The 7 Best Basement Dehumidifiers To Help Prevent Soggy Bottom Levels

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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Basement dehumidifiers can really make a difference in your home. The basement is great for a lot of things, whether that’s giving your kids a place to play or a place for you to store all the old Christmas decorations and childhood photos. The not-great part? It can easily trap moisture from rain, groundwater, or humid outdoor air — especially in summer. A damp sub-level is a recipe for mold, mildew, weird smells, and other gross, unwanted visitors — that’s when a dehumidifier for the basement can come in handy.

Depending on the season, your home’s ideal moisture level for health and comfort is somewhere between 30 and 50%. It’s above that 50% humidity mark when things can get sticky (yes, literally). A dehumidifier will remove that excess moisture from the surrounding space, typically collecting it in a tank and leaving you with dryer, healthier air. (*Inhales deeply* — ahh.)

Finding the right dehumidifier can be tricky, especially if you’re a novice when it comes to home maintenance. The size of the space, portability, ease of use, noise level, and drainage options are all important factors — and ones we took into account when rounding up the picks ahead. Scroll on for the best basement dehumidifier options available!

Best Dehumidifiers for Basements


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