This Mom Of A Toddler Shows What Happens When You Just Want A Shower

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When I had my first baby, taking a shower was the highlight of my day. I made sure I got him situated so I could inhale my body wash, enjoy a five minute steam, and wash the crusty shit out of my hair.

Once we found a routine, I stuck to it. Even though I had to rush during my mini at home spa, it was worth it because I’m one of those people who are more pleasant to be around when I can have my caffeine and my shower.

I’d feed him, change him, and if he wasn’t asleep, I’d put him in his little seat and bring him into the bathroom with me. When he got a bit older and the television would distract him, I’d turn on the television for him. When he got too big for his little bouncy seat, I put him on his back and let him stare at the dangly things hanging from his baby gym.

Our bathroom was right off the bedroom so I felt fine about leaving him in the other room. Besides, I’d take about one-hundred peeks out of the shower curtain to make sure all was well.

The day I got out of the shower and my child wasn’t at his baby gym scared the living turds out of me. My child literally learned to roll around in a five-minute span while his mother was shaving her bikini line for the first time in six months.

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After seeing an empty baby gym, I ran out of the shower with a half-shaved beaver and found he’d rolled under the bench which was against the wall a few feet away.

That was scary enough — but as he got older and our family grew, that was a weak story compared to some of the things that would happen in my home while I was trying to take a shower.

Like the time my daughter decided to get on her bed and (literally) swing from her chandelier. Or the time all three of my kids decided it would be great to try on every stitch of makeup I had and leave it all in the sink with the water running. Then, there was the time my youngest decided to take our dog’s bone away from him because he wanted a treat. Honestly trying to shower with a toddler in the house is the hardest thing. Like ever.

I figured this was payback since when I was a wee one, my mother said I scooted down the street on my bum (since I never crawled) while she was in the shower one morning and scared the living daylights out of her. Thank God she had great neighbors who rushed me home.

Moms of the world can relate, I’m sure. Being able to clean ourselves, put on fresh clothes, maybe throw in a damn hair mask makes us feel human. Our lives have changed, and yet taking care of ourselves still remains a natural urge because it’s rewarding and makes us feel like our old selves.

And when it comes to showering, toddlers really are the worst — as proven by Sadie, a mother of a three year old who took to TikTok reminding moms of the world to leave the hair on the legs because the explosion that happens in your home isn’t worth it.

Sadie was just trying to get her legs smooth, while her dog and toddler were there to fuck shit up.

Sadie isn’t alone, either; many people came forward to say they too had crazy incidents while they were in the shower saying things like, “I have two year old twins… I know the struggle.”

Another said, “This is sooo relatable lol. I have 4 children under the age of 7. It happens.”

Yeah, I’d say leave the hair and save yourself the headache too. I mean, toddlers know what’s up and apparently her daughter knew she had a limited time to get the house as messy as possible before mom made her exit from the shower.

Looks like she completed her mission.

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