Sour Patch Kids Made Cute Valentine's Day Merch For Single People

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Sour Patch Kids launched a Valentine’s Day merch line that’s all about self-love

There’s a lot of reasons to love Sour Patch Kids. They make excellent movie theatre candy. They’re equal parts sour and sweet (best combo ever). And now the candy line has launched a Valentine’s Day merchandise line that’s made especially for single people. Extra cute blankets, t-shirts, and tote bags are coming your way – prepare to feel all of that self-love.

Sour Patch Kids ‘Take A Number’ Blue Cotton T-Shirt

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Not really feeling the whole dating scene? Like, at all? This t-shirt says everything you’re thinking.

Sour Patch Kids ‘Take A Number’ Green Cotton T-Shirt

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Does your galentine also have zero interest in giving out her number? Snag her a matching t-shirt in green.

Sour Patch Kids ‘No Baggage’ Black Tote Bag

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This cute tote bag works in a couple of ways. First of all, you’re single and therefore don’t have to deal with anybody’s annoying, deeply specific and stubborn baggage. It ALSO serves as a reminder to any perspective suitors that you’d really rather not date anybody who has said annoying, deeply specific, and stubborn baggage. Win-win.

Sour Patch Kids ‘No Baggage’ White Tote Bag

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Just as cute and just as true in white. No baggage, no problem.

Sour Patch Kids ‘My Main Squeeze’ Gray Body Pillow

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Who needs a significant other when you’ve got an ultra comfy body pillow? Your main squeeze doesn’t kick you at night, snore, or have terrible breath in the morning. True love, indeed.

Sour Patch Kids ‘My Main Squeeze’ Pink Body Pillow

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Or go with the pink one because it’s Valentine’s Day, damnit, and you’re celebrating with a whole bunch of (self) love.

Sour Patch Kids ‘Wrapped Up’ Red Woven Throw Blanket

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Speaking of ultra comfy – you’re probably (definitely) going to want to wrap yourself in this woven throw blanket. Because sometimes all you really need is me, myself, and I time. Bonus points: it matches your new body pillow.

Sour Patch Kids ‘Wrapped Up’ Yellow Throw Blanket

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Snag a snuggly matching blanket for your BFF in yellow. She deserves a nice, comfy dose of “me time,” too.

Sour Patch Kids ‘My Main Squeeze’ Yellow Body Pillow

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And, yup, she does indeed need the matching pillow.

Sour Patch Kids Valentine’s Candy Filled Hearts

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I mean, we can’t do a Sour Patch round-up without the candy itself. Enjoy your solo time while munching on some sweet–and-sour candy and hugging your soft new body pillow. Best Valentine’s Day ever.

Let’s hear it for Singles Appreciation Day, everybody. Eat all the good things, get super comfy, and bask in all that self-love.

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