10 Best Microwavable Heating Pads Will Soothe All Your Aches And Pains

These Adorable Heating Pads Will Soothe All Your Aches And Pains

February 17, 2019 Updated January 4, 2021


Whether it’s the cold weather or the muscle aches we get from doing our usual routine (i.e. handling the kiddos), we could all use a little ache relief at the end of a long day. The easiest solution (besides getting our partners to bring us a glass of wine in a bubble bath) is to use a heating pad. And trust me, microwavable heating pads are a close second to soak in the tub — especially when you don’t have the time.

Let’s breakdown all of the benefits of heating pads. They’re also known as period heating pads or “cramp killers” because they give your period cramps the boot like no other. They can also soothe stiff joints, tired muscles, and any other body aches you may have. If you’re thinking that a heating pad sounds uncomfortable to cuddle with, well surprise! There are super cuddly and cute heating pad options too. Leave it to the heated stuffed animals and the heated pads with a cool pattern to get you through the night. Even when you’re not in any pain, they’re just really, really useful for a cozy snuggle on a cold night.

So, to help you find the best heating pad for cramps, muscle aches, or cold weather, we tracked down some of the comfiest heating pads out there. And *bonus points* all of them are very cute and very fluffy. Get ready, because these ridiculously cute heating pads will make your body feel so much better.

Stuffed Animal Heating Pads

Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush

If we can learn anything from sloths, it would be to take it easy Mama. Snuggle up with the animal that does it right…is there really any other way? If you’d prefer another animal, they’ve got a ton of other options including lobsters, cats, cows, and more.

$12.95 AT AMAZON

Cstore Rubber Hot Water Bottles with Faux Fur Cover

Heating pads come in a variety of different methods. With this one, you fill hot water (your desired temperature) into the rubber bottle. Pop the bottle into the paw cover and enjoy! The warmth lasts for hours and it’s sure to help sooth any aches and pains (or just keep you warm). A fellow Mama reviewed it on Amazon and said, “This one keeps warm longer than the other one I tried before. My kids use them in the car when it is particularly cold in the morning, and sometimes we put them on the sofa to keep our Chihuahuas warm. Easy to use, worth buying!”

$15.95 AT AMAZON

Smoko Toasty Heatable Plushie

Smoko is known for their heatable plushies and slippers. Make this adorable Shiba Inu a part of the gang and he’ll take care of your muscle aches all year long. One happy customer said, “This little guy is awesome. He’s very soft and squishable and the warmth is a great little bonus. The smell isn’t too strong so overall he’s a great little friend to keep warm and happy through the winter blues.”


Warm Pals Microwavable Lavender Scented Plush

There’s no way a hedgehog can’t make you feel better. The microwavable aspect is a bonus. This heat pad is ultra soft, cuddly, and is the perfect size. Another Mama on Amazon said, “I’ve only had it for a few days, but I’m already so glad I bought my warm pal. I have a lot of stomach trouble, and I was so excited to get this so that I could have something warm to soothe my stomach pain and cuddle with. It did not disappoint. My toddler loves it too. In fact, the warm pal helped her calm down tonight when she had a major unexplained bout of crying. Great for little ones and adults alike!”

$22.95 AT AMAZON

Intelex Cozy Therapeutic Wrap

Why not count your sheep at night with an actual sheep resting on your belly? This microwavable plush cutie is called a “warmie” and it’s filled with dried lavender which will bring on all of that much-needed zen. The wrap can also double as a cold pack – just put it in an plastic bag and pop in the freezer. One happy customer said, “The combination of heat wrap plus adorable fluffy lamb & soothing lavender is what sold me. I feel less cruddy when I’m in pain since this thing is just so cute. Recently my entire heating system in my apartment broke down, and cuddling up to this little lamb at night helped me get some sleep even when I was freezing.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

GAMAGO Avocado Heating Pad

What’s the one thing that’s better than avocado toast? A super comfy avocado that will treat your sore muscles to some very delicious TLC. GAMAGO also has other foodie options like a peach, pizza, and eggs! One Amazon reviewer said, “I love this little guy. He’s cute and he’s practical. Good size for abdominal area, or somewhere of similar size. I use him on my back, for residual pain from a break several months ago. Also great for snuggling if you’re cold.”

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Other Cute Heating Pads

Soft Plush Electric Heating Pad

If you want something that’s not in the shape of an animal, we’ve got you covered there too. This light purple heating pad is still just as cute as any stuffed animal and comes with a remote to help get the job done. One new mama raved about it saying, “I can’t give this enough stars. Recently had a baby and this has been perfect for soothing aches and pain. Heats up within 10-15 seconds and has an auto shut off after 2 hours, so no worries if you fall asleep with it on.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Kiwi Kozy Microwavable Heating Pad

The style of this Kiwi Kozy heating pad makes it easy to wrap around your neck, shoulders, and hips for easy soothing. It’s made with pure cotton and rice filling and is both microwavable and freezable! The multi-colored polka dots come in green/blue(pictured) , orange/yellow, blue/turquoise, and solid turquoise. One reviewer said, “I absolutely LOVE my Kiwi Kozy! I use it whenever I have muscle aches, cramps, or am feeling under the weather, and it alleviates all my aches and pains. Hands down, this Kiwi Kozy is the best healing pad around. The quality is exceptional, so easy to use, and easily transportable! I recommend this product to everyone!”


Toyuugo Heated Hot Water Bottle with Soft Fleece Cover

Hot water bottle heating pads are reusable, eco-friendly, and covers are interchangeable. This particular heated water bottle heating pad comes with an extra cozy faux fur cover in colors brown or gray.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

Bucky Heartwarmer, Soothing, Hot & Cold Therapy Pillow

Valentine’s Day might be once a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snuggle up with a bright red plush heating pillow anytime you want. It’s stuffed with buckwheat seeds and promises to be useful for hot flashes, reducing inflammation, swelling, and sprained muscles.

$29.33 AT AMAZON

Prepare for a whole onslaught of the heated comfort and plushness. These pillows are best paired with chocolate and your favorite TV show.


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