The 8 Best Baby Bath Tubs For Newborns And Toddlers

by Anna Baboval
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Angelcare Baby Bath Tub

Nothing snaps our brain sharper into the reality of motherhood faster than bathing our new baby (well, maybe diaper changing). We read all the articles, watched the “how to videos”, but when it comes time to do it – OMFG! The first bath at home is one of the scariest f*ing things we’ve ever done! We got through it, (you will too, we promise!), but not without the help of an awesome infant bath tub or baby bath seat.

When shopping for baby bath tubs, it’s important to look for ones that have a contoured design for babies under 6 months old and can’t sit up yet. This allows our little ones to relax during bath time in an upright position, and lets us make eye contact while we sing silly bath time songs (or make jokes about stinky armpits). As they pass 6 months, it’s time to transition to the next stage: a baby bath seat. At that age they can sit upright, they’ll be ready for a different kind of support in the tub— something with a post so baby can sit without sliding forward.

There are so many things to think about when preparing the bath: the water temperature, the temperature in the house, the supplies, where we’re going to actually do it (sink or tub?), nevermind the need to constantly pay attention to our LO as they’re in the water. It’s enough to cause an anxiety attack for even the most mellow mamas. Relax! We’ve curated some of the best baby tubs and baby bath seats to remove the panic of bath time and increase the bonding between mama and baby. You can even follow it with a baby massage for max bonding moments.

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