With Maps And Globes This Fun, Your Family Will Be Traveling Around The World By Year's End

by Maria Tallarico
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3D Geography Map Puzzle Kids

Parents have a million choices to make when it comes to early education; deciding on a preschool can feel like applying to an Ivy League college. One way to bring playfulness into early learning is to use age-appropriate and developmentally-minded toys with visual aids – and lots of them. World maps for kids, from sticker wall art to wood puzzles to tactile globes, are an amazing mix of imagination, memorization and Geography 101 (without the Harvard-level syllabus).

Modern children’s maps are not the dusty school globes of yore. Colorful, interactive and full of fun facts about animals, vegetation, climate and local traditions, these children’s maps are meant to spark their curiosity about the world beyond their own, going beyond simple memorization of continents and capital cities. Immersive and age-appropriate options help guide children to their own interests. Do they want to learn more about the animals in Africa? Count the number of countries in Europe? Figure out how long it take walk across Australia?* Maps bring out their little explorer, without having to get on an airplane.

(*About 897 days, depending on the route.)

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