Top 10 Healthy, Easy-To-Feed Baby Snacks (Because No One Likes A Hangry Baby)

by Hillary Swetz
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best baby snacks
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Move over, Cheerios: There are some new baby snacks in town. Many are much more nutritionally dense than the snacks we grew up with, which helps fill them with good things, especially if your kid eats like a bird. Better yet, many of today’s snacks help cut down on mealtime messes (and inevitably, hosing down the high chair), which means you don’t need baby bathtime three times a day.

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All babies must eventually wean from breast or bottle, and most will start making that journey around 4-6 months. The standard advice is that if your baby sits with little help or support, and they lean forward when food is offered, they can start solids. (but check with your pediatrician first) Of course, they need to start small. Most babies start with mushy foods like baby cereal, pureed fruits, and steamed, mashed vegetables. This (along with chomping on things like teething toys, silicone bibs, and your finger) helps them develop the jaw muscles necessary to start eating more solid foods.

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One popular method for teaching tiny humans to eat solid food is called “baby-led weaning.” The gist of BLW is to skip spoonfeeding and jump straight to letting baby try new foods, tastes, and textures while feeding themselves (while supervised, of course). This has led to an explosion of healthy, bite-sized baby snacks for your kiddo to explore. Here are some of the best kinds on the market that you can take on the go for portable yums … and don’t forget the snack cups!

Best Baby Snacks

Best Baby Snack Puffs

Best Organic Baby Snacks


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