Soap Cutting And Other ASMR Videos We Can't Get Enough Of

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I don’t usually buy bars of soap, but when I do they are usually made out of charcoal or organic goat’s milk and more expensive than I’d like to admit.

I usually protect these delicate bath bars and tell my kids to keep their hands off, but lately my son has been hoarding them because he’s discovered a new trend: soap cutting. Who knew slicing a bar of soap could take my fidgety son to such a calm place?

Yep, soap cutting. And it turns out watching soap cutting videos is totally a thing and it’s so much better than it sounds. And as much as I don’t like that he’s stolen my damn soap bars, I have to admit that he’s taken me to the dark side with him.

Soap cutting is just one of the latest autonomous sensory meridian response (or ASMR) trends, and once you start watching, you can’t decide if you want to grab a bar of Dove and an apple peeler or stay in your mesmerized state.

For those who aren’t yet captivated by this trend, ASMR is when you get that tingly feeling, usually starting at your scalp and moving down your body. Some equate it to when someone plays with their hair. I am one of those people. In fact, I pay my kids to play with my hair for that very reason. It’s incredibly soothing.

My youngest son has always hated having his hair touched and says it actually hurts when someone tries to play with his hair. But he’s obsessed with ASMR videos and takes great comfort in doing the activities as well. I’m not sure if there is a correlation here, but he says watching the videos are incredibly calming and satisfying for him. And I’ve noticed how much it changes his behavior, especially if he is having a rough day.

Besides soap cutting, another ASMR video people can’t get enough of is poking slime. My kids have been watching these for years. At first I didn’t get what the thrill was. Then I looked over my daughter’s shoulder one day and couldn’t believe the satisfaction that spread over me.

Soaking floral foam, topping it with glitter, then giving it a squeeze is another favorite.

Did I just ruin your plans for the day because you can’t pull yourself away?

I know.

Cutting up Lush body products makes me want to go on a Lush-slicing binge.

Watching bath bombs get flooded with water so you can see them swirl and dance is especially hypnotic.

Why do we love this so damn much?

Well, an article in Quora explains that we all have different triggers that give us that relaxing, soothing sensation. Some people find it very comforting to watch certain videos like soap cutting, while others enjoy listening to the sounds of someone else whispering.

Lushdinosaur is an Instagram account by Ashley Alteman where she makes bath bomb cocktails and cuts up bubble bars. With almost 50k followers and counting, Alteman says she originally “got into Lush and the whole bath bomb craze by accident” after she and her daughter, who is now 10, dipped into a store to check it out.

It became a great bonding experience for them and they go every weekend and pick out goodies to “make Lush cocktails together,” Alteman says.

Cutting the products, as well as soaking in them have been cathartic for Alteman and she agrees there are “ASMR components to it for many.” And it doesn’t have to be wasteful either. According to the Guardian, most soap cutters make new soap with their scraps and shavings.

As for me and my son, we are off to slice into a clear bar of soap with an apple peeler, and it’s going to be the highlight of my day. Believe it.

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