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29 Gifts For Moms Who Love To Travel (With & Without Their Kids)

Stylish, practical, multi-purpose, and one-of-a-kind. Just like mom.

by Amber Guetebier
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Travel gifts are a great option for moms with wanderlust.
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Whether it's Paris, Vegas, or Disney World, if you know a mom who loves to travel — or you are one — then you know that the right gear can make or break the trip. I've lost my luggage in San Francisco and been caught in a snowstorm in Ireland without a warm enough coat, so I know first-hand that packing (or not packing) something you need can have a bigger impact than just your own discomfort; it can interrupt your plans.

In an ideal world, everything I've packed makes me feel and look good, does double duty, and saves me time so I can head out and see the sights. Is that too much to ask? Nope, not if you ask me.

So, I've made a big ol' list of all of my favorite items that I think moms like me will love. From the perfect, Native-designed travel shoes to layering lipsticks, these are the best gifts for moms who like to travel — and who love to stand out in a crowd. Kids optional.


Native Designed Slip-On Shoes She’ll Never Want to Take Off

Getting through airport security, especially with kids, is a challenge. A comfy shoe that withstands all the running around but also slides on and off with ease is the perfect addition to any mom’s wardrobe. These mocs are a collaboration between Minnetonka and Adrienne Benjamin — a Minnesotan, Anishinaabe, and a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe who is also Minnetonka’s Reconciliation Advisor.

Made of butter-soft suede with a super sturdy sole and arch support, they are perfect for travel. Adrienne’s original beaded design gives them added flair, and because the leather is so soft, there is literally no break-in period. Just slide them on, feel fierce, and go. They come in gray, brown, and super-bright turquoise. Minnetonka has several other Native-designed styles as well.


A Vibrant Eye Shadow Kit That Makes A Statement

Traveling isn't just about crossing items off a bucket list. It's about experiencing the world, learning about local culture, and gaining new perspectives. For any woman who wants to look gorgeous and support a badass brand, these brilliant eye shadow kits from Prados Beauty — a Xicana/Indigenous-owned beauty brand — are sustainably made, vegan, cruelty-free, and absolutely stunning.

A collaboration with Lauren Good Day, the Indigenous artist and the designer behind Indigenous Barbie, the mini pallets are just 5" x 3" and include a mirror. Choose from: Plant Medicine (olive tones, greens, and golds); Mother Earth (neutral colors with black); Healing Waters (blues and iridescent shimmers); and Sun Fire (oranges and red shimmers).


For The Mom Who Wants To Stand Out In A Crowd

I’ve learned over the years that having a bright, recognizable passport cover helps me track where my passport is, especially in the pit of an oversized travel tote I’m inevitably hauling on the plane (full of everything I think my family needs, plus at least one good book). This stylish set from Jonathan Adler does just the trick. The passport cover is emerald green with a fun tiger design, and the luggage tag is a deep orange with Adler’s signature golden snake pattern — ideal for making your suitcase more visible in the sea of luggage.


A To-Go Humidifier To Keep You Hydrated On Flights & Road Trips

Remember how every nursery-planning-baby-advice list told us to put a humidifier in our baby’s room to help them breathe easier, especially during cold and flu season? Apply that principle to travel with a little portable humidifier. Her skin gets the hydration it needs, and she’ll wake up refreshed on the other side of the world.

The Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier emits a cool mist for eight hours before needing a recharge. Plug in the included USB cord to recharge it in just four hours. These are also perfect for winter car travel as it fits in the cup holder.


A Vest to Stash Tons of Stuff and Keep Her Hands Free

If mom’s ultimate goal is to ditch the purse, this travel-friendly vest features 24 (!!) different pockets. It’s durable, machine-washable, and literally has a pocket for everything. There are 10 exterior and 14 interior pockets, including a glasses pocket with screen cleaning chamois, an RFID blocking pocket for passports and credit cards, and an attachment for keys. The vest also features a two-way zipper and a super forgiving, stain-resistant fabric.

I tried one on, loaded up the pockets, and the only negative I can see is that the cut was a little boxy on me. The side-seam zippers helped give it a little more shape and space for walking, but even with loaded pockets, it was pretty comfortable. If you think 24 pockets are too much for her, check out the brand's 9-Pocket 101 Vest.


A Portable Breastmilk and Formula Chiller That Converts to Bottle and Travel Mug

The Ceres Chiller gets some of the best reviews on the market for keeping breastmilk or formula at the perfect temperature for 20 hours. Breastfeeding mothers can pump milk directly into the bottle using an adapter. The lid can be outfitted as a bottle to feed formula or breastmilk. All the Chillers are dishwasher-safe and TSA-approved.

Because the company banks on its own design and promotes sustainability, it offers a straw top to convert the chiller into a travel mug when she no longer needs it for Baby. The bundle includes a Demigoddess Mini Chiller; a straw top with an infuser to convert the chiller into a tea or drink cup; two tea blends, a cute handle, and a set of two adapters for pumping directly into the Chiller (includes narrow and wide neck parts).


For the Woman With Wanderlust Seeking Her New Signature Scent

This set of petite eau de parfums includes eight 1.5 ml bottles of Tocca’s delicate scents that invoke travel vibes, perfect for tucking into her purse or makeup bag. The scents included are Florence, Stella, Giulietta, Cleopatra, Colette, Simone, Maya, and Gia. Pay attention to which one runs out first, and then by Mother’s Day, you can purchase her a full-size bottle.


A Nightgown That Doubles As a Dress (& Helps Her Handle Hot Flashes)

Whenever I travel, I like to make sure that everything I pack is versatile, including my pajamas. This cute little t-shirt nightie from Lusome has special fabric that helps wick away moisture and perspiration, keeping your skin cool and dry. Whether it’s hot flashes or night sweats when the kids are snuggled up ever so close, this little nightie fits the bill.

Because it’s so cute, you won’t be embarrassed answering the door in it, and you can even use it as a swim cover-up. Pair it with some fancy, stylish shoes like the Pons Avarca sandals below, and you’ve got a complete outfit that’s as comfy as it is attractive.


Shoes That’ll Make Her Feel Like She’s on Vacay Every Day

Even though I live somewhere with harsh winters, I wear sandals until it’s dangerous to do so. And when I’m not wearing them, I dream of places I can wear them to — like these aptly named shoes from Pons Avaraca, a high-end brand based on the island of Menorca. It’s such a pleasure to ditch the mom arsenal of Tevas and sneakers and just indulge in a shoe that can keep up with your habits but make you feel glamorous.

The Pons Avarca Mediterranean has a slight wedge and soft leather with an open toe and an ankle strap. These are built to last and have a rubber sole that will help cushion her feet from cobblestones or pavement. They also come in 16 different colors.


A Collapsible Suitcase That’ll Free Up Much-Needed Closet Space

If, like mine, half her closet is filled with empty suitcases for every family member, this innovative suitcase will answer her prayers. A hybrid between a hardshell and a softshell case, it’s collapsible, so it folds down nearly flat when not in use. I find mine to be spacious but also super lightweight: It’s a few ounces less than my previous hardshell case. It also rolls like a dream. I’ve used my carry-on size for international trips and road trips, and it’s now replaced the bulkier carry-on that used to take up precious space.


The Perfect Travel Hoodie, No Matter the Weather

Last spring, I went on a trip to Ireland with my family during what turned out to be one of the coldest weekends on record for March. I left my Minnesota winter coat at home, in part because it felt too bulky. (Big mistake!) I’ve always struggled to find a coat that has a modicum of style and is still functional, and I think I finally found it with this tactical hoodie.

Made of waterproof fleece, it features lots of pockets to house all those discovered treasures along the way, plus velcro to keep sleeves and the hood in place in strong winds. It has a nice cut, is wider at the hips and fitted at the waist, and, in my opinion, fits a little on the large side, which is excellent for layering. For avid outdoorsmoms, or the mom who is always cold walking the dog, this jacket is a dream come true.


A Delicious Pick-Me-Up Just Before Landing (Or Just Before Pick-Up)

Things we moms love: caffeine and chocolate. Combined in a little yummy bite that is non-GMO, gluten-free chocolate with 50 mg of caffeine, basically the equivalent of half of a cup of coffee. The only problem? They taste so good that you may be tempted to eat the whole bag.


A Chic Wrap That Doubles As a Blanket

I splurged on this for myself as a birthday gift two years ago and have never regretted it. It’s kept me looking stylish when used over a slip dress on an evening out, works as an airplane blanket, and saved me on windy ferry rides. I’ve also bundled my son up in it on trips to keep him cozy. It has held up really well with little pilling, and it’s easy to gently spot clean. I purchased mine in black, but it comes in seven other colors, including the ever-so-autumnal walnut shade. If the price seems too steep, watch the website for sales. I got mine off-season at 50% off. Or try this cashmere blend wrap from Dalle Piane. It’s made in Italy, comes in 16 different colors, and costs just $78.99


A Versatile Train Case That Holds Everything

Every time I pack, I gear up for a battle between my toiletries and the amount of space I’m willing to dedicate to them in my suitcase. This train case from Stephanie Johnson gets my current vote because it has ample space but isn’t giant. The separate compartment for makeup keeps things way more organized, which saves me time once I’m at my destination. No more digging around from separate makeup pouches. It’s big enough to use for the whole family on shorter trips, too. Includes a removable interior pouch. I love the retro appearance of this particular case; it makes me want to board a train.

PS: I never pack toiletries without these Good Wipes Body Wipes. They’re perfect for refreshing yourself or your little ones after a long flight or a sweaty walk. 6 packs for $16.74


A Complete Lip Color Set That Takes You From A.M. to P.M.

These beautiful sets come with three different coordinating lip products, designed to be worn layered together for bold lips or individually for different looks. Mom can choose to use one or all of the lipstick, lipliner, and lip gloss. While there are several colors (including peaches, mauves, and deep purples), I love this newest addition, the Showstopper, which contains Notice Me Lip Liner, Envy Me Lipstick, and a shimmery gold Glow Up Lip Gloss. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, long-lasting, and hydrating... ideal for aging lips.


A Chic Purse With a Hippy Heart

​​I love fancy things, but I love the Earth more. Which is why this incredible bag caught my eye: the Pearl from Lo & Sons — a minority-owned family business that seeks to "inspire and empower people to go places, while leaving a positive impact on people's lives and the planet." Though the Pearl comes in two types of real leather, I fell in love with the revolutionary cactus leather: a plant-based "leather" made from Nopal cactus. The purse itself is ideal for travel. Mom will adore the slim profile and how it converts from crossbody to wristlet/clutch in seconds. The cactus leather version comes in four different color combos.


A Weighted Sleep Mask for a Good Night’s Sleep Anywhere

Think of it like a weighted blanket for your eyes. Saatva’s Weighted Eye Mask will change the level of sleep she has at home or on the road. Basically, it gives your temple “deep pressure stimulation,” which is said to trigger mood-boosting hormones. Plus, they do wonders for stress headaches brought on by long travel days. Mom can pop this baby on when she’s in airplane mode and every night at the hotel, and she’ll sleep better than ever.


A Perfect Little Zipper Pouch That Makes the World a Better Place

Hand-stitched and with a hand-beaded label, this attractive case is made by Maasai Maker Mums, women and moms in Kenya, Africa. Each purchase helps create independence through sustainable employment. Every bag is printed with lead-free, water-based ink on cotton canvas with colorful, bold designs. Keep it in your purse for essentials, or use it as a makeup pouch. Order one in blue and white exclusively from Smithsonian, or choose a yellow and white or black and white version from Amazon.


One (Big) Bag to Rule Them All

Like the perfect toiletry case, I feel like I’ve been on a multi-year quest to find the ideal carry-on bag. The Limitless Duffle just might be it. A generously sized 40L next-level weekender is a TSA-approved carry-on and unzips completely so each half of the bag can lay flat. Plus, it has a laptop sleeve, a leakproof area for laundry or cosmetics, two generous storage areas, and a strap to attach it to rolling luggage. It also comes with a battery and USB port to keep devices charged on the go.

PS: Throw in these Good Wipes Body Wipes to refresh yourself in a hurry after a workout or a long flight.


An App That Tells Stories While You Drive Around

Autio is an innovative app that responds to your location with local history and stories. Currently, there are over 11,000 stories in the app to listen to as you cruise around or download several to listen to offline. Co-founded by Kevin Costner, who even narrates some of the stories, this app will ensure your family road trips will never be the same. It’s free to download and includes five free stories. Once you’ve listened to those, subscribe for 30 days at $29.99, one year for $35.99, or three years for $69.99. Gift subscriptions are easy through this link.


Cosmetic Containers That Are Worth the Hype

I polled all of the moms I know who love to travel and without a doubt, they all said these magnetic cosmetic containers were either their favorite thing ever or on their wishlist. As someone who struggles with the chaos of a million different-sized containers, I appreciate the uniformity of these, plus the way they adhere together to make it a breeze to squeeze it all into a case. The bundle of 12 fits inside a quart-sized bag. You can choose from 11 different colors, and each container includes a label (called a tile). Choose the label from the dropdown menu or customize your own label for $3. The Capsules are leakproof, TSA-compliant, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free.


A Styling Set That Will Give Her Barbie Hair

The Barbie craze isn’t exactly going away any time soon, so use this hairstyling set to help embrace that inner doll. The set includes a compact 1400W travel hair dryer and a ¾-inch flat iron, both in Barbie pink. Both fit neatly inside the included travel case. Plus, she can share it with her favorite tween or teen.


A 5-in-1 Serum That She’ll Always Keep On Hand

Instead of packing extra tubes and jars of every layer of a nightly routine, opt for this time-saving, space-saving Super Serum from Oil of Olay. It evens skin tone, improves skin texture, firms skin, smooths lines, and hydrates. I used this for a couple of weeks and found it effective, so I’m definitely stashing it in my carry-on next time to apply mid-way through a long flight. It comes in a cute round bottle. It did make my skin a little sensitive to the sun, which is noted on the label, and it does not replace moisturizer completely. Opt for a moisturizer with SPF, and you’ll be good to go.


A Set of Packing Cubes That Will Soothe the Inner Beast

Calpak is another brand that every traveling mom I know swears by. I’ve tried a variety of inexpensive packing cubes over the years, and I’ve often been burned when they rip or a zipper gives. Calpak products seem a lot sturdier than their competitors, and I remain hopeful they will stand the test of time (and distance). This Calpak set has four different-sized packing cubes with breathable mesh sides, plus one waterproof pouch. There is even a spot to slide a label in, for all you Virgos out there.


For the Mom Who Knows (or Fears) the Sting of Lost Luggage

Using a tracking device in your luggage can help you discover just what happened to it, sometimes long before the airline does. This can help make decisions on the fly, like whether or not you need to make a Target stop on the way to the hotel. I’ve personally used Apple AirTags (set of 4 for $88) on all my most recent trips. Samsung recently announced the Galaxy SmartTag2, which can be viewed through Samsung’s “Search Nearby” feature. These run $29.99.

For Android users, try the Pebblebee Clip. It’s actually compatible with both iOS and Android. Apple users can use the “Find My” feature to track their devices, and Android users can locate their items using the Pebblebee app. It’s an affordable gift you don’t think you’ll need until you do!


A Stylish Carry-On Bag That Won’t Break the Bank

My own family gifted me this exact carry-on bag, and I have to say I love it. It has lasted several trips and looks much higher-end than its inexpensive price tag. The main part of the bag is canvas, and the bottom and straps are faux leather. There are two coordinating storage bags, and the bottom unzips to reveal a waterproof storage area, ideal for shoes or even damp swimsuits.


A Neck Pillow to Prevent Drooling and Snoring (Really!)

I’ve learned the hard way that not all neck pillows are created equal. The Cabeau has a clever feature: It includes“chin strap technology.” This velcro strap helps hold the neck pillow in place while adjusting to the size of your head and neck. Doing so helps keep your head in a position that prevents a sore neck, drooling, or that dreaded sudden snore.

The design allows for an opening in the front so you don’t get overheated. Roll it to half its size and tuck it away in the included travel bag. While it takes up a little more space than one of my previous inflatable travel neck pillows, it’s worth the real estate in your carry-on.


A Tiny Iron That Has Her Presentation-Ready No Matter Where She Is

Yes, hotels have irons, but they are often bulky and go from cold to searing hot in a matter of seconds. I’ve ruined more than one “nice dress” on a hotel iron. At home, I only really use steamers or steam irons, and this tiny portable one from CHI is ideal. It is kinda a two-in-one, where you can use it as a steamer or use it more like an iron to get precise with collars and hems. It has a nice long cord, is petite, and costs less than $40.

Full disclosure: I am a very lazy ironer who pretty much hates doing it, so if I think this is easy to use with excellent results, it’s safe to say that most other people will, too. CHI also bills this as a great iron for crafting and sewing because it is easy to use and takes up very little space. I can see this working for dorm rooms.


A Stylish Mom-Invented Solution to Travel Pain Points

Mom-invented, this backpack set has been tested IRL by creator Jordi Lippe-McGraw who wanted to invent a bag system that was elegant, sleek, and full of function. The Wilder Bundle includes the Origin PAK, a mom-sized backpack; the Companion PAK, a pint-sized version perfect for kids; a Polar PAK, an insulated cooler for keeping snacks and breastmilk; and an Aqua PAK, a waterproof wristlet that can do double-duty. The genius part is that all of these items are compatible to become one single bag. The Companion attaches to the Origin, for those times when the kids are too tired to carry their own bag; and the Polar zips right on. Tuck the Aqua inside and you are ready to rock.

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