These 4-Month-Old Baby Gifts Will Actually Keep Them Entertained

by Jenn Sinrich
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best 4-month-old gifts

If you’re shopping for the best gifts for a 4-month-old baby, whether it’s your own bundle of joy or someone else’s, you’re probably stumped at what’s considered an age-appropriate present. Four months old is that sweet spot between newborn and baby—a far cry from month 1 and also from month 6—and is typically around the timeframe when some of the super simple and basic newborn toys just don’t seem to occupy their attention anymore.

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Also at about 4 months old, babies are starting to roll over and actually enjoying the tummy time they once dreaded. They can actually start grabbing at toys instead of just gazing at them from close or from far and may even be able to lift their neck reasonably well when propped up into a seated position. This means that the baby toys that might be best for a 4-month-old are, well, actual toys. They can help promote proper grasp and fine motor skills, as well as stimulate their adapting vision.

And lucky for you, when it comes to gift ideas, we’ve got ’em! Read on to shop the best toys and gifts for a 4-month-old, all mom-approved.

Best Gifts For 4-Month-Olds

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