SNL's 'Architectural Digest Tour' Parody Is Every Home During Quarantine

by Madison Vanderberg
SNL Parodies 'Architectural Digest' Home Tour, Quarantine-Style

Saturday Night Live releases unaired “Architectural Digest Tour” parody for the coronavirus era

If you’ve ever watched one of those Architectural Digest Tour videos on YouTube, you’re probably aware that every tour is basically a famous person walking through their pristine home and pointing at different rooms in the house like “…and this is my meditation corner.” There are Architectural Digest homes, and then there are our homes, and then there are our homes during quarantine. Saturday Night Live released another one of their “SNL At Home” sketches this week, and it’s a hilarious send-up of those privileged AD tours and but it’s also a perfect parody of all our houses right now during coronavirus lockdowns.

SNL cast member Beck Bennett took the fictional “AD cameras” into his actual home and honestly you could play a drinking game with this video called “My house has that too.”

There’s a corner called “that’s just some boxes.”


“This is a calendar that we were using to keep track of how many days went by and now I guess we’re just keeping the puzzle pieces on there.”


“This is kinda like, a pile….We just don’t know what to do with a lot of this stuff.”


“A new crack in the wall.”


“This is a candle.”


A pile. “Some boxes.” A crack you never noticed until now because all you do is stare at the walls these days. It’s weird how he’s describing my house too…**looks over shoulder for a sign of an invisible man.** All that’s missing from this home tour is an abandoned sourdough starter in the fridge and a bunch of delivery boxes on the porch covered in disinfectant. Now that’s a social isolation bingo.

Funnily enough, the actual Architectural Digest responded to the video on YouTube, jokingly writing, “Thanks for having us! Again, we really loved your candle.”


Bennett capped his tour with the ubiquitous, “Thanks AD for stopping by” and then paused and asked, “Was that good? What are the other homes like?”

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of the SNL At Home episodes is seeing the cast members’ houses? Is that weird? I also like to guess where they live. It was very satisfying to see that an SNL star’s house is just as chaotic as everyone else’s. The biggest take away here is that it doesn’t matter if you appear on television every week or you’re just a regular old person, we all have abandoned coronavirus puzzles just, laying around the living room, and that is the great equalizer.