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Iconic, Early '00s Tween Clothing Store, Limited Too, Teases A Comeback

Here are all the details on its summer relaunch.

More than 15 years after closing, Limited Too is coming back!
@lastinglooks / TikTok

Millennials, grab your butterfly clips and stretchy choker necklaces because Limited Too, the iconic tween clothing brand, announced it would be relaunching in July!

The early 2000s fashion staple — known for its bright colors and glittery details — was a must-wear for girls growing up in the 2000s (myself included!). Sadly, the brand was discontinued in 2008.

Now, more than 15 years later, Limited Too is coming back!

There have been murmurings about a Limited Too comeback after internet sleuths noticed that the brand started posting on Instagram earlier this month. The account's first post on June 3 featured a black jacket emblazoned with "Limited Too" on the back.

"Share the Nostalgia," the caption read, with the hashtag "#LTD2."

Since then, Limited Too has posted messages like "Rediscover an icon" and "We promise — we’re not playing with your emotions."

And they’re not! Limited Too will officially relaunch on July 12.

Before you get too excited, it looks like the relaunch will be geared towards tweens, not the tweens at heart.

However, that didn’t stop millennials who now have kids of their own to beg the brand for "adult sizes."

"I don't know if ya'll understand how much millennials need this right now. Please be adult sizes," one user commented.

"Just know if this is a kids only drop it will be the biggest missed opportunity of the year!!!! We want adult sizes!" another user replied in a post.

“I’m scared this isn’t actually for us millennials who grew up with this store 😭 just a rebranding for tweens,” another said.

One user noted. “The secret to this successful rebrand is if there’s also an adult version of the brand too. WE are the ones that will make things sell out”

And honestly, these comments are spot on!

Millennials are obsessed with nostalgia (because we’re all emotionally scared from a post-9/11 world that gave us economic recessions, gun violence, weather disasters, and a freaking pandemic...).

So, if Limited Too really wanted to capitalize on this resurgence, they need to cater to the ones who grew up with Limited Too who have money to spend!

Unfortunately, this may not be the case, as The Limited Too website offered a sneak peek of its newest clothing drop with a photo of four young girls posing in Limited Too attire.

On the website's About page, it reads, "Limited Too isn't just a brand."

"It’s a living fashion legacy that embraces the next generation of tweens with confidence and self-expression. A celebration of the past and an inspiration for the present, honoring the heritage that made Limited Too a household name," the description said.

The bottom of the website promised: "Limited Too's signature style is back!"

Limited Too was launched in 1987 by the once-popular women’s clothing store, The Limited.

At its peak, there were approximately 600 Limited Too stores in 47 states and Puerto Rico, according to its then-owner Tween Brands.

Amid the 2008 recession, Tween Brands discontinued Limited Too and focused on its other brand, Justice, which also catered to tweens at cheaper prices. Many of the Limited Too stores were simply rebranded as Justice locations.

Let’s be honest: even if Limited Too doesn’t offer adult sizes, tween girls have been looking for third spaces that are only built for them. Maybe this is the start of something great, again.