12 Best-Selling Amazon Launchpad Products That Are Weirdly Wonderful

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Amazon Launchpad

There are things you automatically add to your shopping cart every month — think beauty products like dry shampoo (because, you know, kids) and health products like vitamins and bandaids (because, again, kids). But sometimes, you don’t realize a product has been missing in your life until you see it for the first time and discover why other shoppers are loving it so much.

Even if you haven’t heard of Amazon Launchpad, you probably recognize some of the items they feature. There are innovative and cool gadgets, kitchen tools, new kids snacks, outdoor toys, and more from hundreds of emerging startups. Most of them started on crowdfunding sites or through incubators before finding their way to Amazon customers through the Launchpad program. Whether you need to cook eggs *just* right for the picky eaters in your house or could use a tripod to make your home photos and videos look less tragic, there’s likely something for you.

Ahead you’ll find 12 weird and wonderful best-selling Amazon Launchpad products that other customers have loved and might be useful in your own household. (FYI, the list gets updated hourly based on sales, so there is always something fun and new to discover).

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