60 Weirdest Things With Over 4.5 Stars On Amazon That Are Insanely Popular

You’ll be charmed by these unexpected must-haves.

60 Weirdest Things With Over 4.5 Stars On Amazon That Are Insanely Popular
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You probably don’t find it shocking when you come across weird things on Amazon, but when said weird things have over 4.5 stars and appear wildly popular, it’s time to take a closer look. This list is packed full of unique, clever, and straight-up weird stuff that’ll absolutely enhance your life.


This Clip-On Book Light With A Perfectly Simple Design

Reading in bed is about to get simpler with this rechargeable book light. The clip-on light is compact and sturdy with a swivel head for full coverage of pages. There are five brightness levels and three color modes to choose from. The USB battery provides up to 80 hours of reading time, depending on your brightness setting.


This Tantrum Notepad To Let Your Family Know When You’re Having Feelings

If you need a way of letting your family and friends know how you feel without using words, this tantrum notepad can do the trick. The notepad lets you select the feeling you’re feeling and why you might be feeling it. There’s room to write your own comments and let people know how they can help you. It’s better than kicking and screaming on the ground, right?


This Teeny Tiny Cookie Dough Scoop With A Spring-Loaded Handle

In addition to using this cookie scoop for making cookie dough balls, it’s great for creating melon balls and perfectly round ice cream balls. A spring-loaded handle easily squeezes and releases what’s inside so those perfect balls stay perfect. The stainless steel gadget comes in loads of sizes.


This Magnetic Ring Conversion Kit That Offers Wireless Charging

Upgrade your smartphone case to MagSafe to wirelessly charge your phone with this magnetic ring. The kit comes with an alignment guide to help you install the ring in the correct spot, and it’s compatible with any wireless charger. You can use the ring with both iPhone and Galaxy phones.


These Reusable Bowl Covers That Come In 3 Sizes

These reusable bowl covers are a clever way to keep food fresh without transferring it to a storage container. The thick plastic covers have elastic on the edges so they stay put on bowls (think: hair nets, but for food). Fifty pieces come in the set in three sizes: small, medium, and large.


This Super Convenient Strainer That Snaps Onto Pots

There is truly no easier way to strain pasta, veggies, and other food than with this snap-on strainer. The strainer easily snaps onto a pot, making it easy to strain food without transferring it back and forth. Since the strainer is compact and much smaller than the average bowl strainer, you’ll also find yourself with extra space in your cabinets, which is always nice.


This Under-Cabinet Jar Opener That Opens Almost Any Lid

If you or someone you love regularly needs help opening jars, this under-cabinet jar opener can be a huge help. The device mounts underneath a cabinet and features sharp carbon steel teeth that grip any lid. You’ll love that it’s hidden and out of the way, as opposed to bulky jar openers that are hard to use and take up space in a drawer.


This Customizable Fire Escape Floating Shelf Set That Can Hold Up To 27 Pounds

Chances are good that your loved ones have never come across a fire escape wall shelf like this one, so it’s sure to be a conversation starter. It comes with three metal shelves with adorable ladders that make it look like a real, mini fire escape. It can hold up to 27 pounds of various items like small plants, books, and collectibles.


A 4-Pack Of Hair Towels That Won’t Come Untwisted On Their Own

If you’ve never owned a Turbie Twist hair towel wrap, the time has come. The set of four microfiber towels will give your hair a drying boost while keeping it out of your way until you’re ready to blow dry it or let it air dry. Most importantly, the towels have a hook in the back that keeps the towel in place. No wonder why they’ve earned an overall score of 4.7 stars.


This Genius Condiment Fork That Attaches To The Jar

There’s no need to stick your fingers in a jar of pickles when this genius condiment fork is involved. The gadget attaches to most jars of pickles or olives and is ready to go when you are. The fork has three prongs, making it easy to grab what you need without the mess. You just need to wash it and place it back on the jar for next time.


These Helpful Trashcan Bands That Fit Cans Between 13 & 33 Gallons

It’s never ideal when a trash bag slips off the trash can and falls into the abyss, which is where this set of three trash can bands comes in handy. After placing a trash bag in a trash can, the band slips over the top to keep the bag in place. They work with trash cans from 13 to 33 gallons.


This Dracula-Shaped Garlic Crusher That Will Keep Your Hands Odor-Free

There’s no better guy to perform garlic crusher duties than Dracula — you know, because he hates garlic. The best part is, you don’t even have to peel the garlic. This garlic grinder is cute, but it’s also effective and versatile. It can also crush small food items like nuts, herbs, peppers, and ginger. Best of all? It’ll keep your hands fresh, so you don’t have to carry the garlic smell around with you all day.


This Best-Selling Mini Waffle Maker That Has Over 189,000 5-Star Reviews

Take your waffle making on the go with this portable mini waffle maker. The adorably compact waffle maker makes one perfectly portioned waffle at a time in just minutes, and it’s also good for making hash browns and cookies. The nonstick surface makes cleanup a little easier. It’s also hard to ignore the fact that this best-seller has over 189,000 five-star reviews backing it up.


These Necklace Organizers That Come With 20 Hooks

With this two-pack of necklace organizers, there’s room to hang 20 necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or keys. You can mount each organizer on a wall using nail holes or the included strong adhesive tape. Whether you hang them inside a closet or on the back of a door, they’re great at staying out of the way.


This Wearable Blanket That I Rarely Take Off

Without the support of my family and friends, I own The Comfy wearable blanket and wear it far more than is probably healthy. The oversized Sherpa wearable is the perfect blend between the coziest sweatshirt on the planet and a blanket you never want to be without. It has a hood and a gigantic pocket for your hands and practically entire arms. It comes in a plethora of color options, and it can be thrown in the wash if you find yourself wearing it daily to your kids’ sports activities, to the park, camping, and school pickups.


This Wallet Ninja Card Packed With Multiple Tools

When it comes to genius ideas, this wallet ninja multitool card takes the cake. The 18-in-1 card fits in a wallet and is equipped with a bottle opener, can opener, screwdrivers, phone stand, ruler, and more. It’s the perfect gift for a college student or anyone who appreciates having tools on hand but may not have the space.


This Deer Toothpick Holder That Makes A Great Housewarming Gift

Oh deer, this toothpick holder is cute. Featuring a small deer that looks like it’s frolicking in a meadow of toothpicks, the whimsical holder adds a touch of fun to your kitchen. It can hold all types of toothpicks, from thin to thick, and it makes a fantastic housewarming gift for anyone who enjoys weird, but useful things.


A Genius Water Bottle Organizer That Holds 6 Bottles

Since water bottles can be awkward to store, these two water bottle organizers give you a specific place to hold them. Multiple sizes of water bottles fit inside, with a maximum of six fitting comfortably. The stackable organizers can sit on countertops, in cabinets, and inside refrigerators. They can also be used as holders for wine or champagne bottles if you’ve already got your water bottle storage under control.


This 14-Piece Cocktail Set Made Of Rust-Free Stainless Steel

Whether you’re gifting this 14-piece cocktail shaker set to an amateur bartender friend or adding it to your own home bar, the rust-free stainless steel tools won’t let you down. It’s great for bartenders of all skill levels — even if that skill level doesn’t go far beyond pouring a glass of wine (it’s me, hi).


These Business Card Magnets That Can Help You Better Organize Your Contacts

For a better chance of having your business cards visible after giving them away, use these business card magnets so they can stick to the fridge. The box comes with 200 peel-and-stick magnets that are designed to fit perfectly on standard 3.5- by 2-inch business cards. It’s a great way to customize your business cards without paying a lot extra for a company to do it for you. It’s also a great way to get other people’s business cards out of your wallet and give them a visible home.


This Bread-Shaped Pillow That’s Cute Enough To Eat

Surprisingly, this bread-shaped pillow hasn’t been on Oprah’s list of favorite things, but that doesn’t make it any less wonderful. The 32-inch pillow looks like the world’s largest loaf of freshly baked bread, only you can cuddle with it without your family members wondering if you’re OK. It’s surprisingly soft and squishy, and according to one reviewer, “It’s great while lounging around watching movies.”


This Retro Snow Cone Machine That Serves 20

It’s never a bad idea to have a retro snow cone maker around the house like this one, no matter the season. Ideal for birthday parties, a backyard barbecue, or even just Friday night fun with your kiddos, this snow cone maker holds enough ice to serve up to 20 snow cones. The kit comes with two reusable plastic cups and an ice scoop.


This Decorative Sphere That Works Beautifully As A Centerpiece

Whether you use this decorative sphere as a centerpiece on a dining table or as decor on a bookshelf or side table, it’ll add a modern, stylish touch to your space. The metal orb is handpainted and available in black or gold, and it’s impressively sturdy, especially given the low price.


An Aromatherapy Candle For Manifesting Gratitude

If you or someone in your life could use a reminder to manifest gratitude (or any of the positive affirmations the candle company offers), this is the manifesting aromatherapy candle to get. The six-ounce candle is designed to smudge, or cleanse, your home to make room for your new intentions while healing your chakra.


This Bat-Shaped Wine Corkscrew With A Beer Opener

If you’re feeling batty, spring for this bat-shaped corkscrew and bottle opener to add a little fun to your get-togethers. Made of silicone and metal, the opener can pierce through packaging foil to help get the job done well. While the silly corkscrew makes a great gift for a friend, it’s also a great seasonal gadget to buy yourself for spooky season.


This Granite Mortar & Pestle Set That’s Large Enough For Guacamole

Whip up some guacamole, grind herbs, or crack peppercorns using this granite mortar and pestle set. Its rough surface gets the job done but doesn’t hold onto flavors or scents. To wash it, simply run it under water and let it air dry or wipe it down with a towel. The bowl can hold two cups, making it big enough to use for homemade salad dressings, salsa, and of course, guac.


This Duck-Shaped Night Light That Doubles As A Phone Stand

This duck nightlight has had a long day, which is why it’s always lying down — and honestly, same. It’s lightweight, and it activates by taps. While the brightness level on the silicone duck can be dimmed for the perfect nursery night light, because of its lying down position, its feet double as a phone stand.


A Retro Orange Juice Vase Set That You Can Also Use As A Utensil Holder

This two-piece orange juice vase set comes with a retro orange juice carton and an orange slice — both unique ceramic vases. You can use the vases for flowers, of course, but they’re also great as funky decor, bookends, or even utensil holders for a summer barbecue. You can’t, however, drink from them.


These Reusable Keurig Cups To Cut Down On The Waste

Instead of buying endless disposable K-cups, these reusable Keurig cups will save you money and help you reduce waste. You can use any fresh-roasted coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in the stainless steel mesh cups, which are compatible with most Keurig makers. The pack comes with four K-cups.


This Best-Selling Magnetic Tool Bracelet Embedded With 10 Strong Magnets

This magnetic tool bracelet makes for an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys doing DIY work around the house and can’t seem to keep track of all the nails, drill bits, bolts, washers, and other small metal parts. It’s embedded with 10 strong magnets, wraps around any size wrist, and has over 14,000 five-star reviews singing its praises.


This Window Screen Repair Kit That’ll Save You Both Time & Money

Avoid the stress of having to buy a new window screen when your current one tears by using this window screen repair kit. The fiberglass mesh can be cut to the size you need, and then all you need to do is use the strong adhesive to stick it over a hole or tear in your window screen. Not only is it cheaper than a full replacement, but it takes no time at all.


These Botanical-Themed Decals That Can Bring Some Life Into Your Bathroom

Stick these green plant decals on the tank of your toilet to add some beauty to an otherwise mundane spot. The botanical pack comes with two self-adhesive stickers, so you can fancify more than one toilet in your house. If you prefer, you can also place the stickers on a bathtub, dresser, cabinet, window, or other piece of furniture to give it a quick and easy makeover.


This Refreshing Bidet Attachment That Doesn’t Require Electricity

No electricity or batteries are needed to run this bidet attachment, so it isn’t a huge hassle to install. This bidet gives you full control over the water pressure without preset pressure levels, which you can easily adjust on the attachment. It’s an eco-friendly and refreshing way to clean your bum properly and cut back on your toilet paper use.


This Hippo Candy Dish With Near-Perfect Ratings

It’s no surprise that this hand-painted resin hippo candy dish has near-perfect ratings — it’s a hippo with a gigantic open mouth with room for all the candy, after all. If candy isn’t your thing, the hippo will also be happy to hold your keys, wallet, phone, small toys, bath bombs, or whatever else that feels right.

One shopper raved, “Guys. I am obsessed with this thing. It’s lightweight but very durable, it looks just like the photo, and the bowl can hold a surprisingly large amount. It’s a great conversation starter! Absolutely zero regrets.”


This Floating Adhesive-Backed Bedside Shelf That’s Perfect For Top Bunks

An ideal solution for top bunk accessory storage is this super convenient floating bedside shelf. The shelf, which can hold up to 10 pounds, mounts to the wall with a strong adhesive and has space for your bedside essentials, like your phone, lip balm, hand cream, AirPods, and earplugs. There are four hooks on the bottom to hold onto things like glasses and hair ties.


These Arty Drink Coasters That Absorb Moisture

This set of six ceramic stone coasters absorbs moisture so your tables and countertops don’t. Each of the coasters has a different artsy design that makes them look beautifully handmade. Cork backing gives the coasters a grip on the table so they don’t slide around or easily break.


This Lip Balm Holder Keychain That Comes In Tons Of Colors

Misplacing lip balm sucks, but with this lip balm holder keychain, you have a much better chance of always knowing where it is. A standard lip balm fits perfectly inside the holder, and a keychain ring lets you attach it to a wallet, purse, or backpack. Choose from 22 fun colors and designs to fit your personality.


This Best-Selling Pimple Patch That Works In As Little As 6 Hours

When a pimple pops up, know that help is on the way when you apply one of these mighty pimple patches. The hydrocolloid patch absorbs pimple gunk, reducing the size and redness in just six to eight hours. The sticker has a strong enough adhesion to last through an entire night of sleep — even the tossing and turning kind of sleep.


This LED Word Search Clock That’s Easy To Set Up

Clocks don’t have to be boring, and this LED word clock makes a very strong case for that sentiment. Using only words and no numbers, the correct time lights up to make it look like a word search puzzle. Even though it looks a bit complicated (in the best way), the clock, which showcases time in five-minute intervals, is actually very easy to set up.


This Genius Motion Sensor Keyhole Light That Provides Light When You Need It

When you set up this motion sensor keyhole light, you won’t have to struggle with your key in the dark. This truly genius light turns on and off in the dark based on a person’s movements. Installation is quick by using the attached double-sided adhesive tape — you just need to grab your own AA battery to get started.


These Break-Open Geodes With Over 25,000 5-Star Ratings

If you want to give your kids even more reason to think you’re rad, buy them this break-open geode set from NAT GEO. Ten geodes come in the set, along with a small magnifying glass, goggles for eye protection, and a learning guide. You just need to supply the hammer (and maybe a power tool if you get a stubborn geode) and supervision.

One shopper gushed, “I was actually blown away by how nice these geodes were compared to many I’ve purchased at gem and mineral shows and shops! Worth every penny!


These Bacon Bandages That Come With A Free Prize

Not that you need extra motivation to buy these awesome bacon strip bandages, but in case bacon isn’t enough reason, the tin of bandages comes with a free prize inside. It’s like ‘90s cereal boxes all over again. The tin contains 15 sterile bandages because everyone knows that bacon heals.


This 32-Ounce Fruit Infuser Water Bottle That Has Antislip Hand Grips

Up your water intake with this fruit-infuser water bottle. The 32-ounce bottle has a time marker to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Inside the bottle is a full-length infuser for all types of fruit or herbs to give you water some flavor and potentially some extra vitamins. The bottle features antislip hand grips and a flip-top lid, and it comes with an insulating sleeve.


This Clever Bean Bag Storage Cover That Holds Up To 140 Stuffed Animals

This bean bag storage cover is the perfect solution if your child needs a place to store their seemingly neverending supply of stuffed animals. Once the stuffies are packed inside, the cover turns into a cozy bean bag chair, pulling double-duty in your kid’s room. Up to 140 medium-sized stuffies will fit inside, but you can also choose to fill them with anything from linens to seasonal wear. Choose from several colors and designs.


These Adorable Drink Umbrellas To Mark Whose Cup Is Whose

In the germy world we live in, these umbrella drink markers can help you know that you aren’t drinking from someone else’s cup. The set of six reusable mini umbrellas come in all different colors to differentiate whose is whose, and they clip onto the side of a cup. They’re efficient, but also add a splash of tropical fun to a cocktail or mocktail.


These Uniquely Shaped Corked Glass Bottles That Are Sturdy & Hard To Break

You can use this set of 12 uniquely shaped glass bottles as vases and decor in your home or put the included cork in them as a fun message-in-a-bottle activity for your kids. The sturdy bottles have an antique design reminiscent of the past, making them quite visually stunning. They’re also built in a way that makes them hard to break, which will make any parent rejoice.


These Cast Iron Cat Bookends That Have Tons Of Purr-sonality

Attention cat and book lovers, you need these decorative cat bookends to make your life feel more complete. OK, “need” might be a strong word, but these two cast iron cats will literally hold your books in place, and look paws-itively cute while doing it. They won’t even slide around as the set comes with anti-slip stickers. If books aren’t your thing, the cats also make excellent doorstoppers.


This Best-Selling Wooden Plant Terrarium That’s Great For Propagating

Bring some life to your office desk or bookshelf with this beautiful wood plant terrarium, which has over 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Three glass bulb terrariums hand on a wood stand where you can place real or artificial plants or flowers inside, including bamboo and even herbs. It’s great for propagating and rooting cuttings, turning the process more into a work of art.


These Pretty Swaying Solar Garden Lights That Look Like Fireflies

When the wind blows at night, these solar garden lights look like fireflies. The photos really don’t do these whimsical lights justice — it’s something you have to see for yourself. Flexible wires prop up the lights for the perfect sway effect. Since they’re solar-powered, you won’t need any plugs or electricity.


These Decorative Wine & Liquor Bottle Lights That Come In A 10-Pack

Use your empty wine and liquor bottles as fun bar decor when you place these LED wine bottle lights inside. The lights come in a 10-pack and feature a universal-size cork with an on/off switch. The battery-powered lights come with batteries installed, which is a nice touch. Also nice? The fact that they have an overall score of 4.7 stars on Amazon.


This Metal Coat Rack Shelf With 8 Versatile Hooks

Use this rustic shelf in your laundry room or at your home’s entryway as a coat rack. Crafted from metal and steel, it features eight hooks that can hold keys, hats, purses, or heavier items like jackets and backpacks. A sturdy shelf is great for decor like picture frames or items you use regularly like laundry detergent.


These Best-Selling Oven Liners That Shoppers Are Obsessed With

Sure, they’re just oven liners — but when a product is good, a product is good. Shoppers rave about this two-pack of heavy-duty oven liners because they’re fantastic at keeping an oven clean and are very easy to wash for very little money. If the liners don’t fit in your oven as they are, you can easily trim them using scissors.


This Outlet Extender With A Nightlight That Has Over 50,000 5-Star Reviews

Do yourself a favor and purchase this outlet extender to give yourself six total plugs and two USB outlets without taking up space with a bulky power strip. In addition to all the extra plugs, the outlet extender has a nightlight that automatically turns on when ambient lighting is dim.

One shopper raved, “Bought two of these and they are super awesome. Plugs right in with no extra tools or anything. Saves long cables from laying all over the place. Angled outlets are a great idea and it has a nightlight!”


This Genius Car Cup Holder That Expands To Fit Wider Cups

This might be the best thing you’ve heard all week — there’s a car cup holder that expands to fit your oversized water bottles and coffee mugs, and it works without blocking your second cup holder. The expander, which is assembled with stainless steel hardware, hooks into a regular cup holder and can raise and expand to fit Hydro Flasks, Yetis, Nalgenes, Stanley Cups, and more. You’re welcome.


This Transparent Dish Soap Dispenser With The Perfect Spot For A Sponge

Washing dishes will become way more efficient when you add this dish soap dispenser to your routine. The large transparent container can hold 30 ounces of liquid soap, so you can focus on getting the dishes done instead of constantly refilling it. The lid also has a clever tray that holds your sponge, allowing you to press down on the sponge to soak up the perfect amount of soap.


These Best-Selling Car Headrest Hooks That Come In Several Colors

This four-pack of four headrest hooks gives you a place to hold your purse, your child’s backpack, grocery bags, jackets, etc. They hook right onto any headrest so you can hang things on the back of a seat, getting them off the floor. The hooks are available in several color options so you can match your seats or add a pop of color.


These Silicone Baking Cups That Double As Mini Snack Bowls

There’s a lot to love about this 12-pack of reusable silicone baking cups. Of course, they’re excellent to use for baking muffins or cupcakes, as they can be used over and over and thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. The baking cups also double as snack cups for little ones so you don’t have to waste an entire bowl for five blueberries.


These Handheld Rakes For More Efficient Yard Cleanup

When it’s time to pick up leaves from the piles you’ve created, use these leaf scoops to efficiently grab them for disposal without getting your hands all dirty and scraped up. The oversized leaf claws have a hole at the top that allows you to hang them in a garage with all of your other garden tools. You can also use them to pick fruit.


This Set Of Cat Bum Kitchen Magnets That Make A Hilarious Gift

Any cat person you gift these cat bum kitchen magnets to will learn just how awesome you are — if they didn’t already know. The set of four magnets features different cat bums to represent different breeds of cats. The magnets are strong and can hold everything from love notes to pictures of your cat. If you’re more of a dog person, don’t worry — there’s a dog bum option available as well.


This Cute Ceramic Cactus Utensil Holder That’s Also Great For Pens & Brushes

Spice up your kitchen decor with this southwestern cactus-shaped utensil holder. The seven-inch tall container has a three-inch wide opening that can fit several kitchen utensils inside, including ladles, spatulas, spoons, and whisks. You can also use it to house art supplies. Made of ceramic, this cactus is durable and built to last.