The Best Baby Camping Chairs To Keep Your Kiddo Contained In The Great Outdoors

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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baby camping chairs
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If you and your family love camping, you might want to get your little one a baby camping chair. As you may know, a regular-sized camping chair is a biiiiit too big for a little human! As the weather warms up and outdoor excursions with the family ramp up (i.e., Get me out of this house. Now.), so does the need for outdoor gear (like chairs, family tents, hiking shoes, etc.). Sitting at the top of the must-buy list: Baby camping chairs. Because, well, just plopping your baby down on the ground isn’t always the most feasible option, and well your lap could use a break, too. (And if you’re headed to the beach a lot this summer, check out our best kids’ beach chairs!)

Plus, mealtimes out in nature are just a hell of a lot easier with baby camping chairs — which is why many of the shoppable options we’ve found are portable high chairs and booster seats. Depending on the terrain you’re heading to, be it a grassy park, sandy beach, or woodsy campsite with picnic tables and uneven ground, your needs may vary. No matter where you’re venturing off to, however, you’ll want a seat that’s easy to carry, set up, pack, and store — and the chairs rounded up here all meet those must-have parameters.

Whether it’s a lower outdoor chair with a detachable tray, an activity station with toys to keep Baby occupied, or a booster seat you can use at the kitchen table, too, many of our picks are heralded by reviewers for their versatility. Meaning: Ahead, you’ll find the best baby camping chairs, plenty of which you might find yourself also using for trips to Grandma’s, or restaurants, or your friend’s backyard.

Best Baby Camping Chairs:


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