Adorable But Mighty Heating Pads All Of Us Need After Surviving This Month

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Whether it’s the cold weather or the muscle aches we get from doing our usual routine (i.e. handling the kiddos), we could all use a little ache relief at the end of a long day. The easiest solution (besides getting our partners to bring us a glass of wine in a bubble bath) is to use a heating pad. And trust me, microwavable heating pads are a close second to soak in the tub — especially when you don’t have the time.

Let’s breakdown all of the benefits of heating pads. They’re also known as period heating pads or “cramp killers” because they give your period cramps the boot like no other. They can also soothe stiff joints, tired muscles, and any other body aches you may have. If you’re thinking that a heating pad sounds uncomfortable to cuddle with, well surprise! There are super cuddly and cute heating pad options too. Leave it to the heated stuffed animals and the heated pads with a cool pattern to get you through the night. Even when you’re not in any pain, they’re just really, really useful for a cozy snuggle on a cold night.

So, to help you find the best heating pad for cramps, muscle aches, or cold weather, we tracked down some of the comfiest heating pads out there. And *bonus points* all of them are very cute and very fluffy. Get ready, because these ridiculously cute heating pads will make your body feel so much better.

Stuffed Animal Heating Pads

Other Cute Heating Pads

Prepare for a whole onslaught of the heated comfort and plushness. These pillows are best paired with chocolate and your favorite TV show.


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