nonstick and fairly easy to use with the proper maintenance. They come with silicone covers for the handles and can be used on the stovetop or in the oven. “As beautiful and high quality as enamelware costing 10x as much,” one reviewer raved, in case you needed more convincing.


This Genius Armrest Table For Easy Access To All The Snacks

Whoever invented this sofa arm clip table is a true hero. It clips onto most sofa or couch armrests (with a width of four to nine inches), and there’s no assembly required, which is always a plus. Use the table to hold your phone, beverage, TV remote, or most importantly, all the snacks or meals you want. It’s also a great replacement for a coffee or side table, especially if you’re low on space.


This Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit That’s An Amazon Best-Seller

This best-selling dryer vent cleaner kit can remove years of built-up lint to help your machine run more efficiently and safely, and it can even help prevent house fires. The hose attachment cleans the vent, but it can also reach behind the dryer and washing machine to clean out the inevitable dust and debris.


A Compact Bag Holder That Can Be Mounted On The Wall For Easy Storage

A collection of plastic bags can come in handy for a variety of occasions, but can also be annoying to store. This bag holder has a wide opening that makes it easy to put bags in and remove them as needed, and it can be mounted on the wall to free up floor or cabinet space. The brushed stainless steel finish makes it look surprisingly sleek. And while this is advertised for plastic bags, it can also be great for reusable totes and garbage bags.


This Adjustable Kitchen Wrap Organizer For Convenient Storage

Keep your boxes of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, parchment paper, plastic baggies, and more in one tidy space with this wrap box organizer. It takes minutes to put together and comes with eight wire holders to hold a variety of items. What really makes this stand out is how adjustable it is: you can move the holders as needed to make almost any size box fit. And if you leave the openings of the boxes facing out, this also acts as a handy dispenser.


A Set Of Heavy-Duty Mitts & Pot Holders That Seriously Block The Heat

Once you start using these silicone oven mitts and pot holders, you’ll never look back. Durable and thick, these are made of textured silicone that keeps the heat off your hands and countertops and offers an excellent grip. They’re long enough to keep your forearms protected and are waterproof to prevent steam burns. They’re also very easy to wipe clean as needed. This set comes with two mitts and two pot holders for a great price point.


These Ice Cube Trays That Come With A Storage Bin

The efficiency of this silicone ice cube tray and storage system is impressive. It comes with two pop-out trays that each hold 32 ice cubes, a lid, a storage box that can hold all the ice cubes, and an ice scoop. The trays make square ice cubes that are perfect for cocktails, iced coffee, tea, lemonade, or your favorite iced beverage.


A Veggie Chopper That Makes Food Prep So Much Faster

One of the most time-consuming and dull parts of prepping food is chopping and dicing produce. This vegetable chopper comes with everything you need to complete that task faster and more efficiently. Sharp blades slice through any fruit or veggie in large or small sizes, depending on what you need, and it comes with a spiralizing blade. A lock and finger guard increase safety, and the large tray holds up to 5 cups of food at a time. It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning once you’re done.


This Large Storage Basket With Multiple Uses

This thick woven rope basket can be used for pretty much anything. It’s a great place to stow piles of stuffed animals, bags, pillows, blankets, shoes — basically any small accessory or toy can be thrown in here. It can also double as a laundry basket and looks nice enough to put on display as decor. The beige and white color is pretty and simple, but it’s also available in other solid shades. Handles make it easy to carry and it has a nice sturdy feel to it so it won’t topple over or crumble into itself.


These Easy-To-Install Stoppers To Keep Doors Open

If your door doesn’t stay open on its own or if it keeps getting slammed open into the wall, these door stoppers are worth spending money on. Super strong double-sided adhesives make these incredibly easy to install, and they can be mounted on the wall or floor. They’re available in packs of one, two, four, or six, in silver, white, or black. Reviewers note that these “work like a charm” and are very “well-designed.”


These Motion Lights That Make It Safer To Walk Around At Night

There’s no need to fumble for the light switch in a dark room in the middle of the night when you have these motion-sensor night-lights. They have three different light modes (always on, auto for the motion sensor, and off), as well as two brightness levels. They give off a warm light when you need it most and are so easy to use since they just plug into an outlet.


This Reusable Lint Roller That Removes All Traces Of Pet Hair

Finding clumps of pet hair all over your clothing, furniture, and rugs is pretty standard when you have cats or dogs, and this pet hair remover can make it easier to deal with. Unlike many other lint rollers, this one is reusable, making it more cost-effective and eco-friendly. The roller grabs every strand of hair in its path and emptying it is as simple as the push of a button.


A Basket For Holding The Essentials You Need As You Walk In Or Out The Door

Practical and sturdy, this metal entryway basket offers a convenient space to stow some small accessories right by your front door. The basket is large enough to hold mail, sunglasses, or makeup products you might want on hand, and hooks along the bottom are perfect for hanging keys or hats. Of course, this is also versatile enough to use in any room of your house and is available in two other sizes as well.


These Colorful Ceramic Plates For Cooking & Serving Food

Multi-use items are great to have in the kitchen, especially if you’re short on space. These bright blue ceramic dishes can be used for cooking or heating up food, as they are oven- and microwave-safe, and they’re nice enough to use as plates at the dinner table. The handle and color give them a unique and fun look.


These Velvet Hangers That Prevent Clothing from Slipping Off

Keep your closet neat with these slim velvet hangers. The shoulder notches and nonslip material helps them keep clothes in place, so you don’t have to worry about shirts falling to the floor as you flip through them. The tie bar along the bottom is ideal for pants, accessories, or doubling up on clothing. “These are perfect,” one reviewer raved. “They truly are worth [...] every penny!” While the burgundy is a pretty shade, they’re available in other colors as well.


A 2-Tier Organizer That Saves Space

Use this space-saving two-tier organizer to instantly tidy up a countertop, a cabinet, or the area under the sink. Each basket is removable for easy access to your items, and adjustable dividers are also included for even more organization. Bonus: The baskets can be labelled with a dry-erase marker.


An Expandable Drying Rack That Folds For Easy Storage

This expandable dish rack is great for drying cups, plates, wine glasses, and more. It’s made from clear, food-grade plastic with a nonslip silicone base that keeps it in place on your countertop. The portable rack is easy to pull out of a drawer when needed and folds for convenient storage, making it great for small spaces.

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