12 Best Kids Body Pillows 2021: Toddler Body Pillows For Better Sleep

The Best Body Pillows For Your Kiddo To Snuggle To Sleep

April 8, 2021 Updated June 24, 2021

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A kids body pillow might be the answer to getting your child the good night’s sleep they’ve been missing. When it comes to sleep, it all begins with the right pillow, whether it’s ones for tiny toddler noggins or even one for you. We all experience some form of discomfort when trying to sleep, even our kiddos. It doesn’t matter if they sleep on their sides, backs, or tummies, bodies can get very picky about which position they need to be in.

So to avoid a restless night of trying to keep kids’ backs and hips comfortable, it’s worth introducing a body pillow.

What are body pillows used for?

Body pillows for kids and toddlers can help with a lot of things. Here’s one example: Back pain can be caused by the positioning of your kids’ knees while they’re sleeping — especially if they like to sleep tucked up in a ball. According to Healthline, placing a pillow between the knees can help relieve discomfort in that area. This is because the spacing from the pillow aligns the hips, pelvis, and spine. This can be done with individual pillows or it can be done with the help of a body pillow. The full-length body pillow spans the length of the body so it can also provide support to their chest and stomach as they “hug” it while they sleep.

Now to help decorate that new bed your kid just got, we found some of the best kids body pillows and fun, washable covers. The styles range from your standard-looking pillows to giant stuffed animals that can double as a pillow or a cuddly friend. Sweet dreams!

Best Toddler Body Pillows

Leachco Snoogle Jr. Plush Bunny Body Pillow

In terms of versatility, this cozy Snoogle Jr. body pillow sure does take the cake. This pillow can be used for sleeping, propping your child up while they’re in bed reading, or even just lounging on the couch. The pillow is flexible, offering 360-degree support for their head, back, and legs. Yes, this is just like that pregnancy pillow, but simply shrunk down for toddlers! The Snoogle Jr. is offered in four different animal designs, including a fox, bunny, monkey, and puppy.

$77.48 AT AMAZON

123Arts Soft Cat Body Pillow

Your kitten-loving kiddo will absolutely love snuggling up with this incredibly soft body pillow. This cartoon cat pillow is offered in two colors, grey or orange, and ranges in sizes from 50 cm (about 19.7 inches) all the way up to 130 cm (about 51 inches). This particular pillow is 70 cm (27.5 inches) in length. If your kid has a strict stuffed animals-only policy on their bed, then this body pillow will have no trouble fitting right in.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Niuniu Daddy Plush Puppy Body Pillow

This sleepy puppy body pillow will have anybody ready to cozy up for an afternoon nap. Measuring in at 20 inches long, it’s the perfect pillow for cuddling, propping your head up, or just resting on. It’ll feel like you’ve just fallen asleep on a cloud. The company Niuniu Daddy also offers a variety of other animal designs, such as a stuffed cow, hippo, sloth, and many more!

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Best Body Pillows For Kids

L.O.L Suprise! Reversible Body Pillow

For any kid who loves anything and everything L.O.L Suprise! they’ll love cuddling up with this incredibly soft mink body pillow. The design is reversible, with the front featuring cheetah print and three of the L.O.L dolls, while the back is a solid lavender color. It measures 20 x 48 inches and it’s good to note that the cleaning recommendation is spot clean only.

$14.88 AT AMAZON

Niuniu Daddy Stuffed Animal Avocado Body Pillow

This adorable avocado body pillow measures 20 inches in length, making it the ideal size for your little one to cuddle but not so big that it’s a pain to pack when traveling. It’s breathable, doesn’t hold onto odors, and is washable and resistant to static electricity. If you’re looking for a more compact avocado pillow, there’s a smaller size available that’s only 12 inches tall.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

MassJoy Plush Kitten Body Pillow

Who wouldn’t be excited to curl up in bed with this adorable sleepy kitten pillow? Made from incredibly soft fabric, the pillow is smaller than your typical body pillow. It measures in at 23.6 inches in length and is perfect for younger children. Getting your little one down for nap time will be a breeze once they rest their head down on the cushiony cat head and hug its soft body.


Yana Body Pillow

This is the ultimate body pillow that you’ll be stealing from your kid all the time because it’s so dreamy. This organic, soft body pillow wraps around you and naturally contours against you as you sleep. While we recommend this for all ages (in our experience, kids love how cuddly this gigantic pillow is), it’s also an awesome stress-reliever for adults, too.


Best Toddler Body Pillow Covers

Minecraft "Dirt Block" Body Pillow Cover

Is your kid obsessed with all things Minecraft? Well, now they can sleep on their very own dirt block! This body pillow cover measures out to 20 x 54 inches. If you’re in need of a pillow insert, try this highly rated body pillow that measures out to 20 x 54 inches. This pillow cover also offers Fortnite, Jojo Siwa, Marvel Avengers, Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, and Vampirina designs for you to choose from.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Reafort Faux Fur Body Pillow Cover

Looking to change up one of your kids’ old body pillows for something that’s a little more grown-up? This long hair, faux fur body pillow cover comes in a multitude of colors including black, pink, cream, grey, and aqua. The case measures out to 21 x 54 inches so you can pair it with this top-rated body pillow from Amazon if you don’t already have one. For cleaning and care, it is machine washable and can go through the dryer on tumble dry low.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Butterfly Craze Pillow Bed Floor Lounger Cover

For a less “traditional” body pillow, may we present the pillow bed floor lounger? Please note this is a pillow cover, pillows are not included. The cover requires 5 pillows, which are easy to insert and stay in place, thanks to separate zipper compartments. The Queen size cover is ideal for toddlers and younger children, while the King size is great for older children, teens, and even adults. The Queen size fits standard pillows and the King size fits king-sized pillows.

The lounger can fold in on itself, allowing you to prop your head up easily while lounging on the floor watching tv or reading. It’s also great for sleepovers. Instead of your kid sleeping on the hard floor in a sleeping bag, they can be properly cushioned, thanks to the pillow lounger. Genius!


Best Toddler Body Pillow Inserts

COSYBAY Ultra Soft Body Pillow Insert

If you’re on the hunt for a body pillow insert to go with your new pillowcase, might we recommend this insert from COSYBAY? Coming in at 20 x 54 inches, it’s a common size in terms of body pillows, so it’ll fit most covers you come across. But this pillow didn’t earn over 3,000 Amazon reviews for nothing; it’s made from a soft microfiber shell and is stuffed with a memory fiber filling that doesn’t give off that funky memory foam smell.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

Oubonun Premium Adjustable Body Pillow

Sometimes we like to be in control of how fluffy our pillows are. This body pillow insert from Oubonun features a zipper so you can easily remove or add more filling to it. It comes with a white, hypoallergenic, and breathable pillowcase if you’re looking for a clean and minimalist look. However, since it measures the standard 21 x 54 inches, you can always dress it up with a cute cover, like the ones we’ve listed below.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

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