From The Confessional: Moms Are Smoking Weed To Cope With The Pandemic

by Cassandra Stone
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In order to cope with *gestures widely*, these moms are smoking weed and don’t give AF what anyone thinks

It’s no secret that this entire year is one giant, nightmarish anxiety attack come to life. Every single day. There’s a global pandemic, it’s an election year in the U.S., people have been protesting for civil rights in the streets week after week for months, the unemployment rate is worrisome, the economy is taking a nosedive, the housing market is crashing, people are dying, schools are closing, and eviction moratoriums have expired nationwide.

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Shit is A MESS right now, in other words. And when anxieties are high, so are these moms. No joke, the confessional is chock-full of moms admitting they’ve started smoking weed again for the first time in years. Some never stopped, but have increased their usage. And who could blame them? There’s no one way or right way to deal with everything that’s happening.

I like to smoke weed and play my favorite video game. It really is the only “social interaction i get :(”

Confessional #25801393

DH got some medical-grade weed from a guy at work. BEST. SEX. EVER.

Confessional #25800226

I need, at minimum, ambien every night to sleep. And most of the time it’s ambien and weed. And sometimes ambien, weed, and Benadryl. I’ve created a serious problem.

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Sleeplessness is common for moms during the pandemic, with insomnia rates on the rise for mothers specifically. Smoking weed or taking edibles is one way some of them are coping, according to the confessional.

I love smoking weed in the evening to relax and stretch my body and enjoy my shows and maybe have a good laugh but it irritates me that DH has to maintain his high every minute of every fucking day and just consistently stoned

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I self medicate with weed and alcohol to control my anxiety. Only 1 or 2 drinks per day, sometimes none if I'm feeling okay. I just can't handle the responsibilities of having 3 jobs, 2 kids, a house, husband, and living in this shitty world.

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I really need this weed gummy to hurry up and kick in so I can forget about life...

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Across the country, sales are sky-high in states where legal cannabis has been declared “essential medicine” during state shutdowns, allowing stores to stay open. Per CNBC, green-loving ustomers appear to be stocking up — since there’s no end in sight to any of these atrocities, that makes sense.

I’ve been sleeping so much better since I started smoking weed again.

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I’ve been smoking way too much weed since the pandemic started. I need to cut back and start being a present and productive human

Confessional #25783158

I’m an elementary school teacher and I smoke weed every night to de-stress. It really helps me get through my day to know that before bed, I’ll puff puff pass to dh.

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Many states with legal cannabis dispensaries have deemed them “essential” businesses. And honestly, yes. YES. THEY ARE.

At least they are if you ask these moms, who just don’t give AF.

Smoking weed and a cig by the bathroom window at the end of the day is LITERALLY my only me time

Confessional #25780313

Took my usual Prozac this morning, topped it off with a Xanax and a small bowl of weed. I feel calm and relaxed and don’t give a fuck. These are desperate times.

Confessional #25773571

I stocked up on weed edibles to live out this quarantine and get the best possible outcome. I have been "microdosing" so I don't get stoned, just so I chill the fuck out. Thank God for marijuana. Married mom of 3 here.

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When you don’t leave your house much, it’s hard to separate “work life” from “mom life” from “my life.” Add in the regularly unfolding existential crises, amplified parental guilt and worry, and trying not to lose your shit 24/7, it’s no wonder these moms need a little extra help at the end of the day.

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