These Baby Bath Towels Will Keep Your LO Warm, Dry, And Looking Extra Cute

by Jessica Booth
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baby bath towels

Baby bath towels are one of the cutest, most practical accessories you can get for your LO — believe us. After all, bath time can be an adorable photo op… or a slippery, soapy mess (and oftentimes, a bit of both). So, the best baby bath towels have style and function, because not only will they keep your little one warm and dry, they’re also just really cute. Seriously, few things are sweeter than seeing your tiny tot fresh from their baby bath tub, all wrapped up in a snuggly towel, just their face and toes peeking through the fabric.

While the best baby towels are fun to use, they’re also super absorbent and soft. They should be a good size, too: you want something that will grow at least a little bit with a newborn, but isn’t so big that it feels like way too much material to wrap around them. Hooded towels are preferable since they keep Baby’s head warm, which is so important in the early months, especially. And don’t forget to have a stack of washcloths on hand that’s specifically dedicated to cleaning your LO; the best baby washcloths are soft, durable, and gentle on their sensitive skin. (Not only are these really convenient for washing your baby, but they also make excellent burp cloths in a pinch and can be nice to have in your diaper bag, just in case.) From hooded towels with ears to rival any Disney character to classic patterns and picture-worthy prints, we have ’em all. Here’s a look at the cutest, softest, and most absorbent baby towels out there, so grab the bath toys, Mama — it’s time for a scrub!

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