This 'SNL' Christmas Card Sketch Absolutely Sleighed Us

billie eilish christmas card sketch snl
(Saturday Night Live / YouTube)

Special guests Billie Eilish, Kate McKinnon, and Miley Cyrus all made appearances in this sketch about holiday cards magically coming to life

It’s truly the most wonderful and weird time of year. The holidays come with an onslaught of stress and sometimes strangeness, especially when it comes to classroom holiday parties and Christmas cards from family and acquaintances who you don’t even remember giving your address. Saturday Night Live nailed the bizarre culture around holiday cards with this sketch that premiered on December 11.

In the sketch, Alex Moffat arrives home, where his wife, played by Melissa Villaseñor, shows off the holiday card display she put together on their fridge.

“I put all our Christmas cards on the fridge. Looks festive, right?” She says. As her hubby notes how many cards they received, each of the cards comes to life, giving us a glimpse into the minds of the folks who sent the Christmas cards. The first card brings to life one of the cheesiest Christmas card cliches that exists: the super rich white family in all white on the beach. You know the look.

“People like me, your super white, super Christian neighbor here on the beach with my wife and army of blond children,” says the man on the card, played by Mikey Day, as his wife, played by Chloe Fineman, strokes her pregnant belly.

“And yes, this is the seventh Christmas card in a row I’ve been pregnant,” she says. “I’m never not pregnant.”

The cards only get wilder from here

The couple looks into the lives of a rich gay couple, played by Kenan Thompson and Bowen Yang, who have spent entirely too much money keeping their “rat dog” alive.“As usual, we’re dressed to the nines and holding our gross, old little dog that you cannot believe is still alive,” Yang says. Thompson explains that “hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical procedures” is keeping their doggo alive.In another card, Punkie Johnson poses with Miley Cyrus in a restaurant. “What better way to remind you that I met a celebrity at a restaurant 11 months ago than with my Christmas card,” Johnson asks. Kate McKinnon makes an appearance in another card as the single middle-aged woman trope.“Every year my Christmas card is a picture of me alone on a crazy-ass vacation,” McKinnon says while sporting a snorkel suit on the beach. “What’s my deal? Am I a lesbian? A wealthy widow? You don’t care enough to ask your mom, so you’ll never know!”Billie Eilish appears in a card as Harper, a woman from Villaseñor’s past who enjoys how much power she still holds over her former classmate. “What’s new with me? Still a bitch, still richer than you, and still married to my handsome yet boring husband who cheats on me,” Eilish says with her family in matching plaid pajamas.“And if our matching pajamas don’t make you hate us, flip the card for a braggy list of what our family did this year,” Eilish says. Seriously, why are Christmas cards competitive? And why does every family seem to own matching pajamas?